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The Product Excellence Awards Program
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Call for Nominations!


Graphic designed by:
Chad Maxwell and Jay Bernasconi

Nominations are now closed; thank you for participating!  The finalists will be announced in November and winner in January.


Nominate yourself or someone you know who has made a relevant contribution to Product Management or Product Marketing in 2014

Deadline: September 30

Product Management is a tough task but when it succeeds, the sky is the limit for the product and the company. Inside any successful company is the talent, drive and vision of its product managers, most of them unsung heroes. The BPMA wants to recognize these Product Management super stars with our first annual Product Excellence Awards, the PRODiE.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please tell us about a major product management or product marketing accomplishment in 2014. Submit your nomination(s) for excellence in product management or product marketing practices before September 30!


Timeline: Activity:
September 7-30:
Nominations accepted online
October 6-24:
BPMA members vote to select finalists from nomiations received
November 18:
Finalists' presentations to BPMA members and select panel of judges*:
-- 10 minute case study
-- 5 minute Q&A
January 15, 2015
(BPMA Awards Night)

Finalists’ Short Recap
Judges’ Feedback
Judges’ Select Winner LIVE!

*Each judge has been selected for his/her distinguished career in Product Management.

Selection Criteria:

PRODiE nominations will be judged on:
  • Leveraging of best practices in product management
  • Learning being both a part of and a result of the processes used
  • Quantifiable results for the company, industry, and/or customers

Please address these criteria in the Description field below.

Here’s a sample:

The original Palm Pilot was the first PDA to gain significant market adoption, in part because of improvements in hardware miniaturization, but also due to a shrewd product management decision.

Previous handhelds, including the famously unsuccessful Apple Newton, suffered from poor handwriting recognition software. The product team at Palm decided to fight conventional wisdom and have users learn Palm’s alphabet of stylus-optimized characters. The team gambled that early adopters would invest the time to learn Palm’s way to gain the benefits of the device while avoiding embarrassing errors.

By 1997 [ ],Palm enjoyed a dominant 66% share of the PDA market, compared to 20% for Windows CE and just 6% for Newton (per Dataquest). This right decision at the right time launched not only the company but an entire industry of personal digital devices, the descendants of which are in millions of pockets worldwide today.

Complete your nomination today to recognize Product Excellence in the greater Boston area!

You may submit as many nominations as you like, including for yourself and your product. While business results will weigh heavily in the judges’ deliberations, please do not share anything confidential, as this information will be shared with all of the BPMA membership.  All submissions should be for Boston-area products and the people behind them.

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