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7/17/2017 » 7/18/2017
The Product Bootcamp: Discovery, Visioning, and Roadmap Prioritization

BPMA and BWP Summer Party!

The Art of Writing High-Fidelity User Stories: Product Usability Starts Here!

Product Design: Design Sojourn

Is Your Business Ready for Innovation?Open in a New Window

Some of you might be familiar with the Diffusion of Innovation. It is a theory that seeks to explain how new ideas and technology spread and is typically used to explain consumers’ adoption of technology. Through our course of work, we’ve come to realise this theory can also be used to describe the readiness of […]

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What is Design Worth? A Masterclass on Design’s ValueOpen in a New Window

Our partners is running an awesome Masterclass workshop called: DESIGN LEADERSHIP: How to Identify and Communicate the Value of Design. Details as follows: Design as a Strategy is the next big thing. Enlightened companies such as Apple, Dyson and PepsiCo have bet on Design and won. But to bet on something you need to know its […]

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Fighting the Status QuoOpen in a New Window

Many of us, stuck in the trenches of Design Thinking, have to challenge the status quo. We have to convince, cajole, or fight with people to effect change.  Change goes against established Orthodoxies or cultural norms, thus you would have likely heard a lot of: “Son, this is how things have always been done here…” Kelli […]

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Creative Freelancer BootcampOpen in a New Window

FREEDOM! That is the first thing that freelancers talk about when asked why they became a freelancer. Why work in an office when you can work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and an Internet connection? While the benefits are many, the challenge is managing clients, money, time, copyrights and yourself. Join […]

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(Re)building Trust in the Healthcare SystemOpen in a New Window

Earlier this month, it was reported that 22 patients in a renal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have been infected with the deadly hepatitis C virus. 4 have since died. The current prognosis is that it was likely due to cross-contamination across medical equipment

I’m convinced that the hospital in question and the Ministry of Health will take steps in identifying the root cause and fixing the problem, however the real victim in this series of unfortunate events is trust.

If we took a user or customer centric point of view to these proceedings, we will soon realize that the basic reason for medical institutions to exist has not been held. All this said with no disrespect to the many professionals in the industry, many of whom are my good friends.

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90% of All Content is BS so Don’t be LazyOpen in a New Window

What an awesome Creative Mornings talk by Brad Frost on why we should not to be lazy in design. Or for that matter, in the creation of anything.

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Is this the End of Windows?Open in a New Window

Great article by Benedict Evans who shares a lot of good information on why Microsoft is going to die. The apps that people want on smartphones are not being written for desktop Windows anyway. Uber doesn’t have a desktop Windows app, and neither does Instacart, Pinterest or Instagram. The apps and services that consumers care […]

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The Most Important Skill All Design Thinkers Must HaveOpen in a New Window

Connecting the Dots
Photo Source: Flickr

It is the ability to identify patterns of insights and "connect the dots" in a meaningful way.

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Dealing with FeedbackOpen in a New Window


Tom Fishburne shares a pretty funny comic on how to give and receive feedback. While this is from a Marketing standpoint, we can (as designers) also learn from this.

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Adopting the Simulation Mindset in DesignOpen in a New Window

One of the key activities in Design Thinking is doing design. Hence the irony that Design Thinking actually involves design doing. Not exactly in what designers do, but brainstorming solutions, prototyping them, learning and validating, iterating and improving. Rinse and repeat.

I like to use the analogy of simulating and experimenting during Chemistry lab to describe the Design activity in our workshops. For example the experiment of splitting "H" and "O" from H2O. I could never get my test tube with the Hydrogen to pop in my first go. I would need to try the process a few times before I get it right.

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