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In her head, Deepika Padukone is having 'amazing babies' with Vin DieselOpen in a New Window

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone made an appearance on the haloed Ellen DeGeneres Show and didn't disappoint. 

Padukone, who starred with Vin Diesel in her debut Hollywood flick, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, on being quizzed by Ellen about rumored link-ups with the actor, said, "Well, there's no smoke without fire."

When a startled Ellen pressed further, she added, "But, it’s all in my head! So yeah, I mean in my head I think, like yeah, we are together and we have this amazing chemistry, and we live together and we have these amazing babies! But it’s all in my head." Read more...

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One of Japan's biggest hotel chains is denying that the Nanjing Massacre took placeOpen in a New Window

Chinese tourists are boycotting APA hotels in droves, one of Japan's largest hotel chains, after people discovered it had placed books denying the Nanjing massacre throughout its rooms.

The book, titled "Theoretical Modern History II — The Real History of Japan," was written by the CEO of the APA Group, Toshio Motoya, who wrote under the pen name Seiji Fuji.

The Nanjing massacre refers to the Japanese military invasion of the city of Nanjing in China in 1937, in which around 300,000 Chinese citizens were believed to be murdered and over 20,000 women were sexually assaulted by the Japanese troops. Read more...

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Regulator lawsuit accuses Oracle of favoring white male workersOpen in a New Window

The U.S. Department of Labor filed a suit against Oracle on Wednesday, claiming the company systematically pays white male workers more than their counterparts in comparable positions.

The suit also alleges that the software giant unfairly favors Asian applicants when hiring for certain technical roles.

The allegations follow a nearly two-year investigation into employment practices at the company's Redwood Shores, California, headquarters. During that time, the agency claims that Oracle repeatedly refused to provide employee records.  Read more...

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World's fastest growing smartphone market can't make up its mind about Apple's demandsOpen in a New Window

The world’s fastest growing smartphone market wants Apple to manufacture locally, but some in the ruling government are hesitant to agree to the company's "unprecedented" requests before commencing manufacturing in the country.

Apple has shown interest in assembling its products in India, but it is hoping that the local government would provide it with several tax and other incentives, including possibly a long-term duty exemption.

Some officials in the government believe such concessions would be excessive and unfair, especially since Apple already operates in India, reports ReutersRead more...

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Woman eats two entire durian fruit because she couldn't bring them onto a trainOpen in a New Window

A disgruntled woman who was stopped from bringing her pungent durian fruit onto a train in China, decided the only logical thing to do was rip open the prickly things and eat it all on the spot.

The 27-year-old woman who was travelling to Chongqing with two large durian fruit in tow, was stopped from boarding because the durian odour was too strong.

The unnamed lady reportedly told train officials: "You guys really don't know how to appreciate durian," reports the Chengdu Business Post

She then used her bare hands to pry the spiky fruit open, inviting passers-by to partake of the acquired taste. Read more...

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Nearly 70% of Americans would like @realDonaldTrump to please stop tweetingOpen in a New Window

Two-thirds of America agrees: President-elect Donald Trump should cut down on his Twitter habit. 

This is the result of a new NBC/WSJ poll, in which 69 percent of Americans said that Trump on Twitter is a bad idea while 26 percent had no qualms with Trump's 140-character rants announcements. The full results of the poll were not shared by either outlet. 

Among Democrats, a whopping 89 percent did not approve of Trump's use of Twitter. But even among Republicans, only 46 percent said Trump on Twitter is a good idea, while 47 percent would prefer him not tweeting.  Read more...

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Yes, this detailed 3D-printed model was sculpted in VR, and it's just the startOpen in a New Window

Getting people to believe that high-end virtual reality is truly immersive can be difficult if they haven't tried devices like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive first-hand. 

That gap of disbelief gets even wider when you try to convince the uninitiated that incredibly detailed, near retail-ready 3D-printed models are being born in VR, but this week we got our best example of exactly what's possible. 

On Tuesday, Oculus character artist Giovanni Nakpil posted an amazingly detailed, 3D-printed model of an ogre modeled in Oculus Medium, the VR sculpting app, and then output via 3D printer.   Read more...

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A tech company is making employees walk 10,000 steps a day, or do push-ups if they failOpen in a New Window

A Chinese company is in the spotlight for trying to relieve its sedentary employees of their desks — by making it mandatory that they clock 10,000 steps a day.

The seemingly well-meaning but strictly enforced rules also deal a penalty of 50 to 100 push-ups to people who fail to meet the 10,000 step count mark.

The Chongqing Evening News quotes one of the new employees at the unnamed technology firm, Hu, who said that on his first day, the company's HR department made him sign up for a feature on the WeChat messaging app that tracks the number of steps they take each day. Read more...

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'Unstoppable' Priyanka Chopra bags second successive People's Choice Award for 'Quantico'Open in a New Window

Bollywood actress and Quantico lead Priyanka Chopra has done it again!

She's bagged her second consecutive People's Choice Award winning 'Favorite Dramatic TV Actress' over Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and popular Hollywood face Viola Davis. 

Last year, PC, as she's popularly known, had bagged the 'Favorite Actress in a New TV Series' award for her hit ABC show, becoming the first South Asian woman to receive the honor. She plays an FBI agent, Alex Parrish, in Quantico.

An "overwhelmed" PC said in her acceptance speech, "This has been an incredible journey. Every single woman that were nominated with me today, all these incredible actresses are the reason that I joined television." Read more...

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This comedian's parody of the Apple AirPods ad is hilarious AFOpen in a New Window

Let's face it. Apple AirPods are magical. But there is also that constant fear of losing those tiny little plastic knobs and people are going to extreme lengths to prevent them from falling off.

Apple tried to address that with its ad featuring a dancer busting gravity-defying moves and yet, the AirPods stayed in place.

But not everyone was convinced and now stand-up comedian Cyril Dabs has come out with an Indian version of Apple's original AirPods ad and it's real AF. 

The lyrics are in Marathi, a regional Indian language, and the guy breaks out into a slang when his AirPods magically go missing.  Read more...

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People are obsessing over a photo app and it's easy to see whyOpen in a New Window

Before the filters of Instagram and Snapchat, there were purikura sticker photo booths. It was the main way young people of the '00s could share silly, heavily edited pictures of each other complete with text and funny backdrops.

While we may have moved on from IRL super cute sticker photos, the look has come back in the form of a Chinese beautifying iOS and Android app called Meitu

And the internet is OBSESSED.

The app has been around since 2008, but recently gained popularity on Twitter. According to the company, Meitu has "an incredible suite of professional filters, frames, effects and other tools to turn ... smartphone photos into works of art." Read more...

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Why a former employee thinks Apple is 'boring' under Tim CookOpen in a New Window

Being number one isn’t a lot of fun. Just ask Apple, which was just called "boring" by a prominent former employee. 

With a market cap of over $639 billion, Apple is the biggest company in the world. It has enviable profits and unit sales (every quarter it manages to sell tens of millions of iPhones, though that number is declining) and is slowly, but smartly, shifting its attention to its highly lucrative services business, which includes the App Store and Apple Pay. 

It’s also one of the most heavily scrutinized companies on the planet. Apple cultivates a level of secrecy and loyalty rarely found in business. Which is why when one member of the fold cleaves off and starts talking, people listen. Read more...

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Forget Facebook, forget Snapchat: Teens are doing it themselvesOpen in a New Window

Poor Facebook: The teens, they're not so into it.

The world's largest social network was "big" and "made sense" circa 2004 or 2005, according to Monkey cofounder Isaiah Turner, but no longer. He and Ben Pasternak, 18 and 17 respectively, have launched a new social network — one they believe the teens will actually want.

Monkey is an iOS app for people who have friends, and then they have "internet friends." It's a way to find more of the latter, the pair say, rather than connecting with people from school or your neighbourhood. Although, like every other app out there, Monkey still wants to mine your phone's contacts. Read more...

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Everyone's favourite 'Simpsons' boss Hank Scorpio gets a punk theme songOpen in a New Window

Hank Scorpio, the much-loved boss of Globex Corporation from The Simpsons, is quite possibly the TV show's greatest ever guest character.

Now there's a punk cover of Scorpio's Goldfinger-esque theme song, which is heard during the end credits of the episode "You Only Move Twice."

It's called "Scorpio" and is part of a release dubbed Worst Tribute Ever by Australian musician Dan Cribb, which covers some incredible songs created for the animated series.

The release album a cover of the immensely catchy "Dr Zaius," as well a take on "Baby On Board" which was originally performed by Homer's barbershop quartet, The Be Sharps.  Read more...

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PETA boycotts 'A Dog's Purpose' over video of German Shepherd forced into rushing waterOpen in a New Window

A video that shows a dog being forced into raging waters on a movie set has PETA pretty upset. 

TMZ posted the footage just days before the release of the supposedly dog-loving flick A Dog's Purpose

Filmed in Winnipeg, Canada, the scene of a German Shepherd named Hercules being pulled and pushed into a stream of turbulent water is a stark contrast to the film's movie poster showing a grinning Dennis Quaid snuggling up to his furry friend. CBS News even once called the film "the movie for anyone who's ever loved and lost a dog." Read more...

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This guy is every San Diego Chargers fan right nowOpen in a New Window

The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles, and — in case you hadn't heard — many are not receiving the news well.

To top off the fans egging San Diego's stadium and burning Chargers memorabilia, one enraged guy pretty much summed up the sentiment of disgruntled Chargers fans when security escorted him out of a rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Meant to celebrate the team's new roots in Los Angeles, the rally featured team owner Dean Spanos, new head coach Anthony Lynn, several players and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Read more...

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49 books you need to put on your to-read list right nowOpen in a New Window

Hope you have some extra time for reading — you're going to want to sink your teeth into these books.

On Wednesday, PEN America announced the finalists for the 2017 PEN Literary Awards, which honor the best and brightest in literature, science writing, essays, sports writing, biography, children’s literature, translation, drama and poetryMashable announced PEN's award longlist in December and now the finalists have been revealed.

They include Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi and The Mothers by Brit Bennett, two of 2016's lauded debut fiction titles, as well as Evicted by Matthew Desmond, a much praised investigation into eviction and poverty in America. Read more...

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Twitter is pissed after guy takes selfie with Nick Cave, but doesn't know who he isOpen in a New Window

Twitterer and comedian James Malcolm was hit with a particularly bad case of FOMO while waiting for a flight at Wellington airport, recently. 

But it was soon to be replaced with mass public shaming, due to his lack of ~serious music~ knowledge.

The 21-year-old noticed that a lot of people around him were taking selfies with a long-haired man sitting at the back. He had no idea the suited gentleman was Australian musician, author, screenwriter and all around living legend, Nick Cave.

He reached out to Twitter for help identifying the mystery man, but initially didn't get much of a response. Read more...

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Kate Middleton speaks powerfully about the stigma of mental illnessOpen in a New Window

Although we're making a lot of gains when it comes to the mainstream discussion surrounding mental illness, there's still a long way to go. 

Social stigma and common stereotypes are what makes it so important for public figures to speak out about mental health issues — particularly figures with the clout of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Middleton and her husband Prince William have long been advocates for mental health services, founding the Heads Together campaign back in 2016.

At a recent awareness-raising event for the foundation, Middleton gave a frank speech about stigma and how difficult it can be to seek help when living with the symptoms of mental illness. Read more...

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Zuckerberg wants to pay native Hawaiians to get the f off his 700-acre estateOpen in a New Window

Mark Zuckerberg is suing hundreds of people in Hawaii in his effort to create a secluded island.

The billionaire spent $100 million purchasing 700 acres of land in the island of Kauai back in 2014 and is still dealing with the fact that he doesn't actually have the exclusive rights to all of it.  

Sounds nasty, right?

The lawsuits, filed in Hawaii's state Circuit Court on Dec. 30, are looking to identify local people's claims to land within the area he owns — the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Wednesday — to force a sale of those properties.  Read more...

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Get a stern talking-to from your parents with Kit Kat's Lunar New Year setOpen in a New Window

The Lunar New Year is a time when many Asian families come together to feast, especially on traditional food.

There's for instance bánh chưng, a Vietnamese sticky rice creation wrapped in leaves. Or the Chinese candy box, filled up with delicious dried fruit. 

Looks like the folks at Kit Kat want to crash the party too. 

The chocolate purveyors have just released a limited-edition Australian gift set at the brand's Melbourne Chocolatory store from Jan. 19.

You might remember that last year the chocolate brand released a 24-karat gold Kit Kat. But there's no gold this year. Read more...

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The anti-trust lawsuit that could shape the future of smartphonesOpen in a New Window

Qualcomm is in trouble.

For most, those words probably mean next to nothing, but if you know much about the technology within your smartphone, it means a great deal. Qualcomm builds many of the key components of the world's smartphones — specifically, the modems and often the processors, too. It's also the dominant vendor in both categories.

To smartphone users, the difference between a phone that uses a chip or modem from Qualcomm and some other brand is often measured in seconds — how long it takes to launch an app or call up a webpage, for instance. To the industry, it's measured in billions of dollars — the reward for making deals to get your technology into the hands of millions of people. And in the future, the difference could play a role in the 5G race.  Read more...

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Google has some bad news for Trump ahead of his big dayOpen in a New Window

Donald Trump will soon be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. But it looks like, once again, people seem to care more about the protests against Trump than the celebration of his coming presidency.

In more than half the country, Google searches for "inauguration protests" outperformed searches for "attend inauguration," according to data from Google Trends. Searches for those phrases could mean any number of things, but it's just one more indicator of just how strong the collective opposition to Trump really is.

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Man posts incredibly dumb maths 'problem' and Twitter descends into chaosOpen in a New Window

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

When twitter user @SandalShagger (yes, really) posted a nonsensical statement about children born in 2005, he may not have known how many people it would reach but he certainly knew it would annoy those it did. 

Behold: A contender for the world's most infuriating tweet.

A kid born in 2005 is now 20 years old. Let that sink.

— MK (@sandalshagger) January 16, 2017

"Let that sink" indeed. It's like a multi-car pileup of logic, sense and reason. But it doesn't end there. 

Before long the internet did what it does best: Made a messy situation even messier. Some quickly concluded it was a troll move and played along. Read more...

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Twitter's complicated relationship with developers just got worseOpen in a New Window

Twitter's relationship with developers is as complicated as ever.

The company caught developers by surprise Wednesday when it announced it was selling its developer platform Fabric to Google, thus offloading the suite of developer tools it once heralded as the "the future of mobile software."

The news comes a little more than a year after CEO Jack Dorsey, in one of his first public appearances after being reinstated as Twitter's top exec, stood on stage at the company's developer conference and promised to "reset" developer relations

"Somewhere along the line, our relationship with developers got a little bit complicated, a little bit confusing, a little bit unpredictable," Dorsey told the room. "We want to come to you today first and foremost to apologize for our confusion. We want to reset our relationship and we want to make sure that we are learning, we are listening and that we are rebooting." Read more...

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Don't stress: Positive possum is here to get you through the weekOpen in a New Window

You there. Feeling down? Depressed by the weight of the world and the state of global politics?

Then there's someone you need to meet.

Behold your new motivational life coach: Let's call him "positive possum." He's clearly the world's happiest possum to ever live.

"I want be happy.""

"I want be happy.""

Image: Imgur/Sretlaw

This unbearably upbeat little critter was spotted in the bush around Opotiki, New Zealand, by the stepdad of Reddit user "Sretlaw," who was out hunting. Thankfully, we wasn't hunting possum that day.

Which might explain the furry bundle of joy's arms in the air pose: Maybe they're just trying to deescalate the situation?  Read more...

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Obama 'Hope' artist has a brilliant new set of posters for inaugurationOpen in a New Window

The artist behind the iconic "Hope" poster of Barack Obama that became synonymous with his successful presidential campaign has released a new set of images, just in time for Trump's inauguration and the subsequent Women's March.

Artist Shepard Fairey, who created the original in 2008 as well as a less flattering Donald Trump print complete with the caption "Demagogue," has shifted his focus this time round.

Now his images center on a diverse mix of people rather than leaders, as millions plan to take to the streets to protest the incoming president. 

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We are starting to think this dog will never catch the ballOpen in a New Window

It is widely acknowledged that dogs love to catch balls. In previous cases, if we were asked to bet on whether a dog could catch a ball, we would have bet "yes, that dog can catch the ball."

That was before we saw this dog. This dog cannot catch the ball, nor even come close to catching the ball. To be frank, we see no room for this dog's ball-catching skills to improve.

Does this dog perhaps need glasses?

But let's not get too cynical, friends. After all, this dog, while horribly, embarrassingly bad at sports, never gives up. And that means — despite everything — this is a good dog. Read more...

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A little moon is making waves in Saturn's ringsOpen in a New Window

A new photo taken by a spacecraft near Saturn shows a small moon making waves in the planet's rings.

The photo, captured by the Cassini spacecraft on Jan. 16, reveals the moon Daphnis as it makes its way around the huge world, orbiting within a gap in the planet's distinctive rings. 

Cassini was 17,000 miles miles away from Daphnis when it snapped this shot, and according to NASA, it's our closest-ever view of the small world.

"The little moon's gravity raises waves in the edges of the gap in both the horizontal and vertical directions," NASA said in a statement. Read more...

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Multiple agencies investigating if Russia paid hackers to undermine ClintonOpen in a New Window

Six national law enforcement and intelligence agencies have for months investigated whether Russian government officials provided money to hackers in the United States, who then hacked Democratic Party officials in order to undermine the credibility of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a McClatchy report published Wednesday.

The six agencies — which include the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ, the financial crimes enforcement division of the Treasury Department and officials who work under the director of national intelligence — have been reportedly digging since "last spring." Read more...

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