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Product Management Best Practices: The Productologist

Silicon Valley Product Camp 2011 is Right Around the Corner!Open in a New Window

It seems like only 9 or 10 months ago, we were enjoying PCamp 2010. Well, it’s time for another go-round. The 4th annual Silicon Valley Product Camp is coming up on Saturday, 2Apr2011. See the details here: Come join your fellow Product Management and Product Marketking colleagues for a great day of discussions and debates, […]


Rule #5 of the 42 Rules of Product ManagementOpen in a New Window

Have you’ve heard the news? The 42 Rules of Product Management was released on Wednesday and yours truly, The Productologist, contributed rule #5: ‘Learn to Say “No” to Customers’ by Ivan Chalif For a limited time, you can get Rule # 5 plus the entire set of rules for one low price ($19.95 for print; $9.95 […]


Product Management positionsOpen in a New Window

For those of you who are looking for a new gig, check out this opportunity @ Deluxe. It’s an interesting position for the right person. Product Director, Campaign Solutions They also have some other Product Manager roles that they are looking to fill as well…take a look Senior Product Manager – Social Media Marketing Solutions […]


Product Management Reader: 19Oct2010Open in a New Window

Image by Mick 0 via Flickr With story arcs pulled straight from the headlines of today’s biggest news items, here comes the latest version of the Product Management Reader. Watch to see if any of these make an appearance on Law and Order: SVU. Key success factor for SaaS suites: functional parity [Cloud Ave] Obvious in […]


Blow It Up!Open in a New Window

“As long as incumbent management is in place, most companies will not ‘blow up the brand’ or dramatically change strategy.” That was the response from a colleague on the Inbox Insiders email list to a post (and question posed) about the parallels between product and personal brand – can we objectively evaluate the state of […]


Thoughts from the Agile CafeOpen in a New Window

I spent the morning at the Agile Cafe event put on by Rally Software in Silicon Valley. Check out my twitter stream if you want to see my comments. The agenda included the following: Panelists share their Agile Implementation strategies Atanas Ivanov, VP of Engineering at Playphone, Inc. Paul Winsberg, VP, Product Engineering at Global 360 Geoff Kershner, Director, PMO at LiveOps, Inc. […]


Product Management Reader: 22Sept10Open in a New Window

Image by ecstaticist via Flickr Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Product Management Reader. Today, we invite you to sit back and relax while perusing our esteemed list of posts. This content is best consumed with a beverage in hand and a tasty snack within arm’s reach. Did I mention you should be reclining? […]


Good Enough Isn’tOpen in a New Window

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes products successful (or not), and was following a discussion on an email list that I participate in (The Inbox Insiders, a collective of email marketing experts from vendors, agencies, and brand marketers) that prompted me to write here about some of the parallels. The original discussion started […]


Product Management Reader: 24Aug10Open in a New Window

Image by lemwan via Flickr If it hasn’t already happened for you, the end of Summer is here (apologies to my friends in the southern hemisphere for whom Spring is just emerging). To celebrate the coming harvest festivals, I have hunted and gathered this list of thought-provoking, yet timeless Product Management (and UX) posts. Read […]


Good Product CommunicationOpen in a New Window

I posted a while ago about the importance of communicating with customers about both product strategy and product issues, and wanted to share this example I received from XMarks– I like this communication for a few reasons: Proactive communication to users about issues/mistake Description of issue(s) Solution to issue(s) Apologize Asks for feedback from abandoning users […]


Marketing Manager positionOpen in a New Window

A former co-worker is looking for a top-flight Marketing Manager, so if you know anyone who is interested, let me know and I can get them in contact with the hiring manager. Job details are below. MARKETING MANAGER @ StrongMail Systems StrongMail is a global leader in the email marketing space, providing integrated solutions for […]


Agile, Agile, Everywhere?Open in a New Window

It’s not hard to find Agile projects and development teams, especially within the Silicon Valley ecosystem, but I am starting to see Agile methods (Scrum, specifically) used for a variety of non-development initiatives. I am an Agile convert, after having been an opponent for a long time, but I am not blind to the fact […]


Product Management Reader: 21July10Open in a New Window

Image by Martin-Neuhof via Flickr How’s your summer reading program going? Have you been making steady progress toward winning the prize? No? Well, here are some gems that can help you fill out that form so that you can pick out a prize from the box at the end of the summer (I know the […]


Loyalty is DeadOpen in a New Window

If the spectacle that occurred recently has taught us anything, it’s that loyalty, if not already dead, is fleeting. The spectacle to which I refer is the saga of which NBA team LeBron James would sign with during his first period of free agency. Like jilted lovers, the fans of Cleveland spew bile at LeBron […]


What’s Next?Open in a New Window

“Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history.” -Joan Wallach Scott There is no standing still for Product Managers. There is always a next release; a next priority; a next compeititor; a next new idea. We are not comfortable just being. We must always be […]


The Return of the Product Management Reader: 27May10Open in a New Window

Image by mbgrigby via Flickr Trying to get back into the swing of things. I’m starting it off slowly, so there are only 6 in today’s list of magical Product Management posts. Don’t feel bad it you didn’t make the list this time. I was looking for something specific and only a few posts had […]


Remember Why Our Opinion is Interesting, but IrrelevantOpen in a New Window

Way back when (does Webvan ring a bell?), I attended one of Pragmatic Marketing‘s fantastic Product Management seminars. Going into the session, I thought I knew 98% of what Product Management was about, but after attending the class, I realized it was really 98% that I DIDN’T know about Product Management. One of the great lessons that I learned […]


Review: Timbuk2 Commute 2.0 Laptop Messenger BagOpen in a New Window

I have been doing a bit more business travel lately as part of my recent job change (Well, it’s been over a year, so maybe not so recent). Not a problem, really, more of a shift, but I had noticed some shortcomings of my old laptop bag, and that, combined with some of the crazy […]


Product Management Reader: 14Dec09Open in a New Window

This is probably the last Product Management Reader of the year. Not for sure yet, but probably. To keep you busy through the end of the year, here is an extra wonderful list of stuff to fill your days with. Unless you’ve got something better to do, which I HIGHLY doubt! The Price of Leadership […]


Forrester Product Management Open HouseOpen in a New Window

Last week (3Dec09), Forrester Research Analyst Tom Grant led a discussion on Agile in Technology and how it pertains to Product Management. I took some copious notes on the discussion and thought I would share them here. Be forewarned, some of this may seem a bit cryptic. I was typing in real time (on my […]


For Those Interested in Social MediaOpen in a New Window

And these days, who isn’t? My company is having a webinar this month covering how to put together a Social Media strategy for your company or organization. If you (or your company) haven’t figured out to monitor and utilize social media channels, then this is a good primer. It will be heavily geared toward marketing […]


Product Management Reader: 30Nov09Open in a New Window

Image by » Zitona « via Flickr A shorter list than usual this time, thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, but that should in no way diminish the importance of any of the articles listed below. Besides, the list includes a post from April Dunford at Rocket Watcher, and she’s the best Product […]


Tivo, Adieu?Open in a New Window

I wrote a post back in 2007 [Passion, part 1] that highlighted how products that get users excited benefit from the passion that they generate. One of the companies I commented on was Tivo, one of the pioneers of the DVR and digital time shifting. See my comment in the original post on what they […]


Book Review: Product Manager’s Desk ReferenceOpen in a New Window

Product Manager’s Desk Reference by Steven Haines There are books and there are Books, and with 700+ pages, the Product Manager’s Desk Reference (PMDR) definitely falls in the latter category of capital B books. It’s not a book you can throw in your laptop bag to read on the plane (or train). Actually, you could, […]


Las Vegas as a Model for ProductsOpen in a New Window

The BW and I took a trip to Vegas this summer (her first) as long weekend getaway. Our experiences there were quite different, even though we were together 99 percent of the time. Vegas is many things to many people and we had different expectations (from each other) going in and by the time we […]

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