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Reasons to attend the April Practitioner's Workshop on Creating Compelling Value Propositions
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By Tench Forbes

Posted on April 5, 2013


As mentioned by Neil Baron in his introduction to the April Practitioners’ Workshop: Transform Your Organization by Creating Compelling Value Propositions, the term "Value Proposition” sounds like one of those overused buzz words that everybody knows. In fact, many organizations have not properly defined their own (product) value propositions, and/or mistake this concept with other pieces of strategy such as "go to market strategy”, or the 3 P’s of product marketing (price, place, position, promotion).

The benefit of having a well understood value proposition is illustrated in Neil’s blog post in Fast Company, Southwest's Rapping Flight Attendant And The Power Of A Value Proposition. The entertaining video contained in the post provides a concrete example of how an organization that is fully aligned to deliver a clear value proposition - in the case of Southwest, a fun flying experience - delivers consistently strong financial results. Attendees of the April workshop will learn actionable techniques for identifying, creating and sustaining an organization's value proposition.

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