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June Practioners Workshop: Articles on Transforming Your Organization by Creating Compelling Value
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By Tench Forbes 

Posted June 1, 2014

Abstract: The BPMA is continuing its Practioners Workshop Series (PWS) that provides Product Managers with continuing and intensive professional development opportunities. Because it was so popular last year, Neil Baron, BPMA Board Member and managing director of Baron Strategic Partners will present his PWS on Creating Compelling Value Propositions.  This post provides some background information.

Category: Product Design & Development & Launch


As mentioned by Neil Baron in his introduction to the subject workshop, the term “Value Proposition” sounds like one of those overused buzz words that everybody knows. In fact, many organizations have not properly defined their own (product) value propositions, and/or mistake this concept with other pieces of strategy such as “go to market strategy”, the 3 P’s of product marketing (price, place, position, promotion).  

Neil’s Article in Sales and Marketing Management, How Poor Assumptions Killed a U.S. President, illustrates how false assumptions and missteps contributed to Garfield’s death after he was shot by a deranged job applicant. This kind of thinking parallels the same kind of (incorrect) assumptions that modern executives make, and is the source of the “value delivery gap” in their own products.

Additionally, Neil’s latest article in Pragmatic Marketing, How to Turn a Screwup into Customer Loyalty describes how problems can be transformed into opportunities that create customer value through excellent service (and how many companies miss this opportunity). The list of seven service-recovery best practices in the article should be mandatory reading for anyone in customer service management.

Please join Neil for this interesting and timely BPMA Practitioners Workshop (register here). We believe it will give you practical techniques and skills that can enhance your marketability, and you make a winning impact on your product lines and organizations.

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