March 27, 2024
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Product Management

Fireside Chat: What We All Can Learn from Healthcare/Biotech PMs

Join us on March 27 to learn about important aspects of product management in healthcare, biotech, and science, and the valuable lesson for all tech PMs.

Whether you are trying to break into healthcare/biotech/science, or just want to be a better product manager/leader in any industry, this talk can be helpful. We will delve into important principles that are crucial for product people, including:

  • Deeply care about the problem and users
  • Put compliance, security, and privacy at the front of your mind
  • Know when to seek Subject Matter Experts
  • Grow your adaptability muscles

The event is over, but you can check out a video of it here:

Speaker Bio

Vicky Li Horst founded her product coaching business, where she helps product folks and organizations overcome challenges and achieve their goals. She’s particularly interested in helping professionals manage their own career like a product, supporting them during work transitions, and improving their product management skills.

Prior to starting her business, Vicky was a senior product manager at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She has a newsletter where she, along with a variety of guests, share knowledge about product management. It can be found at