August 17, 2023
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Product Marketing

Is Product Marketing Useless? Not If It Is A High Impact Team

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Most companies do not understand how product marketing can contribute to business success.  As a result, product marketing is underappreciated and undervalued.   Other functional groups such as senior management, sales, product management, engineering etc often question if product marketing is needed.  This results in lots of frustration and disappointment especially by those who work in the role.  Join us for an insightful discussion exploring what high impact product marketing looks like and what it takes to build such a team.

Speaker Bios

Neil Baron

Neil Baron is a leading authority for helping B2B organizations accelerate revenues for existing and new products. After serving in customer facing leadership roles for a variety of technology companies, he started the consulting firm Baron Strategic Partners (BSP) in 2009.

BSP has enabled clients to generate profitable new product and service revenue, reenergize aging products, thwart formidable competition and improve financial health.

In 2013, he started the Boston Product Executives Forum in partnership with the Boston Product Management Association. In 2020, he started the Product Leadership Council in partnership with Pragmatic Institute. Both groups serve dozens of product leaders through monthly meetings.

Neil has an MBA from Harvard Business School, and degrees from Tufts University.

He is the author of over 40 articles on product management and product marketing. His latest article Let the Urgency of Your Customers’ Needs Guide Your Sales Strategy was published this month in Harvard Business Review.

Mark Kalen

Mark Kalen has spent the past 20 years in global roles building and commercializing Enterprise B2B SaaS solutions at firms including ServiceNow, Deloitte, JP Morgan, State Street, and Fidelity Investments.

Mark's work passions include product strategy, Sales enablement, thought leadership, and the global financial sector. Mark received his MBA from Boston University and is a noted speaker and author with a specific focus on financial risk and compliance issues.