April 5, 2024
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Product Management

Product Managers: Run meetings that people actually enjoy

Join us on Friday, April 5 at 12:00 PM EST to hear from Sandra Ma, Co-founder and CEO of Jovial.

Feeling meeting fatigue? Meetings are an inevitable and significant portion of the life of a Product Manager given the role revolves around collaborating with so many stakeholders. We’ve all had those moments when we wake up to look at our calendars, only to find that we barely have time to get our morning coffee. Oftentimes, these meetings feel like they are in the way of us focusing on meaningful, strategic work; and by the time we’re done with meetings, we’re left feeling exhausted.

What if we could facilitate meetings that people actually enjoy and leave feeling energized? What if we could affect real change to our company meeting culture starting with ourselves? In this session, we’ll talk through the key components of quality meetings and then work through real world product meeting scenarios with clear tools and tactics to approach them to achieve your goals.

Growing up, Sandra disliked wasting time and was always thinking about how to do things better and faster, and that mentality still holds true today. A winding path across a range of industries – investment banking, advertising technology, ecommerce, AI call center software, fintech – steered Sandra to lead Product Management teams and now co-found Jovial, a company focused on developing effective communicators to drive extraordinary impact. 

Sandra is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and has also lived in NYC and San Francisco. She is currently based in Cambridge, MA where you can find her enjoying time with her inquisitive eight year old son, Josh, and partner, Rick.