A lot has been happening with BPMA over the last year -- all of it designed to better serve the product people in our community. Here are some of the highlights:


  • We’re working to balance our event locations in Metro West with events in and around downtown Boston, since these areas are where product people are clustered
  • This event venue diversity is in partnership with great local companies like Rue La La, Athena Health, kronos, Localytics, and Wayfair, who want to be part of the community
  • We’ve changed up the format of many events to make them more interactive so you can apply what you learn to your particular situation


  • We’ve updated our membership model, lowering prices to encourage all Boston-area product people -- from executives to students -- to become active members
  • We’ve also lowered event prices to make them more appealing and accessible to everyone
  • Soon, members will also have access to an exclusive BPMA Slack workspace to facilitate continued conversations outside of events


  • We’ve spun up or partnered with other Boston-area special interest communities, such as Boston Women in Product and Agile Product Open
  • Our popular mentorship program has grown and continues to be a key resource for the community

Digital Presence:

  • We’ve developed an all-new mobile-friendly website, as well as email and event systems to make it easier to get involved and sign-up for events that interest you on the go
  • Our blog, ProductHub, has become a way to get more out of our events with speaker interviews and articles about event topics
  • We partnered with Product Management Today to provide a regular feed of the most popular product-related articles from all around the web

These changes are designed to help make connections, connections between great companies and product managers and product marketers, and between these folks and opportunities for them to enhance their careers.

We made these changes based on your feedback, and we’re happy to say it’s working! Event registrations went up 73% vs. 2015 to an average of 85 (with a couple of events over 200!), and the average event rating has risen to 8.9 out of 10. We’ve also attracted more volunteers (nearly double) and more sponsorship dollars, making it easier to hold free or low-cost events like our summer party.

All of this change is, of course, a work in progress. And given we are an all-volunteer organization, progress is not always as fast as we’d like. Check out the FAQ for updated details on how things work and how to make things work for you. And send any questions or comments to us directly at hello@bostonproducts.org.