Volunteer Opportunities

Because BPMA is a non-profit, membership-based association, we rely on volunteer help from association members. No contribution is too small. The commitment level is up to you.

Why Volunteer?

By volunteering, you will develop a stronger relationship with the leadership of the BPMA and other professionals in your field. These relationships can provide opportunities for future growth and the development of related skills such as leadership, planning, and execution.

Here are some other reasons why volunteers have contributed their time:

  • "I looked around and BPMA is truly unique in its mission of delivering valuable services to product management/product marketing professionals."
  • "...to improve my knowledge of best practices."
  • "I found an opportunity to make a significant contribution and improve my skills for my resume."
  • "I could get to know other managers and work closely with those passionate about product management."
  • "...the BPMA is a worthy cause and a respected organization."
Volunteer Opportunities

BPMA Organization - Finance  > immediate project for the right individual

  • Apply your practical financial skills by supporting the BPMA operations. We are seeking a volunteer to directly work with the Treasurer, specifically, to improve and systematize the organization's financial recording process, and implement Intuit Quick Books or similar effective Excel-based system.

    Marketing Committee

    • Improve or enhance your marketing skills while making a significant difference in the lives of other product professionals. We are looking for volunteers to help promote and build awareness of this unique organization.

    Mentorship Committee

    • Mentorship team volunteers help with administration of the mentorship program, including mentor/mentee recruiting and matching, following up with mentors and mentees, and event planning.

      Partnerships & Alliances Committee

      • We are looking for committee members who are knowledgeable of other professional associations and meet-ups for whom a BPMA partnership would add value to our members. Given this synergy between organizations, co-promotion and joint meetings would yield benefits to both organizations.

      ProductHub Blog

      • Help your peers to keep abreast of the latest trends and best practices in product management and product marketing. If you're interested in helping plan the editorial calendar, write blog posts, edit those of others, or find new contributors, ProductHub is the place for you!

      Programming Committee

      • Work with this BPMA committee to enhance professional development and networking opportunities for all BPMA members. Whether you are looking to volunteer and network to further your current work, to find a partner for your business or to support your job search, participate in this committee to help plan the events that will bring members together in a rewarding and supportive professional environment.

      Sponsorship Committee

      • The BPMA's sponsors are absolutely necessary to the organization's ability to provide networking and professional development value to product management and product marketing professionals in the Greater Boston area.  We look for very specific sponsors that fit with the BPMA goals and membership values. 

        If your company is interested in sponsorship, or you can help us recruit other companies throughout the Greater Boston region, please let us know.

      Web Committee

      • The BPMA is now the largest regional association in North America dedicated to the success of technology product professionals. The BPMA strives to provide an online community that is robust enough to support not only members, but sponsors, recruiters and employers. We need volunteers to plan and maintain an engaging world-class Web site and digital platform that will support the future growth of the BPMA. If you have web programming, website management or graphic design skills and you'd like to help the BPMA, we would love to have you on board.