Boston Women in Product

Boston Women in Product (BWP) is a community that empowers women to be influencers in their role inspiring them to make a difference and grow in their career. Our mission is to inspire, equip and help advance women in product by encouraging career leadership, development, support, mentoring, and building relationships with like-minded women. The BWP comes together throughout the year in local Boston area events. We gather women together to learn and affect one another in an open, casual setting. We aim to bring expertise from the product community and connect that with women striving to grow in their product career. Open to anyone interested in helping advance women in their product careers. We hope to see you at our next event.  Learn more.

Agile Product Open

Bringing Agile principles and practices to Product Management

We are a collaborative forum for leveraging Agile to discover and deliver better products, sooner.

Together, we share ways Agile principles and practices enable us to increase our capacity to deliver products that please our customers, satisfy our business sponsors, build collaborative development communities, and change the world through great products that matter.

All our meetups use collaborative techniques to engage, energize, and enlighten. Our annual APO Conference is powered using Open Space Technology.

We invite you to join us!  Learn more.

BPMA Product Executives Forum

The Product Executive Forum or PEF is an exclusive, by invitation only program for senior executives that are responsible for the product management or product marketing function and are either:

  • VP level and above for companies with less than 1000 employees.
  • Director level and above for companies with more than 1000 employees.

PEF members meet for a monthly facilitated breakfast discussion at convenient time and location for the group. This highly successful program provides a unique opportunity for executives to network and discuss relevant topics such as:

  • Organizing a product marketing/product management team for success
  • Measuring the effectiveness of product management
  • Moving from selling products to providing solutions
  • Strategic pricing
  • Interacting effectively with other groups
  • Enabling the sales organization to sell value, not product features
  • and much more!

For more information contact Neil Baron at or 617-365-3411.

ProductCamp Boston

ProductCamp Boston is the world’s largest ProductCamp unconference, and one of the biggest and most exciting annual one-day gatherings of product managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs anywhere on earth.  

Closely affiliated with BPMA, ProductCamp Boston is the only full-day unconference for product managers, product marketers and entrepreneurs in the Boston area.  Because it’s an unconference, ProductCamp is organized by attendees, for attendees so you can get the most out of the day.  Everyone is welcome to participate.

The annual ProductCamp Boston took place in June 2017 and the next will take place in spring 2018; planning will commence in early 2018.

The June 2017 ProductCamp encompassed over 80 different fundamentals, advanced and entrepreneur breakout sessions on product discovery,  product development & design, go-to-market, product strategy and lifecycle management, product management 101, and careers.  Special lunchtime sessions included industry/topical birds-of-a-feather discussions and a job fair.

Join us!  We welcome all current and aspiring product management, product marketing, UX, and startup professionals, and students.  Join us for the day or help plan ProductCamp, volunteer on the day of the event, lead a session, and/or become a sponsor!  To learn more, visit