The Mentorship Program runs over a 6-month period consisting of 1-on-1 sessions between product professionals for career guidance and expertise. The mentors and mentees, as well as the alumni of past programs, meet twice during the year for group advisory sessions. The mentors include experienced Product and Product Marketing professionals, including VP/C-level executives from 100+ employee companies, as well as Director level and above executives from 1000+ employee companies.

Mentor Benefits

  • Free annual BPMA Premium Membership
  • All experienced PMs & PMMs welcome
  • Bi-annual roundtables
  • Partner with an executive for personal career guidance

Mentee Benefits

  • Connect with industry professionals
  • Gain advice and guidence on your goals
  • Emerging and experienced PM & PMMs welcome
  • Bi-annual roundtables

Matching Process

Mentors and Mentees are matched based on supplied goals, industry, experience level, and meeting location preference.