About Us

The Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) is a tight-knit not-for-profit community dedicated to empowering product management and marketing professionals in the Boston area to reach their full potential. 

We provide targeted programs and resources to develop the skills and careers of product professionals at all stages through insightful events, impactful mentoring, and substantive networking. 

BPMA nurtures a high-quality peer community that makes a tangible difference in members' careers and lives. We focus on creating deeper connections, uniting passionate product experts across industries and unlocking new career levels in the Boston region. 

BPMA delivers practical insights from seasoned speakers who have confronted real on-the-ground challenges facing today's product professionals. We offer tailored career guidance and professional development to fuel growth at every stage. 

We actively invite talented product professionals to access our curated resources.

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“The mission of BPMA is to inspire and support the product community in the Boston area. For me personally, it has transformed my entire product career journey from Product Manager to Product Leader to CEO.”
– Lynne Levy

Our Board

We thoughtfully and continuously nurture an impactful community of peers that makes a significant difference in the lives and careers of product professionals.

Lynne Levy, President

Lynne is a seasoned product management leader and has worked throughout the Boston Tech industry for 20 years.

Lynne is currently the CEO of the Inspired Product Leader, a product management leadership and career coaching organization.                                                      

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Andrea Nelson, Secretary

Andrea Nelson is an accomplished Product Management leader specializing in new product introductions and nascent markets. She has worked in many tech industries including Aeronautics, Robotics, Automotive and IoT, and has been a BPMA member and mentor since 2018.

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Susie Keaton, Treasurer

An accomplished product management executive of global product portfolios and award winning innovation, Susie is an Associate Director of Product Management at an animal health care company.                  

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Natalie Collet, Co-Director of Marketing & Outreach

Natalie Collet has spent her career in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Above all, she enjoys planning, strategizing, and working collaboratively. She likes to work on products and programs that educate and delight others.   

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Evan Cox, Co-Director of Marketing & Outreach

Evan is a Product Leader with 20 years of experience in healthcare and biotech. He's launched novel products to improve Physician Quality, Patient Care, Healthcare Commercial Intelligence, and Research. Evan is currently the SVP of Strategy and Innovation at iSpecimen.    

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Himanshu Chouhan, Director ofTechnology

Himanshu is a seasoned product management leader for Global eCommerce, Retail & CPG organizations. He has led and successfully executed multiple projects in the field of Digital Transformation, Customer experience, Blockchain & Applied Innovation for Staples, SuperValu, DuPont, TCS among others. He is passionate about Ecosystem business models, Experience-led Design, and Subscription Economy.

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Hillary Taverna, Co-Director of Programming

Hillary is a Product Manager at Kickstarter, where she runs the Internal Services team, which helps internal teams such as Legal, Trust & Safety, and Marketing to accomplish their objectives. She has also worked in the education, education technology, and staffing software industries.

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Xandra Aretz, Co-Director of Programming

Xandra is an experienced product manager, currently working in the semiconductor industry at ASML. She specializes in analytics-driven products with a wealth of experience in building user-centric solutions that harness the power of data. Her expertise is in product launches and adoption, and capturing and utilizing the voice of the customer.                                                                                                   

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Staci Dubovik, Director of Mentorship & Recruiter Relations

Staci is an accomplished product management professional and leader with experience bringing many products and releases to market across many industries, including Fintech, Retail, Healthcare, Education, and Non-Profit.

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Adam Shulman, Co-Director of Web Content

Adam Shulman is a Product Manager with extensive experience in software/hardware systems and a passion for music and audio technology. He is the Director of Product Management at Bose Professional and has been a member of the BPMA since 2016. 

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Colleen Beaton, Co-Director of Web Content

Colleen is a product management leader with a passion for healthcare and digital health. She has successfully spearheaded the development and execution of multiple product strategies designed to solve complex healthcare problems and improve the patient and provider experiences. 

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Gerry Abbey, Director of Sponsorships

Gerry is the Analyst Relations & Insights Leader at Rockwell Automation. With 14 years of experience in software marketing, Gerry brings thought leadership and deep content experience, currently leading market and competitive intelligence, along with Rockwell Automation’s annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report.

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Julie Oh, Director of Memberships

Julie has worked in various industries including travel, service delivery, and financial/ insuretech services, with experience across product functions to bridge customer needs with product strategy and execution. Julie holds a M.S in Product Innovation and recently completed her MBA from D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of STEAM leaders through educational and community programs.

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Ramya Mandala, Director of Volunteers

Ramya possesses extensive expertise in building AI products and pioneering innovative solutions within the Fintech sector and for startups. She currently serves as an AI product manager in Medtech, where she is dedicated to creating groundbreaking products that revolutionize healthcare and enhance patient diagnosis.

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Ashley Gouthro, Board Director

Ashley Gouthro is a product management professional with a passion for innovative digital solutions. She excels in developing and executing web and mobile strategies that support clients' visions and create best-in-class products. Leveraging her expertise in data analysis and customer advocacy, Ashley enhances user experiences and drives business success.

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Neil Baron, Director of Product Executive Forums

Neil Baron is the Managing Director of Baron Strategic Partners, a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations accelerate growth by implementing product management and product marketing best practices.   He is the founder and leader of the Boston Product Executive Forum.  He has written extensively for publications such as Havard Business Review, FastCompany and Sales and Marketing Management.

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David Owen, Board Director

David Owen, a veteran in healthcare AI, revolutionized medical transcription and coding at Kurzweil AI, 3M, and Nuance. Recently, was Net Health's Chief Product Officer and now serves as an Adjunct Professor at Hult and Senior Advisor at CWH Advisors.

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