Become a Mentee

Enhance your skills, gain insights, and network with product leaders in our tailored one-on-one mentoring program. Mentees will help themselves become better product professionals by identifying the areas in which they need help, working with their Mentor to find the best fit for those needs, and then coming prepared for each meeting with specific topics or questions for discussion.

“Through my mentor's guidance, I gained valuable insights into product marketing techniques and learned how to effectively collaborate with product management, corporate marketing, and sales teams. My mentor positively influenced my career trajectory and showed a high level of care for my success.”
– Rambod Dargahi, Ph.D.

Requirements for Becoming a Mentee

  1. Must be a paying BPMA member
  2. Must be currently employed as a product professional (product management, product marketing, product definition/owner, UX, and similar roles)
  3. Not open to students or aspiring product professionals; job search discussions are different from skill-building discussions, and not the purpose of the 1:1 Mentorship program

Responsibilities of Being a Mentee

Mentees drive their mentorship by:

  • Identifying goals and working with their Mentor to figure out how they can help
  • Scheduling the meeting cadence with their Mentor
  • Preparing specific questions and discussion topics to get the most from each meeting

Matching periods are six months long, and we match two groups of Mentors and Mentees per year. Mentees are expected to actively engage in their mentorship for the entire assigned period.

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