Become a Mentor

Help develop the next generation of great product talent in Boston. Mentors will find professional gratification in sharing their experiences with more junior product talent, coaching them to elevate their skills, and more quickly improving the state of the product art in Boston.

“Mentoring gives me the satisfaction of helping fellow product professionals address challenges, improve their skills, and succeed in their careers. BPMA has provided a path for conversations with my mentees on topics including learning from customers, developing roadmaps, leading PM organizations, changing roles, collaborating effectively, and more.”
– Jim Berets, Sr. Principal Product Manager, Red Hat

Requirements for Becoming a Mentor

  1. Must be a manager or principal level product professional or higher
  2. Must have at least seven years of product experience

Matching periods are six months long, and we match two groups of Mentors and Mentees per year. Mentors are asked to commit to support their Mentee through the full matching period.

Responsibilities of Being a Mentor

Mentors help their Mentees develop in their career by:

  1. Making time to meet in person or remotely with your Mentee on an agreed schedule, and being fully present during that time
  2. Helping your Mentee set goals, think outside the box to solve issues, develop skills, share tips, and more
  3. Using your position to be an active sponsor for your Mentee
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