Product Executives Forum (PEF)

Leading a product management or product marketing function is demanding: you are expected to have all the answers to many of your company’s toughest questions. Unless other executives come from a similar background, these functions are two of the least understood by the C-suite. And your company’s success rests on the shoulders of you and the team you hire and develop.

BPMA’s Product Executives Forum focuses on the needs of product management and product marketing executives. PEF is devoted to sharing the latest best practices and strategies that impact product team success, and to fostering the networks which help executives succeed. Members meet monthly and discuss a critical product management or product marketing topic that is chosen by the group.

Example PEF Topics

  • Building a culture of customer centricity
  • Accelerating revenues from new products
  • Building great product teams
  • Thinking differently about pricing
  • Product metrics and alignment with the product life cycle

PEF Membership Criteria

  • Willingness to share ideas with your peers, and participate actively in the roundtable-format meetings
  • Have achieved the level of at least Vice President (currently or previously), or of Director in a company with more than 1,000 employees
  • Paid member in good standing of the BPMA
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Expert Facilitation

Neil Baron has facilitated the PEF sessions since its founding in 2013. Neil is an internationally-recognized expert on product management and product marketing best practices. He has written extensively on the challenges facing product executives for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Pragmatic Marketing, and other publications.  He has lectured at Harvard Business School, Babson College, MIT, Tufts University, The Ohio State University, and other leading institutions.

Neil's LinkedIn Profile
“I recently rejoined PEF after a short hiatus and I was grateful to reconnect with such a welcoming and thoughtful community of product leaders. These are folks who care deeply about their craft and are passionate about sharing insights with peers. It's so helpful to share struggles as well as learnings with such a talented group.”
– Scott Kerr, Managing Director, Product Management at Morgan Stanley
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