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The State of Product Management in the Digital World

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This heartwarming message of post-Brexit unity will make you smileOpen in a New Window

LONDON — A heartwarming message of inclusiveness and unity has gone viral in the midst of a wave of post-Brexit racism and increased reports of hate crimes

Reddit user hereff posted an image of the message with the comment, "As an immigrant in London, this means a lot to me. Thank you :)."

Signed by a Liza Wedgwood, the message originates from the website as part of the #PostRefLove initiative that endeavors to counteract the rise of anti-immigration sentiment in the UK following the results of the EU referendum by inviting people to "share a message of hope."  Read more...

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Google's Nexus phones will now warn you about spam callsOpen in a New Window

Remember how bad spam was before the advent of Gmail? Google's free webmail service and its filters reduced spam emails from a menace to a mild nuisance; now, spammy calls might soon also be a thing of the past. 

On Monday, Google announced its Google Phone app — available on Nexus and Android One devices — will start warning users about potential spam calls. 

This new functionality will become available as soon as you update to the latest version of Google Phone.

Image: Google

Users will have the ability to block and report spammy numbers, as well as report that a call labeled as spam was not spam. For instructions on how to turn spam protection on and off, go here.   Read more...

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Samantha Bee completely roasted ousted Fox News CEO Roger AilesOpen in a New Window

After Roger Ailes — former chairman and CEO of Fox Newsquit last week following several allegations of sexual harassment from Fox News host Gretchen Carlson and other employees, Samantha Bee swooped in to share her thoughts.

The Full Frontal host didn't hold back a bit and immediately congratulated Ailes on "finally achieving his ultimate fantasy" of “getting fucked by two gorgeous employees at the same time.”

She goes on to eloquently roast Fox News, referring to Ailes as a "creep" and ending the segment with a nod to his friendship with none other than, Donald Trump

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'Marvel: Ultimate Alliance' is out today and it's totally worth playingOpen in a New Window

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and its 2009 sequel are both coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday.

If that matters little to you then you're either not a fan — OK, that's fine — or Ultimate Alliance is old enough that you don't know what it is.

Think Diablo, a fantasy action game driven by the ever-present lure of sweeter, more powerful loot, only replace the magic and monsters with Marvel heroes and villains. That's Ultimate Alliance.

Choosing from a pool of 20-plus Marvel heroes, you form your own super-team and take on a massive roster of super-villains and their cronies. As you punch your way to justice, you pick up baubles and alternate outfits that further power you up. Read more...

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Microsoft Word update will help you write better research papersOpen in a New Window

Microsoft is giving students a new tool that may make the coming school year a little easier. 

The company just introduced a new feature for Word that could make writing research papers a little less painful. Called Researcher, it helps you find and cite sources without ever leaving Word.

The goal of Researcher, which is available now to Windows users running the latest version of Office, is to help give students writing papers a better idea of how to start their assignment. 

Built on top of Microsoft Bing's Knowledge Graph, Researcher allows you to search for sources directly within Word. It pulls material in from places that are likely to be teacher-approved — like news articles and educational websites that aren't Wikipedia — and allows you to easily pull quotes from your sources into your paper. Better still, after you quote one of the sources you find in Researcher, it will automatically configure the inline citation and bibliography entry using your preferred citation style.  Read more...

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Queen Cersei endorses Michelle Obama for PresidentOpen in a New Window

LONDON — The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms has spoken, and there's only one person she has in mind for the U.S.'s version of the Iron Throne.

It's not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, either.

On Tuesday morning, following Monday's opening day of the Democratic National Conference — during which Michelle Obama made a speech that essentially stole the show — Irish actress Victoria Smurfit floated the following suggestion.

Lena Headey — who plays Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones — was quick to jump on the idea.

This isn't the first time Headey's waded in on the political scene, either. She previously slammed Donald Trump and made her feelings clear about former Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson on Twitter. Read more...

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Giant mechanical puppet of Cornish miner exists and it's weirdly fantasticOpen in a New Window

LONDON — What better way to celebrate a "tinth" anniversay than creating a giant puppet resembling a Cornish miner? 

Man Engine (that's its name) has embarked on a 130-mile journey across the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the region's UNESCO heritage status.  

On July 13, 2006, select mining landscapes across Cornwall and west Devon were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Image: Getty Images / matt cardy

The 10-metre (32.8 foot) tall structure began its march in Tavistock, Devon on Monday, and will end its journey in west Cornwall on August 6 at the Geevor Tin Mine.  Read more...

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After the sale, what happens to Yahoo's leftovers?Open in a New Window

When Verizon announced Monday it was snapping up Yahoo for a cool $4.83 billion, the sale was hailed as the death knell for the early internet, but it also raised questions about the future of some of its properties in the Asia Pacific.

The purchase hands Verizon Yahoo's core business, but does not include its minority equity interests in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan, a collection of patents and some cash. (As a side note, the patent collection is called Excalibur, which, OK.) These holdings will be left behind as part of a renamed publicly traded investment company, for now being referred to as "RemainCo." Read more...

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Singapore tests out petrol-free future with new, all-electric taxi companyOpen in a New Window

SINGAPORE — By the start of 2017, 100 electric taxis will run on Singapore's roads, helping the government sort out what the country needs to do for a greener, emissions-free future.

The new fleet will be run by a new, sixth cab company here called HDT Singapore Taxi.

Local reports say the government plans to collect "real-life" data from the fleet of 100 taxis, in order to help it study whether electric vehicles can be commercially feasible in future.

This is expected to cover questions about infrastructure, such as how many charging stations are necessary across the island and where. Read more...

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This naked dating show has sent British people into a meltdownOpen in a New Window

LONDON — Gone are the days of boring, straightforward dating shows where people meet each other for the first time wearing clothes and chat about their hobbies and stuff.

Forget about it. That's been done, it's old hat. We need to find a different way.

"Modern dating has become a complicated business," says the narrator at the start of new Channel 4 show, Naked Attraction. "Status symbols, online profiles and the clothes we wear can all get in the way of finding our perfect mate... but what would happen if we were stripped of all the things that usually define us?"

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The changing face of the Yahoo! homepage, 1996-2006Open in a New Window



Verizon’s $4.83 billion acquisition of Yahoo’s core business, announced today, marks the end of Yahoo’s 22-year run as an independent company.

In January 1994, Stanford University graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo created a hierarchically-organized directory of websites imaginatively called “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web.”

They renamed the site to Yahoo in April, taking the name from the race of rude, coarse and unpleasant beings in Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels, though they also came up with a way for it to serve as an acronym — “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” Read more...

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Dove's new campaign challenges how the media portrays women in sportsOpen in a New Window

Too muscular. Too short. Too stocky. Too young-looking.

Former gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson was called a lot of things by the media in her time as an athlete. Often, few of them had anything to do with her athleticism.

Her mother would tell her over and over: "Honey, look at your success. Look how happy you are when you are out there on the floor. Don't let what someone else is saying affect you." Now, Johnson wants to be that voice for the next generations of girls, advocating for a shift in how we talk about female athletes. 

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7 things you didn't know you agreed to in the terms of serviceOpen in a New Window

When you download or sign up for any sort of program or service, you have to agree to their terms of service: The wall of text that describes everything you can and cannot do on or with that software.

While there are some obvious caveats like "You will not upload viruses" or "You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any part of our services," there are also a host of not-so-obvious conditions you agree to.

We took the "dr" out of tl;dr to show you some of the more interesting things you didn't know existed in terms of service for popular internet haunts. Read more...

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Revelation about fish and chip shops might leave you feeling betrayedOpen in a New Window

ATTENTION BRITS: Without our notice, the time-honoured tradition of fish and chips with malt vinegar has been befouled right beneath our noses — which is odd, given that it's the pungent scent of vinegar where we should have noticed the issue.

Apparently, the stuff they usually serve at your local fish and chip shop isn't actually malt vinegar, but a combination of chemicals that taste more or less the same. Why this betrayal? Because "chucking some chemicals together is significantly cheaper than actually brewing vinegar," says YouTuber Tom Scott.   Read more...

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1865 ghost photos were even spookier in their original 3DOpen in a New Window

Image: London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images

These images of ghastly spirits spooking the wits out of people were created by the London Stereoscopic Company and sold as stereographic cards which, when viewed through a special viewer, became remarkably sharp and eye-popping three-dimensional images.

The ghostly figures were achieved using double exposures and other photographic trickery — an impressive level of technical mastery for the still-young medium of photography.

Though these particular photos were created as mere sources of comical entertainment, just a few years later photographer William H. Mumler appeared, claiming the ability to capture actual ghosts on film. Read more...

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British Council employee under fire for Facebook rant about Prince George's 'white privilege'Open in a New Window

Each round of release of pictures of Prince George is usually met with excitement and joy — not by this woman though. 

Angela Gibbins, senior employee at the British Council, allegedly made some comments on the young prince on Facebook, accusing him of "white privilege."

She allegedly ranted under a picture of Prince George released in occasion of the Queen's 90th birthday: “White privilege. That cheeky grin is the innate knowledge he’s royal, rich, advantaged and will never know *any* difficulties or hardships in life." Read more...

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Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar to headline Global Citizen FestivalOpen in a New Window

The Global Citizen Festival, a music festival that brings together artists and world leaders, has announced the lineup for its fifth anniversary. 

Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Kendrick Lamar, Major Lazer and Metallica will headline this year's festival on the Great Lawn at New York CIty's Central Park, with special guest performances by Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Usher, Ellie Goulding, Yandel, and Cat Stevens.

The event, which will take place Sept. 24, will be hosted by Chelsea Handler, Deborra-lee and Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra, Salma Hayek, and Seth Meyers. 

Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans called the festival "an annual touch point to hold our world leaders to account on their commitments to solve the world's biggest problems."  Read more...

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Street artist creates beautiful, 3D-effect graffiti around BeijingOpen in a New Window

A Chinese artist from Beijing is being hailed as the next Banksy after his raw and moving graffiti work was spotted around the capital city.

Qi Xinghua, who graduated from the country's Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, is being recognised for his ability to create 3D scenes on any flat wall.

According to an interview Qi did with Vision Times, he wants his paintings to be able to "heal the scars of this old city."

Going by the artist name "Graffiti Man," Qi roams the streets of Beijing looking for surfaces to inspire him. He says that his street art pieces are all improvised and he decides what to paint only after taking into consideration his medium's natural surroundings. Read more...

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Flipkart acquires Jabong for $70 million to create India's biggest online fashion retailerOpen in a New Window

Indian e-commerce major Flipkart's online fashion retailer Myntra has acquired its smaller homegrown rival Jabong for $70 million in cash. The acquisition will strengthen Flipkart's fashion segment against Amazon, which has been doubling down on its investments in the country.

Started by the Germany company Rocket Internet in 2012, Jabong was once a major player in India's online fashion retail industry. However, it had recently taken a backseat with poor sales and the exit of its top management. It also lost its market share after Flipkart acquired its competitor Myntra in 2014 for $300 million and invested considerable money on the fashion portal to attract customers.  Read more...

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The first 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' reviews will get your wands tinglingOpen in a New Window

LONDON — Somehow, after many, many months of waiting, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is suddenly only a few days away.

The play opens to the public on the 31 July, the script is released across the world on the same day, and — as of Tuesday morning — the first reviews have been published.

The verdict? Pretty darn magical, from the sounds of it. Read more...

Michael Billington, The Guardian.

Jack Shepherd, The Independent.

Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph.

Kasia Delgado, The Radio Times.

Ben Brantley, The New York Times.

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Google cleans up Maps, paints interesting spots orangeOpen in a New Window

Google has made several changes to its Maps app on iOS, Android and in the browser, including a new, cleaner look, a slightly different color scheme and a new feature that highlights the most interesting spots around you. 

Called "areas of interest," these spots will be painted a pale orange, and will appear automatically as you browse the map. 

In a blog post announcing the feature Monday, Google explained that these areas are chosen with algorithmic processes — the app will automatically figure out the highest density of restaurants, bars and shops. In certain high-density areas, such as the New York City, Google says it will use a "human touch" to show the most active areas. Check out how the feature works in the video, below.  Read more...

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Shop workers laugh at woman's shorts, she responds with kindnessOpen in a New Window

Britain is finally experiencing the long-awaited summer and people are sporting shorts and T-shirts for the first time in a year.

But one woman couldn't believe her ears when she overheard two workers at Superdrug, a health and beauty shop, making rude comments and sneering at her appearance. 

After the incident Harriet Rae, from Cornwall, posted an open letter on Facebook along with a picture of the "cheesy smile" she showed to the women:

"To the two girls working in Truro Superdrug this afternoon.
Don't worry, I heard the comments you made to each other about my appearance and my shorts," she wrote. Read more...

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'Pokémon Go' shatters records on its way to estimated 75 million downloadsOpen in a New Window

The days of insane growth may be over for Pokémon Go (and frankly, it's hard to imagine any app sustaining growth at that rate), but the mobile augmented reality game is still the fastest-growing ever, by a large margin.

App store optimization platform Sensor Tower estimates that Pokémon Go has been installed more than 75 million times so far, on Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms combined. And that's despite the fact that the game is still not fully global; in fact, it's only been launched in 32 of the 100 markets in which Google Play and Apple's App Store are available. 

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'Jason Bourne' is a brutal, soulless slog that feels like punishmentOpen in a New Window

Some people may enjoy sitting through Jason Bourne, though it will by hard to fathom why. The return of Matt Damon and writer/director Paul Greengrass is a soulless, sensually deadening time-suck, like watching a stranger play a video game you used to think was fun while someone vigorously shakes the screen, or perhaps your head. 

That's what it feels like walking out — like someone just batted you about the the ears and neck for two hours while constantly reminding you how scary things are in the world.


There used to be tension in these Bourne movies. There used to be a creeping unease, a haunting hopelessness about the guy who didn't know who he was, yet always stayed a step ahead of some very nasty, very ill-intended dudes. (Heck, even Jeremy Renner's quest for little blue pills had The Bourne Legacy gnawing at us for something. A-chems.) Read more...

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Refuse the suffering that comes with real fur accessories, says SPCAOpen in a New Window

SINGAPORE — While controversial, the demand for real fur continues to fuel demand for some fashion accessories. The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) says it's concerned about a rise in popularity of handbag charm accessories — particularly those using real fur.

The SPCA said Monday in a Facebook post that it investigated a sampling of rabbit fur keychains and charms from stores here, and found that the fur used was real.

The SPCA's in-house tests revealed the fur's origins by examining its fibre make-up under a microscope. It added that real fur has tapered ends, while synthetic fur appears to have more chopped off ends. Read more...

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Indonesian toilet-themed restaurant serves food and drinks in squat toiletsOpen in a New Window

A themed-restaurant on the island of Java, Indonesia, is making headlines, but not for the most appetising of reasons.

Jamban Cafe in Semarang is a toilet-themed restaurant where food is served in squat toilet bowls and diners dine while seated on porcelain thrones to complete the lavatorial experience.

"Jamban" means toilet in Indonesian and currently only accepts small group bookings.

The restaurant's signature dish is "bakso" — a traditional meatball soup. The drinks at Jamban Cafe are also served in the same manner.

Image: SURYO WIBOWO/AFP/Getty Images

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I communicated like Cher for the day and people didn't know what to make of itOpen in a New Window

LONDON — Cher, if you're reading this, I want you to know that your tweet game is seriously fierce. 

On Twitter, Cher is outspoken. She's political. She's heartfelt. And, she's also pretty damn hilarious. In short, no one does Twitter like Cher does. 

Cher's tweets tell the story of a human being; one that sometimes sends butt tweets or forgets to upload the photo to her tweet. 

She is every single one of us. Which is why I decided to spread some joy to my immediate circle of friends, colleagues and family by communicating with Cher tweets for a day.  Read more...

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Nail artist endeavours to recreate all 151 Pokémon in adorable tiny artworksOpen in a New Window

SINGAPORE — As Pokémon fever rages on around the globe, one nail artist has pledged to finish all 151 of the original Pokémon.

Singapore-based Michelle Masri has started to paint the individual Pokémon using gel nail colours, and is posting them to Instagram by their Pokédex number. So far, she's up to Butterfree at #12.

She told Mashable each work of art is painted in layers, going with the colours first before working her way up to the thin black outlines and a glossy topcoat. Each nail takes about 20 minutes or more, depending on the complexity of the Pokémon's design. Read more...

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Amazon launches Prime service in India to woo customersOpen in a New Window

In an attempt to increase customer loyalty in its fastest-growing market, Amazon has launched its Amazon Prime membership programme in the country.

Amazon Prime members will get unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery in over 100 cities and early access to lightning deals and exclusive offers. Amazon Prime is available for a free 60-day trial period, and thereafter, at an introductory annual subscription of Rs 499 ($7.4), a discount of Rs 500 from the list price of Rs 999 ($14.8). This is considerably lower than its price in the US ($99) and UK (£79), but subscribers in the US can also get unlimited photo storage, access to free e-books on Kindle First and Kindle Owners' Lending Library, and Prime Video and Music. Read more...

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Migaloo the majestic white whale is back and prettier than everOpen in a New Window

Migaloo sighting alert! He's famous for being big and beautiful and he's currently making his way up the east coast of Australia on his annual migration. 

Byron Bay woman Alison Reid was hoping to capture the magnificent mammal on camera when she booked a whale watching trip. But when he actually showed up, she was overcome with emotion, telling the ABC, "I cried. I screamed 'You gorgeous whale, thank you for being here for us today.'"

Reid had been stalking Migaloo for 20 years before the sighting and it seems like it was worth the wait: "The conditions were perfect, the sun was shining, he came over to our boat, he came under our boat, the dolphins came in, it was truly incredible," she said.  Read more...

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