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Innovation vs. Execution: Are They Destined to Be at Odds?

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After WWII ended, one Japanese soldier refused to surrender for 3 decadesOpen in a New Window

March 11, 1974

Lt. Hiroo Onoda, sword in hand, walks out of the jungle on Lubang Island after a nearly 29-year guerrilla campaign.

Image: JIJI PRESS/AFP/Getty Images

After the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on Aug. 15, 1945, Japan announced its surrender, bringing an end to World War II.

But for some, the war was not over.

Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda was 22 years old when he was deployed to Lubang Island in the Philippines in December 1944. As an intelligence officer, he was given orders to disrupt and sabotage enemy efforts — and to never surrender or take his own life.

Allied forces landed on the island in February 1945, and before long Onoda and three others were the only Japanese soldiers who had not surrendered or died. They retreated into the hills, with plans to continue the fight as guerrillas. Read more...

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Michelle Obama gives George W. Bush the bear hug we all needOpen in a New Window

Times are hard and confusing, but Michelle Obama gives a hug that could cure all ills.

At the opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. Saturday, the First Lady enveloped President George W. Bush in an embrace for the ages. He seemed to enjoy it, and the whole affair did not escape the internet's notice.

Decide for yourself whether Bush deserves that great hug given his record (*clears throat*), but it looks like America appreciated it nevertheless.

My favorite little moment today: @FLOTUS greets former President George W. Bush at @NMAAHC Opening #APeoplesJourney

— Jeremy Art (@jeremyart) September 24, 2016

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'Lil dachshunds racing in costume are just the medicine you needOpen in a New Window

Dachshunds. In costumes. Racing.

The Teckelrennen Annual Dachshund Race took place Saturday in Melbourne as part of Hophaus' Oktoberfest celebrations. The annual "running of the wieners" raises money for Dachshund Rescue Australia. 

The cylindrical 'lil pups could win costume prizes, or show off their short-legged athleticism in a 15-metre (49-foot) sprint.

Words don't do the cuteness justice, so without further waffle, here are the pictures. 



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Ok, everybody take a breath: Kim Kardashian is voting for Hillary ClintonOpen in a New Window

And just like that, all was right with the world. The birds began chirping, the sun emerged from behind a cloud, and Kim Kardashian made it clear that yes, she would be voting for America's first woman presidential candidate come November.

On Friday, social media rent its garments over an alleged quote from Kim Kardashian, attributed to a story in Wonderland magazine: "At first I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm so Hillary [Clinton],' but I had a long political call with Caitlyn [Jenner] last night about why she's voting Trump. I'm on the fence."

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Police release Keith Scott videos, leaving more questions than answersOpen in a New Window

Two videos released Saturday by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department fail to provide a full picture of just what happened during its officers' fatal encounter with Keith Lamont Scott.

Police shot and killed Scott, a 43-year-old African American man, on Tuesday, precipitating days of protests across Charlotte.

The first video, shot from an officer's body camera, does not appear to show the moment of the shooting. It also has no sound until the aftermath of the incident, when Scott is seen lying face-down after being shot. Read more...

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Next Stop SingaporeOpen in a New Window

Paid Content by

Singapore Tourism Board

It started like any other day with a simple swipe of a ride-sharing app

But at the end of it, Bay Area residents found themselves with all-expense paid trips to Singapore after a Lyft of a Lifetime. Needless to say, there were quite a few happy, shocked (and to us, plain entertaining) reactions. Check out the video below to see the action:

Natives of Silicon Valley know all about innovation. In fact, they live, eat, sleep and breathe it.

So they already know that a huge part of an innovative mindset is a globally focused, culturally diverse skill set – and that traveling to other innovation-driven destinations to witness firsthand how the rest of the world embraces technology, sustainability, architecture, arts and culture, is crucial for a competitive edge. Read more...

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4 tips to slash unnecessary monthly expensesOpen in a New Window

Most of us pay our bills around the beginning of the month, and about this time the stack can get pretty high — as does the hit to your bank account. If you’re like me, you often think, “What can I do this month to cut my expenses, in a smart way, and waste less money while I’m at it?”

I’ve got some ways to do exactly that. Here are my four tips that you can implement today:

1. Cut the cost of wireless service

If you aren’t locked into a contract with one of the national carriers, consider using the services of providers that might be offering a cheaper plan. 

Also look at your data usage. Maybe you can simply switch to another, less expensive plan. And once it’s time to upgrade, think hard — do you really need to have that latest model of the iPhone? (You may want it, but that’s another story.)  Read more...

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Gennifer Flowers tweets she supports Trump, will accept invitation to debateOpen in a New Window

Gennifer Flowers has made her reentry into the news surrounding the 2016 presidential race. 

Flowers, kwn for having a sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton years ago, tweeted on Saturday that she supports Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in his bid against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. 

Flowers said during Bill Clinton's run for president in 1992 that she had a sexual relationship with him. He admitted to at least one sexual encounter with her in 1998. 

"Hi Donald. You know I'm in your corner and will definitely be at the debate," Flowers tweeted. 

Hi Donald. You know I'm in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!...💋

— Gennifer Flowers (@gennflowers) September 24, 2016

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A curly-haired woman's honest review of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryerOpen in a New Window

Despite knowing full well that Dyson can clean my house wonderfully, I wasn't convinced that a tiny wind turbine for my head would give me perfect hair.

Any time a new hype-worthy hair product like the Dyson Supersonic comes out, I have the same thought: "that won't work for me."

Like many curly-haired people, I've tried just about everything to be at peace with my hair's natural texture. As much as I love my curls now, our relationship has been complicated. Many products have come and gone. Many tools have claimed to be perfect for curls. Many have failed. Dyson might be the first beauty tool that has actually delivered. Read more...

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3 big reasons you never get anything worthwhile out of meetingsOpen in a New Window

Call it a product of busy schedules, increased tech connectivity, or fried attention spans, but for whatever reason, when you gather a group together for a meeting, almost everyone has a hard time ditching distractions and sticking to the task at hand. In fact, 47% of employees cite distracted co-workers as the biggest hurdle to having productive meetings.

If you take your job seriously, you’re probably already doing your best to demonstrate engagement: actively listening, chiming in when appropriate, and keeping your phone off the table. But even when good meeting etiquette is at the top of your mind, it’s easy to slip into bad habits. Read more...

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Iconic high school film ’Mean Girls’ was almost way raunchierOpen in a New Window

Mean Girls was one of the most accurate filmic representations of the high-school emotional landscape. Our CineFix series, Things You Didn't Know, delves into seven lesser-known facts about this Tina Fey-penned comedy. From the R-rated jokes that didn’t make the final cut to the films’ many inspirations, these reveals will give you a behind-the-scenes appreciation for the most fetch work of cinema out there.

Subscribe to CineFix for more videos:

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Colin Kaepernick kneels alongside protesting high school football teamOpen in a New Window

Just under a month after Colin Kaepernick chose to stay seated during the National Anthem before a pre-season game, the athlete brought his protest against police brutality to the high school football field.

The 49ers quarterback attended a football game at Castlemont High School in Oakland, California on Friday, kneeling during the National Anthem as members of the team laid on their backs with their hands raised. Their protest comes in the immediate wake of recent police shootings in Charlotte, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

ESPN analyst Kirk Morrison captured the moment on Twitter:

Kaepernick came to Oakland, CA. He kneeled on one knee, players laid on their back with hands up during the

— Kirk Morrison (@kirkmorrison) September 24, 2016

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National Museum of African American History and Culture opens in DCOpen in a New Window

The long-awaited National Museum of African American History and Culture opened in Washington, DC on Saturday, attracting presidents, civil rights icons, artists and celebrities. 

The museum opened its doors after a dedication ceremony by President Barack Obama. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also attended the opening, according to CNN

"This national museum helps to tell a richer and fuller story of who we are," Obama said in his dedication. "By knowing this other story we better understand ourselves and each other. It binds us together. It reaffirms that all of us are America, that African-American history is not somehow separate from our larger American story."  Read more...

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Here's how much Snapchat's glasses will costOpen in a New Window

After months of rumors, we now know the Snapchat glasses are real. 

The company has officially introduced Spectacles, its Snapchat-connected wearable, that is set to go on sale later this year. The good news for Snapchat fans, though, is that the glasses will be surprisingly affordable.

Snap Inc., the Snapchat-maker's new name, hasn't said exactly when Spectacles will go on sale but we know they will be priced at $129.99. 

While that's still a decent chunk of change, as far as wearables go, it's pretty reasonable. It's less than many wrist-worn wearables like Fitbit's $149.95 Charge 2 tracker, and significantly cheaper than other glasses products. When Google Glass launched in 2013, it cost $1,500.  Read more...

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'I felt like it was my family': The stories behind the protestersOpen in a New Window

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — They came because they wanted to march with their city. They came because they were too outraged not to. They came from Charlotte, or they came from elsewhere. 

Demonstrators protesting Tuesday's fatal police shooting of a black man named Keith Scott in Charlotte had many reasons for marching through the Queen City's streets well past sundown. 

They've continued to march through Charlotte for four straight days as protests have gone from scenes of tear gas and burning heaps of trash to stern but calm marches through the shiny glass fronts of the city's downtown.  Read more...

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Bruce Springsteen on Donald Trump: 'The republic is under siege by a moron'Open in a New Window

In previous presidential elections, Bruce Springsteen was not shy about sharing his views. 

The musician penned a New York Times op-ed in August 2004 detailing why he'd be voting for John Kerry that November, and in 2012 he voiced his support for President Barack Obama. Now, with the 2016 election nearly upon us, he opened up to Rolling Stone about his thoughts on the current political climate.

So how does Springsteen feel about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump?

He went on to discuss the elements of Trump's platform he deems most dangerous — "white nationalism and the alt-right movement" — before speculating on what he thinks is the candidate's appeal to voters. Read more...

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7 things you didn't know about 'Mean Girls'Open in a New Window

Since its release, Mean Girls has always been in the running for the most accurate presentation of the high school emotional landscape ever.

Our CineFix series, Things You Didn't Know, goes into some of the lesser-known facts about the Tina Fey-penned comedy. From the R-rated jokes that didn’t make the final cut to the film's many inspirations, these seven facts will give you a real behind-the-scenes appreciation for the most fetch work of cinema out there.

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5 times you shouldn't use a credit cardOpen in a New Window

A credit card used responsibly can be a great tool to build your credit score and a credit history.

If you pay off your bill in full every month and balance your budget like a pro, using a credit card for most expenses allows you to track your spending easily and take full advantage of cash-back and other rewards programs.

But if you don’t pay off the bill each month, the high interest rates on a card will cost you as your debt keeps rolling over. That’s when you should consider cheaper methods of financing.

Here are five times you may want to ditch the credit card. Read more...

1. To pay for a big expense

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Elderly couple separated after 62 years together share happy reunionOpen in a New Window

Anita and Wolfram Gottschalk, the elderly Canadian couple that made headlines when they were forced to stay in separate nursing facilities, are finally back together after moving into the same residence.

The couple's granddaughter Ashley Bartiyik shared the news on Facebook a month after her initial post drew attention to the story. She also shared footage of the couple's happy reunion.

The Gottschalks, who've been married for 62 years, were initially forced to separate when they were placed in different transitional facilities while awaiting placement in a nursing home. In her Aug. 23 post pleading for help in reuniting the couple, Bartiyik wrote that her grandparents had been separated for eight months. Wolfram's recent lymphoma diagnosis coupled with advancing dementia made the situation more urgent. Read more...

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Fire, rage and calm: 15 powerful photos show the tension in CharlotteOpen in a New Window

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Protests against police brutality have rolled through Charlotte, North Carolina, since a black resident of the city named Keith Scott was fatally shot by an officer on Tuesday. 

Police maintain Scott had a gun at the time he was killed, while relatives and demonstrators say Scott had only a book. 

Demonstrations have ranged from frenetic confrontations with police to calm marches through streets at the center of the city.

The range of emotion in Charlotte has been broad, and we captured that range in photos, below.  Read more...

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1911: The knife-wielding child workers of Maine's sardine canneriesOpen in a New Window

"Minnie Thomas, 9 years old, showing average size of sardine knife used in cutting. Some of the children used a knife as large as this. Minnie works regularly in Seacoast Canning Co., Factory #7, mostly in the packing room, and when very busy works nights. Cuts some, also cartons. She says she earns $2.00 some days, packing."

Image: Library of Congress

In 1908, New York sociologist and photographer Lewis Hine was hired by the National Child Labor Committee to document the exploitation and working conditions of underage laborers around the United States

Hine crisscrossed the country, skirting around watchful employers to photograph and interview thousands of children in different industries and settings, from rural miners to urban bike messengers and newsies. Read more...

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How Spotify is perfecting the art of the playlistOpen in a New Window

Until recently, Mike Perry assembled engines at a Volvo plant in Skovde, a medieval city in Sweden. But Perry wanted to be a famous DJ. At night he labored in a recording studio, writing and producing songs in a lush, throbbing style known as tropical house. It sounds like Jimmy Cliff was tweaked by Avicii, the electronic dance musician.

Perry was 30 and hadn’t had a breakthrough, so it looked as if he’d be on the assembly line for years. Then, in April, he released a track called The Ocean, a bit of escapist pop. It wasn’t long before he noticed the Spotify link to his song all over social media. The Ocean became so popular on the streaming service that Perry quit his job and spent the summer performing in Europe. Now he has almost 15.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, a number he still finds inconceivable. “It’s just opened so many doors,” he says. Read more...

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Women's running magazine features a woman wearing a hijab on its coverOpen in a New Window

For its October issue, Women's Running did something other U.S. fitness magazines have failed to do in the past: It put a Hijabi runner on its cover. 

Rahaf Khatib, founder of Run Like a Hijabi, posed for the cover as part of the magazine's feature story on women changing the sport.

Khatib is a runner from Farmington Hills, Michigan who discovered a love for running in 2012, going on to compete in races in the Detroit area. She tells the magazine that when she noticed a lack of Hijabis on the race course, she created her Instagram account to encourage other Muslim women who might feel self-conscious about running in a hijab.  Read more...

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5 things we know about Snapchat's new SpectaclesOpen in a New Window

Snapchat broke big news Friday night when it announced it would become "Snap Inc." and release its first hardware product. 

That product is called Spectacles, or Specs, and so far it seems like they're a cooler, Snapchat-friendly version of Google Glass. 

So what do we know about Spectacles thus far? 

1. Spectacles record circular video 

Snap Inc.'s Spectacles are glasses that come with a built-in Snap video camera, the company says. That video is saved in a new circular video format that plays full screen on other products. 

The video is recorded through a 115-degree-angle lens that more closely matches the eyes' natural field of vision.  Read more...

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17 cats that are definitely plotting your deathOpen in a New Window

You may think they're cute and cuddly, but deep down, cats are purely evil geniuses. 

While a recent study states that cuddling cats could increase the risk of cat-scratch disease, landing you in the hospital or even resulting in death, cats have actually been plotting your death for a very long time. 

They may be adorable, but don't trust these little terrors. They're secretly plotting your death. 

Bonus: 100 years of kitten beauty


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Stretch drive: 3 storylines to follow as the 2016 MLB playoffs approachOpen in a New Window

Major League Baseball this season has been, in a word, weird. Casual fans tuning into the final throes of the 2016 regular season just might think they're peering into a parallel world. 

Welcome to a reality in which the Chicago Cubs are not only back in the playoff hunt, but at the top of the National League. A world where the Yankees bid a strange and sudden goodbye to Alex Rodriguez. A world where one of the Red Sox’s most effective starting pitchers looks like the second coming of knuckleball legend Tim Wakefield.

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When an online relationship with a stranger is unhealthyOpen in a New Window

The internet can be a thrilling place, full of opportunities to discover something — or someone — new. 

Adolescents and teens know this feeling well, but may be more vulnerable to exploitation than any other online user. Amid the fun of exploring the digital world, there is the small risk of developing emotionally and psychologically damaging relationships with strangers. 

That became clear earlier this week when the Daily Mail published an account of an anonymous 15-year-old who had an explicit online relationship with former New York congressman Anthony WeinerRead more...

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Charlotte knows it has faults, but wants the world to also know its charmsOpen in a New Window

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Byron Davis moved to Charlotte from Chicago in 1979, and the first thing he noticed was just how clean the city looked. 

Davis thought Charlotte was the cleanest city he'd ever been to. He still does. But he knows "clean" is far from the first word likely to come to mind if you've only known Charlotte through news coverage following the police shooting of a black man in the city. 

Protests have rolled throughout the city for four days since Tuesday's police shooting of Keith Scott, and footage of riot police, tear gas and smashed police cars has been splashed across TV screens throughout the nation.  Read more...

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Terrible partier tried to attack Justin Bieber in a German nightclubOpen in a New Window

It's not easy being Bieber.

America's pop prince Justin Bieber was doing a little harmless partying at a German club on Friday when a random club-goer decided to ruin his night. 

Per TMZ, while weaving through a crowd at a club in Munich, Bieber and his crew of handlers were forced to push away an unrelenting fan who tried to lunge at the musician. 

Can the Biebs live? 

BONUS: Doug the Pug recreates Justin Bieber's best Instagram photos Read more...

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What's coming to and leaving Netflix in OctoberOpen in a New Window

Remember when "fall TV" meant a handful of new broadcast shows, most of which would be canceled? Well now it means literally dozens of shows across network, cable, streaming, and any other possibilities as yet unplumbed by the entertainment industry. With Netflix creating more original content than ever, here's a look at what the streaming provider is bringing to your devices in October.

Top pick: Black Mirror

Don't expect to know much going in about Netflix's revival of the chilling Channel 4 show that started in the U.K. Technology is a tetchy privilege, and each new standalone episode of Black Mirror will address how it effects our world (or similar ones). Creator Charlie Brooker is back behind the scenes to surely terrify you away from your least, until you succumb to the next episode. Read more...

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