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The fabulous lives of Bo and Sunny ObamaOpen in a New Window

It's hardly a dog's life of just eating and sleeping for President Barack Obama's pets, Bo and Sunny.

The pair of Portuguese water dogs — Bo with his distinctive white chest and front paws, and the all-black Sunny — are canine ambassadors for the White House, very popular and so in demand that they have schedules, like the president.

"Everybody wants to see them and take pictures," Michelle Obama said

"I get a memo at the beginning of the month with a request for their schedules, and I have to approve their appearances." Read more...

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Tinder for insurance lets you insure your electronics by swiping rightOpen in a New Window

An American startup is hoping to overhaul the stuffy insurance industry with a couple of swipes. 

On Monday, Trov launched its latest product in Australia: On-demand insurance for single items through its mobile app. Founded in 2012, the company's free iOS and Android app previously allowed people to create a digital inventory of their possessions, but it's now adding an extra level of service. The insurance offering is currently iOS-only.

To insure an item, users simply load the details into the app, select it and swipe right to turn on protection. A toggle allows them to change the time period it is insured for and how much excess they're willing to accept.  Read more...

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'Alice: Through the Looking Glass' bombs worldwide as shadow looms over Johnny DeppOpen in a New Window

Maybe it's Johnny Depp who should take a long look in the mirror.

Alice Through the Looking Glass was a colossal flop in its opening weekend, taking in an estimated $28 million domestic — about a quarter of what the original did, a resoundingly terrible result — and the reasons being put forth for that are curious indeed.

Not even international audiences, which powered Alice in Wonderland to more than $1 billion in worldwide receipts in 2010, seemed all that interested — Looking Glass opened across most of the globe's major markets this weekend, making only $65 million.

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Prince William flawlessly does yoga in white jeans because he canOpen in a New Window

While we're all struggling to do a side-crow in our Lululemon booty shorts, Prince William proves he's the ultimate yogi by doing some poses in white denim jeans, because of course he can. 

The ever-so-charming prince proved he's not afraid of grass stains as he ditched his shoes and got on the ground to do yoga poses as he warmed up for his charity match at the Audi Polo Challenge in Berkshire, England on Saturday afternoon. 

Image: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images


Just look at him go.

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Rubio apologized to Trump for implying he had a small penisOpen in a New Window

One of the campaign season's most heated — and bizarre — feuds has apparently been put to rest as Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio told CNN that he apologized to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for a taunt that implied Trump had a small penis.

Speaking with Jake Tapper, Rubio said, "I said, 'You know, I'm sorry that I said that. It's not who I am and I shouldn't have done it.' I didn't say it in front of the cameras, I didn't want any political benefit."

Of course, Rubio's original insults led to this magical moment (see video below) during the March 3, 2016 GOP debate. Read more...

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Rookie Alexander Rossi wins the 100th Indy 500Open in a New Window

An American took the Andretti family to victory lane in the 100th running of the Indianapolis500.

It just wasn't the driver anyone expected.

Alexander Rossi was the surprising winner of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" when he stretched his fuel to the finish Sunday to pull off an upset victory. He ran out of gas after taking the checkered flag. 

"I have no idea how we pulled that off," Rossi said. "It's an amazing result for Andretti Autosport."

Rossi is an IndyCar rookie from California racing back in the United States after failing to put together a steady ride in Formula One. He is the ninth rookie to win the 500 and the first since Helio Castroneves in 2001. Read more...

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The stages of grief after you've been ghostedOpen in a New Window

In some point in nearly every young millennial's life, they will be ghosted. And not by sad dead bodies from the graveyard, but by idiot living ones from the Internet.

It can be heart-wrenching to realize that you — hilarious, successful you – can be ghosted by someone who lists the The Big Bang Theory as one of their favorite shows. You're the one who reads books, packs their lunch for work. Nevertheless, here you are, abandoned — and there they are, texting someone hotter

Fear not, sweet Mashable reader, you're not alone. Ghosting is a normal rite of passage, as is grieving. Once you've passed through all the stages of grief, you'll be liberated from this pain — and on your happy way to being ghosted, again. Read more...

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Little fox cub rescued from drainOpen in a New Window

Fox cubs are notoriously clumsy creatures — which sometimes leads to disastrous consequences.

Animal rescue workers in Cooden Beach, England recently attempted to save a baby fox cub that had fallen down a local drain. They used a phone to determine the fox's location in the pipe, before attempting to push him out with rods and pipes.

The team became concerned that the fox had fallen into part of the pipe inaccessible by rods. At one point, the fox's mother came by and hovered near rescue workers.

After a few hours, one of the rescue workers laid his arm down near the hole. The fox, damp and frightened, slowly climbed out. Workers cleaned the pup and returned the healthy pup back to its mom. Read more...

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What's the best YA series of all time? Round 3 of #OneTrueYA bracketOpen in a New Window

Our search for the Internet's favorite YA series continues, and the competition is as fierce as any YA Chosen One hero could be.

Round Three has begun, which will not only decide which four series move on to the semi-finals, but will also decide the winners in our four genre categories: Dystopian, Fantasy, Contemporary, and Supernatural. Is your favorite still in the running?

See the winners of Round Two!

Image: Vicky Leta

Fans across the Internet (and the world) have made their choices known, and the competition is getting more and more difficult.

Round Two is over (click here if you want to see more details about Round One's poll results), but Round Three has just begun! Vote on the match-ups below or on our Twitter account, and check back on May 31st for the Round Three winners! And keep tweeting using #OneTrueYA to tell us who you think should win. Read more...

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A new app wants to help you beat the credit card companiesOpen in a New Window

Our increasingly automated world should make driving safer. It could also make things safer for your checkbook.

And just like with cars, it takes a healthy amount of trust to let the machines take over. 

"[It's] kind of like a self driving car for your credit card," said Jason Brown, cofounder of Tally.

Tally is a new app that offers the ability to automate your credit card payments, ensuring you'll never again be hit with a late fee. 

A serial entrepreneur, Brown has already founded and sold three companies including Gen110, which provided solar panels to homeowners who had big energy bills.  Read more...

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Will PlayStation and Xbox follow mobile's lead with regular upgrade plans?Open in a New Window

It's 2019 and the Xbox Three has just been released. 

You excitedly pack up your beloved Xbox Two and take it to your favorite local electronics store. Two hours later — after a hard drive transfer and a signed payment plan — you get home and fire up Halo 6 to see just how sharp it looks on the newly beefed up Three.

This scenario is obviously fiction, but getting a new gaming console for your home could look very similar in just a few years from now. That's our takeaway from the recent rumors coming out of Microsoft and Sony. Read more...

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The world's most beautiful horse will give you hair envyOpen in a New Window

Frederik the Great is taking social media by storm. No that's not the name of the latest addition to the Royal family, Frederik is a Friesian stallion that's being rightfully dubbed the world's most handsome horse.

Though the Internet got its first wind of this real-life Black Beauty back in 2012 thanks to videos of him galloping around the plains, Frederik's popularity has been reignited by social media thanks to his striking features and enviable hair. The stallion's Facebook page has nearly 40,000 followers.

"There will NEVER be a more majestic, handsome, sexy horse on the face of the earth. Never, ever. I wish I could just touch and 'smell' him just once," wrote one of his Facebook admirers. Read more...

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Child falls into zoo enclosure, survives encounter with 400 lb. gorillaOpen in a New Window

Update: The boy has returned home and is reportedly doing well. The family has requested privacy in this matter. Nearby witness Kim O'Connor told reporters that she heard the child wanted to get into the water with the gorilla. Zoo officials said that they killed the gorilla shortly after the boy fell because they felt that his life was in danger (AP). 

Adults know better than to walk into a gorilla cage — children, not so much.

On Saturday, a 4 year old boy crawled under a rail and through wires, before dropping 12 feet into into a gorilla cage at the Cincinnati zoo. Shortly after, a 17 year old, 400 lb. male gorilla named Harambe grabbed the child and dragged him through a moat. Harambe then proceeded to drag the child around for ten minutes before the zoo's dangerous animal rescue team shot and killed the gorilla. Read more...

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Conan and his hair are as lively as ever in retro 'Late Night' photosOpen in a New Window

Remember when Conan O'Brien hosted Late Night?

The current Conan host took the helm from David Letterman in 1993, manning the Late Night desk for 16 years.

Among his first-season guests were Mary Tyler Moore, Drew Barrymore, Chris Farley and Carrie Fisher, with musical performances by Radiohead, Mazzy Star and the Cranberries, among others. His now-sidekick Andy Richter also appeared on the show until 2000.

Let us go back in time, fellow Internetters. Back to Season 1 of Late Night, before that Tonight Show fiasco wasn't even a glimmer in anyone's eye. Read more...

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18 things T-rex have knocked off their bucket list since returning from extinctionOpen in a New Window


Even with teeny hands, the prehistoric rabble-rousing T-rex has been able to dip its hands into a whole lot of hijinks recently.

Being cooped up since the Mesozoic Era will take its toll on anyone, so naturally, the T-rex have been getting about 70 million years of FOMO out of their system

Subreddit r/trexgonewild is responsible for documenting their many activities, a majority of which are done by Ralph the Rex. Here are just a few things Ralph and friends have managed to cross off their modern day bucket lists.

15. Sliding


16. Hockey fighting

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New line of inclusive chest binders could be a game-changerOpen in a New Window

A new line by LGBTQ-owned and operated company GC2b is helping customers get a little more comfortable in the summer sun.

Earlier in May, GC2b launched a line of chest binders — a type of compression garment generally worn by trans men, gender non-conforming individuals or those with chest-related dysphoria — in five skin-matching tones, ranging from a pale beige to a deep brown. The offerings represent a massive expansion of accessibility for the company and the market. 

For many people who experience chest-related discomfort or dysphoria, binding with an undergarment that compresses breast tissue is a pretty simple way to feel more comfortable. Read more...

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the '90s was just as adorable as she is todayOpen in a New Window

Just like diamonds, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is forever.

Before the Emmy winner and queen of our hearts was making us laugh and cry as the leader of the free world on Veep, Louis-Dreyfus was the ultra-relatable and incomparable Elaine Benes on Seinfeld.

Even as a young actress in the '90s, she knew how to command a room with her comedic talent. And the fact that she did it with a great head of hair is all the more impressive.

May we all be as timeless as Julia.

SEINFELD — Pictured: (l-r) Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes, Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander as George Costanza (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Image: NBC via Getty Images

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Lightning strikes hit kid's birthday party and soccer match in EuropeOpen in a New Window

PARIS — Eight children and three adults were struck by lightning Saturday in a Paris park after a sudden spring storm sent a bolt crashing down upon a children's birthday party, a spokesman for Paris' fire service said. He credited an off-duty firefighter with playing a critical role in getting immediate medical help to the victims, but one child remains in critical condition.

Another group of people at a children's soccer match in western Germany were also hit by lightning Saturday afternoon, leaving three adults seriously injured.

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3 women hailed as heroes after thwarting alleged date rape attemptOpen in a New Window

Three women enjoying a quiet dinner in Santa Monica Thursday night went from their cheese platter to heroically thwarting an alleged date rape attempt.

One of the women, Sonia Ulrich, shared the incredible story on Facebook in a post that has since gone viral.

Ulrich describes how she, along with friends Monica Kenyon and Marla Saltzer, were dining at the restaurant Fig at the Fairmont when Kenyon spotted a man at a nearby table putting something in his date's drink without her knowing.

Sonia Ulrich

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7 can't-miss apps: MuseCam, Summit, Yammo and moreOpen in a New Window

With fresh rumors swirling about the iPhone 7 and new reports that Apple is working on an Amazon Echo competitor, you may have missed this week's best new apps.

Each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes an app to help you find podcasts, a photo editing app and a new puzzle game.

Check out the gallery below to see our top picks. If you're looking for more, take a look at our last roundup of can't-miss apps.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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Feelings are unavoidable while watching these wolf pups playOpen in a New Window


These precious little wolf pups step out of their den to bring the world more happiness and joy. Try not to squeal too loudly as you watch these 1-month-old wolf pups play. Read more...

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Secret tape sheds light on why Australia is losing vital climate science jobsOpen in a New Window

Remarks made by the head of Australia's peak science body in a secret recording will do little to assuage fears the country will lose much of its climate science capacity amid severe budget cuts.

The Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) was thrown into turmoil in February after reports that hundreds of climate scientists would be made redundant. The change is being led by the organisation's new CEO, Larry R. Marshall, who has made little secret of his desire to concentrate on science that can be commercialised.

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Robot jumping roach will chase you into your Terminator nightmaresOpen in a New Window

Robots that can do amazing things are creepy enough, but when roboticists start creating insectoid robots, things get really uncomfortable. Nevertheless, mimicking the behaviors of insects can often be the perfect way to give robots additional abilities. Along those lines, a research group has created what they call the JumpRoACH

Created by South Korea's SNU Biorobotics Lab in collaboration with UC Berkeley's Biomimetic Millisystems Lab, the tiny robot weighs just 59.4 grams and can jump to a height of just over five feet, according to a research paper published by the team.

And like an insect, the robot can make its jumps even while running, and if it falls over it has the ability to stand itself back up on its legs. Yes, it looks just as unnerving as it sounds.  Read more...

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Deleted 'Silicon Valley' scene delivers extended, tech-inspired insult comedy reelOpen in a New Window

Racism sucks. Sexism sucks. And yes, even ageism sucks

However, when the old folks jokes are delivered via the comedic stylings of the Silicon Valley would-be angel investor everyone loves to hate, Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller), it's probably okay to stop stifling your laughter for a moment and enjoy the burns

In what might be one of the most epic "you are old" takedowns of all time, Miller drops almost five minutes of tech-inspired insults to the face of one-time Pied Piper CEO Jack Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky) Read more...

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Merriam-Webster said the hot dog is a sandwich, and people are furiousOpen in a New Window

It's an age-old debate: is the hot dog — a meat tube resting in a partially-sealed bread pocket — a sandwich?

Would-be sandwich arbiter Merriam-Webster thinks so. And the Internet is not pleased.

It all started with this haughty tweet, which purported to celebrate all the sandwiches we'll eat over Memorial Day weekend.

But Twitter saw Merriam-Webster's hidden agenda: to settle a debate that just isn't ready to be settled.

Others brought other carb + meat combinations into the mix. What about a taco? A gyro? A quesadilla?  Read more...

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An astronaut just deployed the Space Station's first inflatable habitatOpen in a New Window

The International Space Station has a brand new astronaut hangout. 

On Saturday, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, with the help of mission controllers, expanded the new Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), a 13-foot-long by 10.5-foot-wide room now attached to the outside of the Space Station.

Bigelow Aerospace — founded by hotel magnate turned spaceflight entrepreneur Robert Bigelow — hopes to one day create modules and even full space stations for paying customers who want a presence in orbit around Earth.

The astronauts and cosmonauts of the Space Station won't be able to check out their sweet new digs quite yet. They should be allowed to enter the BEAM sometime in early June after mission controllers check for any possible leaks or problems with the module for the next week or so. Read more...

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Dad cheers up his teen son with a pun-derful and inspiring cardOpen in a New Window

Being a teen is rough, but it's always good to know your parents are there for you.

Redditor downtowncrownfrown has 13-year-old son, and he knows exactly how to cheer him up when he's upset: with a sweet, understanding message (and a dad joke, of course).

Image: reddit,  downtowncrownfrown

The card good ol' dad gave his son included an incredible poem:

No parental note has been quite this heartwarming. Please pass the tissues. Read more...

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Attention, people: The 'Full House' house is for sale, and it's extravagant AFOpen in a New Window

Want to live like the Tanners, but also very glamorously? Welcome home.

1709 Broderick Street, the San Francisco home famous for its role as "exterior of Tanner house" in the Full House opening credits, is officially up for sale. Don't get too excited, though: in true Bay Area fashion, the asking price is $4.15 million.

"1709 Broderick Street represents a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of San Francisco history," the description reads. Good point — but keep in mind the house looks nothing like the Full House interior, because the show was filmed on a soundstage. Read more...

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Justin Bieber's latest selfie could be a Tinder profile picOpen in a New Window

Warning: Contains content not safe for your eyes, soul or anything with life (and definitely your workplace). 

Justin Bieber is quiet literally feeling himself in his latest made-for-Tinder selfie

In his never ending quest to take over your Facebook timeline, the former YouTube star you once (or, surprisingly, still) adored shared a racy photo of himself grabbing his crotch on Instagram on Friday.

"Mycalvins," he titled the pic to make sure you know that his undies and what lives beneath are surely his. 

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Now you can try Amazon Echo and Alexa in your web browserOpen in a New Window

If you've heard about the Amazon Echo and have been wondering what it's like to use it before committing to buying one, there's now an online tool that lets you test it out as much as you want, right in your browser.

It's called Echosim, and all you need to use it is an Amazon account to log in.

Once you've logged in, you can use your mouse to click and hold the onscreen button while asking Alexa a question. You don't need to use the name Alexa, you can just ask it any question and, in most cases, get a great answer back

The voice and response times are identical to what you'd experience using the Amazon Echo, making this is perfect gateway drug for the real thing. That tech taste test is even more likely to lead to buying a real Amazon Echo once you remember that with Amazon Echo you don't need to be near your computer and there's no need to press a button, you just call out requests across the room to the device. Read more...

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