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The Holderness family literally can't handle the snow right nowOpen in a New Window


The winter struggle is real — even when the snow is already melting.

The Holderness family of North Carolina fully admits that winter may not be as rough as it is up north in this Zac Brown Band-inspired parody, but that doesn't mean Southerners don't get their share of winter struggles — they just don't handle it as well.

If someone could please help them move that branch off the road, so they can buy some more milk and bread, the family would really appreciate it.

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Soccer fans join diverse rally against anti-Muslim demonstratorsOpen in a New Window


LONDON — Pegida, a far-right German organisation against the so-called "Islamisation of the West" were outnumbered by counter demonstrators Saturday at its first major demonstration held in Britain.

Pegida, which stands for “patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the west”, held the demonstration in Newcastle city centre, but found itself countered by an umbrella group of called Newcastle Unites, made up of trade unions, politicians and fans of Newcastle United Football Club among others.

The Pegida demonstration was joined by members from other British far-right groups, the English Defence League and National Front Read more...

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10 easy DIY projects you can do with zippersOpen in a New Window


The perfect weekend project is hiding in the back of your closet.

Zippers of every color, material and state of wear-and-tear can make great supplies for quick and easy projects for when you're spending the weekend hanging out at home for a DIY vacation.

Now you never have to worry about tossing out old clothes because of a broken zipper — just make it into something new.


Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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Boris Nemtsov's murder sends shockwaves through Russian oppositionOpen in a New Window


KIEV, Ukraine — "I hope common sense will prevail, and Putin won't kill you."

"God willing. I hope so, too."

That conversation, between an interviewer and Boris Nemtsov, the liberal Russian opposition activist and former deputy prime minister, was on Feb. 10, just 17 days before he was gunned down around midnight on Friday in a gangland style murder a few hundred yards from the Kremlin and the famous onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. It happened two days before he was to lead an opposition rally he organized in Moscow. Read more...

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At midseason, Claire secures position as 'House of Cards' Season 3 MVPOpen in a New Window


Warning: This post discusses in detail episodes 6 and 7 (Chapters 32 and 33) from House of Cards Season 3. Read with caution. You can find coverage of other episodes here, here, and here.

The sixth episode kicks off on Air Force One, where Frank is telling his biographer about his first job: packaging marijuana grown in the back woods by Uncle Henry (not his real uncle, Frank assures us, but everyone called him that). Pretty fitting, given the recent buzz, err, news in DC

That moment of levity is the last for a while, as Frank and Claire find themselves stuck in similarly difficult negotiations once landing in Moscow, where they aim to retrieve an imprisoned American Read more...

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How to turn off predictive text in iOS 8Open in a New Window


Apple calls its iOS 8 keyboard the "smartest ever." As you type, you'll see words and phrases pop up that "you'd probably type next, based on your past conversations and writing style."

Clever as this QuickType feature may be, it can be annoying if the suggestions aren't actually what you were going to type next, and you need to keep deleting words.

If your iPhone's predictive text options drive you crazy, it's extremely easy to shut them up. Whether you're looking for a temporary fix or a long-term solution, we show you how to get rid of the options below Read more...

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The story of the young pioneer girl with the tattooed faceOpen in a New Window



Olive Oatman

Image: Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Olive Oatman was born in Illinois in 1837. In 1850, when she was 14, her family (parents Royce and Mary Oatman and their seven children) joined a wagon train to travel from Utah to California. 

Various disagreements along the way meant the Oatman family eventually travelled alone. 

On the fourth day, the Oatman family was attacked by a group of Native Americans (described by Olive as Apaches, but possibly a branch of the Yavapai people). Only three of the Oatmans survived the attack. Olive's parents and four children were killed; Olive's brother Lorenzo was clubbed and left for dead. Lorenzo eventually reached a settlement and rejoined the original wagon train. He found and was able to bury the bodies of his family. Read more...

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Love the skin you're in: 9 uplifting body-positive blogsOpen in a New Window


Among the fashion, entertainment and media industries, body-shaming and impossible beauty standards are exceedingly commonplace. But bloggers are fighting back.

Using platforms like Tumblr, an important intersection for young people and issues of social justice, bloggers are changing the conversation and showing it's possible to love the skin you're in.

From the inclusive Stop Hating Your Body Tumblr, which promotes self-love among all people, to PsychCentral's body image blog, Weightless, these nine blogs are worth your attention.

Certain images or content within these blogs may be triggering or NSFW; be sure to check Tumblr tags before you scroll. Read more...

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Why ride a horse when you can ski behind one?Open in a New Window


c. 1909

Image: Anders Beer Wilse / Arts Council Norway via Europeana

"Skijoring": the word derives from the Norwegian skikjøring, which translates as "ski driving" in English. In a skijoring race, skiiers being pulled by a riderless horse on a frozen lake.

The race typically lasts between 5 and 20 kilometers, although the race in Kalevala, Russia is over 440 kilometers (270 miles).

And its not just horses -- skijoring participants might be pulled by dogs, reindeer and even yaks in place of their ski-poles.

The sport appeared in the Nordic games in 1901, 1905, and 1909. By 1928, it had gained sufficient profile to be included as a demonstration sport at the Olympic Games held in St. Moritz.  All three medals were won by the Swiss. Read more...

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Photo series captures manly men posing with their adorable catsOpen in a New Window


Move over, dogsCats are man's new best friend.

In his series Men and Cats, photographer David Williams captures the bond between the two companions, using his male, cat-loving friends as subjects. Williams hopes to help destroy the stereotype of cats being associated with female friendships, i.e. the crazy cat lady.

"I don't subscribe to the way society genderizes animal ownership. I want to show that I'm not the only one who thinks so," Williams told Mashable.

Beyond the study of pets and masculinity, Williams' main goal is to show how every animal deserves a loving home. An advocate of shelter adoption, Williams hopes his series spreads a message that human-animal companionship is universal. Read more...

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Lupita Nyong'o's stolen dress returned - but thief cries fakeOpen in a New Window


LOS ANGELES — The dress that was stolen from Lupita Nyong'o's hotel room after she wore it to the Oscars has been returned, TMZ reported Friday night, and the person who stole it is claiming the garment's pearls were fake.

The gown was reported missing from the London West Hollywood hotel on Wednesday, when investigators said it was taken between 8 and 9 p.m. The pearl-covered garment was designed by Francisco Costa for the Calvin Klein Collection, and said to be worth $150,000.

SEE ALSO: Oscars 2015: See every red carpet look

TMZ said the thief called Friday and said the dress would be in a bathroom next to a fitness center at the London — where authorities found it, or at least something resembling it, shortly thereafter Read more...

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No inventory? No problem! Dropshipping offers retail without storageOpen in a New Window


Tapiture, a Pinterest competitor, doesn't just show you stuff you might like. In many cases, it lets you buy that stuff as well

Aside from some branded merchandise though, Tapiture doesn't keep any inventory on hand at its Venice, California, headquarters. Instead, it functions as a virtual storefront

Amazon and eBay have been doing the same thing for years, of course, but startups like Tapiture are also taking advantage of this no-investory arrangement, which is made possible through dropshipping.

"We're big believers in the dropshipping model," says John Ellis, CEO of Tapiture. "We think it's the way of the future." Read more...

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Plan for futuristic Googleplex raises hopes, fearsOpen in a New Window


From search to mobile to self-driving cars, Google's futuristic ambitions seem limitless — and that attitude now also applies to commercial real estate.

The tech giant on Friday unveiled an ambitious proposal that reimagines its Mountain View, Calif. headquarters, long known as the Googleplex, into a utopian sprawl across 500 acres north of Highway 101.

According to the 225-page document, Google teamed up with Danish architect Bjarke Ingels for the new campus design, which groups Google employees into glass, canopy-like structures the size of a city block.

The additional 2.5 million square feet of office space would be enough for 12,500 more Google employees. Read more...

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Sacrilegious moment on 'House of Cards' has viewers doing a spit-takeOpen in a New Window


Warning: This post discusses in detail episodes 4 and 5 (Chapters 30 and 31) fromHouse of Cards Season 3. Read with caution. You can find coverage of other Season 3 episodes here and here.

Frank Underwood spits in the face of your God. Literally.

The House of Cards protagonist is making a habit of symbolically not giving a damn in Season 3, which opened with Frank urinating on his father's grave in the season premiere.

Episode 4 sees Frank one-upping that lovely gesture when he's soul-searching at church

After attending the burial of troops he deployed and coming face-to-face with the injured victim of a drone strike he ordered, we see Frank feeling uncharacteristically remorseful. However, after giving Jesus' philosophy of ruling through love a solid three seconds of consideration, he shows he's back to his old self by spitting in the face of a Jesus statue. Read more...

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Has SXSW Interactive jumped the shark?Open in a New Window


Ted Murphy seems to fit the prime demographic profile as an attendee at SWSXi, the annual tech show in Austin. A serial entrepreneur, Murphy is most notable for Izea, a company that connects brands with bloggers and navigates the murky terrain between social media and branding

Yet Murphy, who has attended every SXSWi since 2009 or so, except the one time he fell ill, is sitting out this year's show, which starts March 12

"I feel that the event has evolved into a giant party over the course of the years," he says. "Which is fine and fun, but not necessarily the best use of my personal time."

Murphy expresses the same misgivings that many others have about the event: Austin does a poor job accommodating attendees; there are more efficient ways to mingle with top ad industry or tech execs; and the show, once famous for hurtling services like Twitter into the spotlight, hasn't really introduced a hot new app to the world since Foursquare in 2009 Read more...

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This startup's goal: To inspire a million womenOpen in a New Window


When Australian schoolgirls listed their favourite entrepreneurs as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Jo Burston knew something had to be done.

Burston, a serial entrepreneur, is the brains behind the hugely successful Job Capital, an online hub for salary packaging, visa knowledge, tax returns and superannuation. Now she has decided to turn her attention to inspiring women entrepreneurs

Her new business venture, Influential Rare Birds, includes a mentorship program, a online investment platform, a school program and a coffee-table book featuring 50 of Australia's most influential women.

With a number of entrepreneur awards under her belt and her first business, Job Capital, going from zero to $40 million in 3.5 years, Burston decided her experience in the emerging field could be useful for women and girls Read more...

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Parrot Zik 2.0: Beautiful but pricey noise-canceling Bluetooth headphonesOpen in a New Window


If you only have a passing familiarity with Parrot, it’s probably thanks to the company’s slew of in-car Bluetooth products. Or maybe it’s the rapidly growing family of quirky robotics, from the mainstream consumer AR.Drone to the adorable jumping Sumo bot

If, however, you had the pleasure of spending a little time with the first-generation Zik, you’re likely of the opinion that the French company really ought to get more love when it comes to headphones.

Sure, Parrot’s got plenty of stiff competition in the land of high-end consumer headphones from better established names like Bose and Sennheiser, but the Zik 2.0 once again finds the company pulling out all the stops Read more...

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'Fashion Police' drama continues as Kelly Osbourne exitsOpen in a New Window


Kelly Osbourne is turning in her badge at Fashion Police after a week that saw some major drama at the once-staple program.

According to E!, Osbourne, daughter of rocker Ozzy, is leaving to "pursue other opportunities."

SEE ALSO: 'Something I said did cross the line': Giuliana Rancic apologizes for dreadlocks comments

"We would like to thank her for her many contributions to the series over the past five years, during which time the show became a hit with viewers," the network said in a statement

Osbourne's exit comes on the heels of a week during which the host Giuliana Rancic came under fire for comments she made about singer Zendaya's hair during the post-Oscars Fashion Police Read more...

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Why children of the west are drawn to ISISOpen in a New Window


As Islamic State militants have strengthened their hold on Iraq and Syria, a number of young westerners have travelled to the front lines to join their ranks.

Many of these men and women appear to have grown up with ordinary backgrounds. So what is it that drives children of the west to take up arms with a ruthless group of extremists?

"Most of these young men and women have these torn identities — partly in the west, partly in the east," says Fawaz Gerges, Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. "They really don’t have an anchor, they don't have a stable identity. Their identity is torn." Read more...

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Catwoman is bisexual: Paws up for equal representation in comicsOpen in a New Window


DC Comics isn't just scratching the surface on equal representation of LGBT characters in comics, they're breaking new ground.

Selina Kyle, also known as the original Catwoman and long-time frenemy of Batman, is bisexual. The latest issue of her titular comic series, Catwoman #39: Better Than He Does Himself confirms the dark heroine's long-rumored sexuality.


Image: DC Comics Garry Brown, Lee Loughridge

In the comic, for those who are not already reading, Kyle is currently the premiere crime boss of Gotham City, leaving the mask of Catwoman to Eiko Hasigawa — the daughter of the head of a Japanese mafia and incidentally, Kyle's current (complicated) love interest. Read more...

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Dragons are coming! 'Game of Thrones' unveils new poster and Season 5 clipsOpen in a New Window


Game of Thrones Season 5 is upon us and the wait is getting unbearable

Easing the pain of the wait? Juicy nuggets from HBO, like the poster below

Game of Thrones poster

Watch out, Tyrion.

Image: HBO

Yes, that's a dragon

Yes, we're excited, too

And if that's not enough to get you pumped, HBO has also released two brand new clips, featuring Brienne and Podrick Payne and another with Jon Snow and Mance Rayde

They're fuzzy because they're supposed to be a sort of raven-vision.

Game of Thrones premieres April 12 on HBO.

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This retirement home for cats is a balm for your weary heartOpen in a New Window


In Lincolnshire, England, there is a place where your cat can be loved — even after you die

Located on seven acres of land, the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats is a retirement home for felines that outlive their owners. It features three central south-facing rooms where cats can sunbathe all day, and also has private rooms for less social cats, enclosed outdoor cat runs and round-the-clock care from a live-in caretaker. The Trust currently homes nearly 80 retired cats, and is always ready to accept new residents

There is a one-time fee of about $1,300 for incoming retirees, which covers the cost of feeding and homing the cat, as well as contributing to any future medical needs. Typical retirement-home activities, such as shuffleboard, bingo and bridge, are not currently advertised on the Trust's website. Read more...

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Taco Bell does its thing and tests Cap'n Crunch donut holesOpen in a New Window


Taco Bell is nothing if not innovative, but the fast food chain's culinary creativity is typically safely tucked in the arena of weird things you can do with cheese

But it's breaking out of its comfort zone to continue making stoners' dreams come true with Cap'n Crunch donut holes.

Cap'n Crunch Delights are deep-fried balls of sweet dough filled with "milk frosting" and sprinkled with Cap'n Crunch bits, according to Foodbeast.

TACOBELL is testing new CAP'N CRUNCH DONUT HOLES filled with MILK ICING. All the news on #…

— (@foodbeast) February 27, 2015

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If there's a Homeland Security shutdown, it won't affect you at the airportOpen in a New Window


Updated 10:30 p.m. ET

The House of Representatives passed a one-week temporary measure to fund Homeland Security on Friday, averting a midnight shutdown for the agency at the last minute. The House earlier failed to pass a three-week extension.

But even if a DHS shutdown goes into effect next week, U.S. travelers are unlikely to see an immediate impact at the airport.

The vast majority of DHS employees — including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) — are considered "essential," meaning they report to work even in the case of a shutdown

Of the department's 230,000 employees, some 200,000 will continue to report to work. Read more...

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All of Leonard Nimoy's roles in one stellar mosaicOpen in a New Window


The world lost one of science fiction's greatest treasures, Leonard Nimoy, on Friday.

Not only was his role as Spock an inspiration, but he also enriched his life beyond Star Trek as a writer, photographer, voice actor, musician, father, husband and friend. Nimoy motivated people to become astronauts, to become artists — and, most of all, to be themselves

And for that, we thank you, Mr. Spock

In honor of his long and prosperous career, we've put together a mosaic to sum it all up. (Click to zoom.)


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Opposition figure shot dead in Moscow, steps from KremlinOpen in a New Window


Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition figure and outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, was shot dead just steps from the Kremlin just after midnight Saturday local time. He was 55.

Nemtsov was hit "with four shots from a pistol," a spokesperson told TASS, adding that the murder is under investigation, which Russian President Vladimir Putin will personally oversee, according to his spokesperson

The Russian newswire Interfax confirmed he was killedMezuda reported he was shot in the chest by an unknown assailant while walking with a female acquaintance, a Ukrainian citizen, on the Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge, which runs along the Kremlin's western wall. Read more...

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Test-flying Parrot's new Bebop droneOpen in a New Window


Parrot's new Bebop drone has arrived, and we've been dying to play with it.

The remarkably stable new aircraft sports a fully controllable fisheye camera, as well as a sophisticated controller that works with an iPad, for real-time viewingMashable's chief correspondent Lance Ulanoff took the Bebop on a fly-through of our New York headquarters.

The result: a relatively successful test flight that succeeded in simultaneously thrilling and creeping out a lot of people. But what goes up must come down.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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What is +SocialGood, and how can you get involved?Open in a New Window


Tickets are now available for the +SocialGood UK conference on March 27, a can't-miss event that will explore how technology and digital media drive social change in the UK and beyond.

+SocialGood was developed as a platform to build and connect global communities around the idea that technology and new media can change the world for the better. By fostering conversation and providing tools to create both online and offline events, +SocialGood amplifies the voices of individuals who want to share world-changing ideas and spark action. Read more...

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Leonard Nimoy celebrated full-figured women through photosOpen in a New Window


Editor's note: These photos may be considered NSFW.

Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at the age of 83, was beloved by fans for his distinctive portrayal of Mr. Spock on Star Trek.

Those fans may not have known that Nimoy, through his work as a photographer, also championed women who did not conform to Hollywood's ideal of physical perfection.

In 2007, Nimoy published The Full Body Project, a collection of photos featuring nude women of many shapes and sizes.

Leonard Nimoy/R. Michelson Galleries

Leonard Nimoy/R. Michelson Galleries

Look at me — I’m entitled to stand here and present myself to the world.
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Uber data breach may have compromised 50,000 driversOpen in a New Window


Uber suffered a security breach last year that may have compromised the sensitive information of up to 50,000 drivers in the U.S

In a statement, Uber confirmed that a database containing the names and driver's license numbers of the drivers had a security vulnerability that could have been exploited by hackers.

Uber wouldn't say how it discovered the breach, but did admit that a third party gained unauthorized access once in May 2014. Uber discovered the breach in September that year

The vulnerability has been patched, Uber says; the ride-sharing company began contacting affected drivers last Friday about the incident. As a consolation, Uber offered all drivers a free one-year membership to an identity protection service. Read more...

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