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Texas man proves why we don't need bathroom policeOpen in a New Window


As if anti-LGBTQ laws aren't restrictive enough, some people are now taking bathroom-policing into their own hands. 

This was the experience of Jessica Rush, a Texas woman who attempted to use a woman's restroom at the Baylor Medical Center in Frisco this week, only to be followed into the bathroom by a man. 

Rush said the man, who she estimated was 6'4" compared to her 5'3", followed her all the way inside the bathroom, and she said it never occurred to her that he wanted to make sure she was a woman until he said so. 

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Need new luggage? Rolls-Royce will sell you this 6-piece set for $45,854Open in a New Window


What do you think the nickname for a Rolls-Royce roller bag might be? A "roller roller?" No, really, I am asking. You tell me.

On Friday, Rolls-Royce unveiled a six-piece luggage set made for jet-set Rolls-Royce owners who want to bring the elite elegance of their motorcar with them while they travel.

The $45,854 set isn't just rebadged Louis Vuitton luggage; it was created specifically for Rolls-Royce.

Image: Rolls-Royce

Just like the illustrious Rolls-Royce cars, the Grand Tourer piece of the luggage set includes self-righting wheel centers emblazoned with the double-R logo. That way, even if people don't see you get out of your Rolls, they'll know you have one. Read more...

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John Krasinski set to star as Jack Ryan in new Amazon seriesOpen in a New Window


LOS ANGELES — Move over, Chris Pine: There's a new Jack Ryan in Hollywood.

John Krasinski has been tapped to play the CIA hero for a new Amazon drama series based on the Tom Clancy books.

The series, made with Paramount TV, is co-created by Lost alumni Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland.

Image: amazon studios

This marks Krasinkski's first TV gig since The Office, where he played the beloved Jim. He most recently starred in Bay's 13 Hours. 

The role has previously been played by Pine, Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck in the movie franchises. The five movies — the first of which debuted in 1990 — have made about $1 billion globally. Read more...

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Dylan O’Brien's injuries put 'Maze Runner' indefinitely on iceOpen in a New Window


LOS ANGELES — The Maze Runner hit an obstacle it couldn't scramble over: the still-healing body of Dylan O'Brien.

The poor kid reportedly broke multiple bones in March in a severe stunt-car accident — no other details were given, but yee-ouch — and now it appears that he's not healed enough to continue shooting just yet, The Hollywood Reporter first reported Friday. 

In a statement confirming the news to Mashable, Fox said:

Ugh. Maybe Harrison Ford can drop in to make his day?

Obviously this is going to affect the Feb. 17 release date of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure, a problem that Fox will tackle once they know when production will be back on track. And there is other work to be done on the movie in the meantime, to be determined by the rest of the cast and crew's schedules. Read more...

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Most valuable toddler Riley Curry now has her very own magazine coverOpen in a New Window


Professional celebrity offspring Riley Curry finally got her officially sanctioned moment in the spotlight.

She made her cover debut on the June issue of Parents Magazine, alongside Golden State Warrior dad Steph Curry, mom Ayesha Curry and baby sister Ryan.

Riley built a name for herself during the 2015 NBA season — her post-game appearances alongside dad singlehandedly made Golden State Warriors press conferences significantly cuter.

As Steph Curry tells Parents Magazine, all of Riley's best press conference moments have happened totally organically: Read more...

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Joe Biden lost $10 betting a Cadillac was quicker than a TeslaOpen in a New Window


It was old school versus new school. And new school won.

Vice President Joe Biden visited the Vatican recently, and, in true Biden form, he placed a bet before meeting with one of the Cardinals. You know, as good Catholics do.

Specifically, Biden bet a New York Times correspondent, Gardiner Harris, which was faster: a Cadillac or a Tesla. He relayed his loss to Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, at their meeting, according to a White House press pool report. 

Then Michael Memoli, a Los Angeles Times reporter, chimed in: Does that count as a confession sir? Biden was quick to respond. "I'm seeking absolution!" Read more...

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Social media takes center stage in new 'Carmichael Show' episodeOpen in a New Window


"Joe Carmichael is killing it on Facebook." 

So says Joe Carmichael, beaming. 

He has 52 friends, a captive audience and he'll never run out of opinions to type into his status updates. 

The only one not so pleased with this development is Joe's wife, Cynthia, particularly when Joe starts communicating with former flame, now a Chili's waitress who woos him with free appetizers. That may or may not be a double entendre. 

What unravels is a fascinating exploration of the affect social media has on couples from two different generations — Cynthia and Joe's and Jerrod and girlfriend Maxine's.  Read more...

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Leica's new crazy expensive digital camera doesn't have an LCD screenOpen in a New Window


A digital camera with no LCD screen? Who the heck would buy such a camera in 2016?

That's the question, Leica surely asked itself when it decided to create the M-D (Typ 262), its newest rangefinder-style digital camera, which doesn't come with any kind of display on the back.

If you believe Leica's spiel, a camera without a screen distills "photography in its purest form." A screen, apparently distracts the photographer during the photographing process.

In other words, the M-D gives you a slower, more old school way of shooting more akin to shooting with a film camera. The photographer is forced to think about composition while looking through the viewfinder, adjust settings with the shutter speed dial on top and the ISO wheel on the back. Read more...

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Microsoft wants to connect all your favorite apps with FlowOpen in a New Window


There are so many different apps, programs and services we use on a daily basis, or even a minute-by-minute basis. Navigating through all those different things, while important, can be annoying. Email, texts, Twitter, Slack, Google Drive and Dropbox are just a few examples, and being able to condense that list down would be a huge help.

Microsoft made Flow to do just that, allowing you to connect apps and services and automate portions of your workflow, easing the need to check each thing every minute to make sure you didn't miss anything new. You can set up notifications across platforms, sync up folders in different programs or automate software approvals. Read more...

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Previously 'feral' dog sweetly saves life of sick hummingbirdOpen in a New Window


Rex the dog has a rough past, but he's turning over a new feather.

Before Rex was adopted, he used to attack cats and get in fights with other dogs. But a month after his adoption, Rex is showing his softer side — and it's saved the life of an injured hummingbird.

When Rex noticed the sick bird in his yard, "he suddenly stopped and he would not move," Rex's owner, Ed Gernon, told CBS Los Angeles. When Gernon finally picked the bird up, he thought it was dead. "It [was] covered in ants," he said.

But Gernon was able to somehow nurse the hummingbird back to health, feeding it a sugar formula every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. Now, the bird's doing lots better. Read more...

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SpaceX's new 360 video puts you on the drone ship as a rocket landsOpen in a New Window


This is something else.

An incredible new 360 video from Elon Musk's SpaceX puts you right on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean as the company's Falcon 9 rocket came in for its successful landing on April 8. 

The new video shows everything from the rocking of the ship as the rocket comes down to the deployment of its landing legs just before touchdown. 

And the roar of the rocket is deafening.

Before the drone ship landing, the Falcon 9 rocket launched an uncrewed Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station stocked with tons of supplies and experiments for the astronauts and cosmonauts onboard. Read more...

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Drake is welcome at Cheesecake Factory any timeOpen in a New Window


To Drake, the Cheesecake Factory is a sacred space.

On the Views track "Childs Play," Drizzy raps, “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake? You know I love to go there.” Since game recognizes game, the chain restaurant has responded to the namecheck.

So if a bad relationship has left a bad taste for the establishment in Drake's mouth, he need not worry — a helicopter will deliver a fine-dining experience to him as he sits on top of the CN Tower looking at his city.

Image: mashable composite. vaughn ridley/getty.

It's extra considerate since there are currently no Cheesecake Factory locations in Canada, but maybe that will change.  Read more...

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YouTube on music industry backlash: We give more money back to creators than any platformOpen in a New Window


LOS ANGELES — YouTube wants the music industry to know it plays fair.

A growing backlash from record labels and artists over music streams payouts prompted a column in The Guardian on Thursday by Christophe Muller, YouTube's head of international music partnerships.

Muller says YouTube was surprised that the labels and artists — with whom the platform has partnered for years — "suggest that YouTube has allowed a flood of 'unlicensed' music on to its platform, depriving artists of revenue."

"The truth is that YouTube takes copyright management extremely seriously and we work to ensure rightsholders make money no matter who uploads their music."  Read more...

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What does Apple's first sales drop in 13 years mean?Open in a New Window


This week on MashTalk, we're taking stock of all things Apple after its first "bad" quarter in 13 years. Will the iPhone 7 turn things around? Has Apple reached its ceiling?

Plus, we try to see what struggling Twitter can do to right the ship and look at another dominant earnings report from Facebook. Lastly, we wistfully pine over great gadgets we'll never buy in a new segment titled "The Gadget Price Is Too Damn High." 

Listen to the episode on iTunes or on Stitcher. You can also subscribe to MashTalk on iTunes by clicking the button below to get our latest episodes, instantly. If you like MashTalk, please fill out our audience survey. Read more...

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Prince's jacket from the 'Purple Rain' movie is now being auctionedOpen in a New Window


Want a piece of Prince? 

Get ready, because it's being auctioned off. 

A one-of-a-kind leather jacket from Prince's 1984 flick, Purple Rain, will officially be up for sale come June 29 at the Profiles in History auction house. 

The iconic piece was owned by the late singer, and it's most recognized in a scene where he's riding his motorcycle alongside actress Apollonia Kotero. 

The coat is exceptionally significant as Prince memorabilia and is said to be very rare.

"It really doesn't exist," Joe Maddalena, president of Profiles in History, the California-based auction house that's selling the coat, told the Associated Press. "This is a signature piece of wardrobe worn from an iconic movie in his most famous role." Read more...

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Kim Kardashian faceswaps with North and it's just the worstOpen in a New Window


We finally know what little North West will look like as an adult, and it's strange.

Now that Snapchat allows you to face swap with photos from your phone, filter connoisseur Kim Kardashian has decided to put her daughter North's face on her own.

"Hi guys," she says. "This is so weird to face swap with North."

Yes, Kim. It is weird. You confusingly look like a blown out Chrissy TeigenPlease stop with the madness.

Thankfully, Kim replaces her face with her own photo, likely because her phone probably has more selfies than anything else.

Unfortunately, she decides to revert back to the horrifying Kim-North hybrid and asks an important question. Read more...

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Elisabeth Moss to star in Hulu adaptation of 'The Handmaid's Tale'Open in a New Window


Elisabeth Moss is heading to Hulu. 

The digital network today announced that the Mad Men alum will star in its adaption of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, which on Friday also received a straight-to-series order.

The show will be executive produced and written by Bruce Miller (The 100). Atwood will serve as consulting producer for the series, which will debut in 2017.

For those unfamiliar with the novel, the show will take place in a dystopia called Gilead — a totalitarian society rooted in "twisted religious fundamentalism." It sucks to be a woman living there. Read more...

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Roger Goodell's other terrible ideas to 'make the draft exciting'Open in a New Window


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell certainly has a way with words. That way can be best described as "wrong."

Goodell referred to the very public plummet of potential first overall pick Laremy Tunsil (following a Twitter hack) as "exciting."

"I think it's all part of what makes the draft so exciting," Goodell said in an interview with Mike & Mike

In reality, falling to the 13th overall pick likely cost Tunsil millions of dollars. The fact that the cause was a several-years old video — posted by someone hacking Tunsil's account —  in which Tunsil smokes marijuana makes it even worse. "Exciting" is certainly an odd way to put things. Read more...

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13 corny lyrics from 'Views' that prove Drake will never changeOpen in a New Window


Views has finally dropped, confirming that we'll never really miss the old Drake — because he hasn't gone anywhere.

Aubrey Drake Graham spills all his emotions over 20 tracks, touching on all the drama of tampons, luxury vehicles, texting etiquette and The Cheesecake Factory. 

Here are some of the most Peak Drake lyrics from the boy's latest. 

Image: mashable composite. scott dudelson/getty.

Image: mashable composite.. grand lamos iv/getty.

Image: mashable composite. kevin winter/getty.

Image: mashable composite. erika goldring/getty.

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More tigers have been poached in India this year than in all of 2015Open in a New Window


The tiger population may be on the rise, but so is poaching, according to the Wildlife Protection Society of India. 

A census report released Friday shows that the number of tigers poached in the country already exceeds the total tally for 2015. As of April 26, at least 28 tigers had been poached or seized, up three from last year's final count. 

The report is especially troubling to environmental groups, many of which have increased efforts to curb the illegal practice in recent years. Since 2011, a local program called Guardians of the Wild launched an initiative to train more than 7,000 wildlife guards — a third of India's anti-poaching force at the time — to investigate poaching activity in Bhutan and Nepal.  Read more...

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Golden retrievers struggle to climb up slide and reach ownerOpen in a New Window


We all knew that one kid who would climb up the slide instead of actually sliding down it, usually because they were anti-establishment or still figuring out how the world works. 

It was (at least) the latter case for Instagram dog Teddy Bear and his larger companion Oliver, as they struggle reach their human at the top of the slide. Things don't go quite according to plan.

Oliver has a few "Long live the king" moments as he slides back down to the bottom, but you can't keep a good retriever down. And things like "gravity" and "traction" don't really translate into dog. Read more...

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Share the warmth with hoodies designed specifically for huggingOpen in a New Window


Have you ever wanted to embrace a friend or loved one, but decided against it for fear of having to remove your hands from your warm pockets and expose them to the freezing air? Of course you have. Who hasn't?

Together Wear — a line of hoodies designed with special back pockets for chilly hands — is here to solve this common dilemma.

According to their website, Together Wear is all about "sharing warmth with your sweetheart." It makes sense since Artem Glebov — professional freeskier and founder of Сhukcha clothing brand — came up with the idea for the Together Wear hoodies after falling in love.  Read more...

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What's coming to (and going from) HBO in MayOpen in a New Window


Maybe you've heard of a little company called HBO? 

Even when it's not attached to Game of Thrones (another underdog in the entertainment game), the premium cable and streaming brand is broadcasting shows old and new — plus an impressive (but not overwhelming) movie library for those lazy nights in.

Here's what's coming and going from HBO in May.

Top pick: 27 Dresses

Who could forget the 2008 Katherine Heigl/James Marsden film that epitomized rom-coms in an era without Meg Ryan and Hugh Grant movies? Even if romantic comedies are now lingering in obscurity (and thinkpieces about gender inequality), 27 Dresses is still a guilt-free pleasure full of genre clichés (a newspaper writer, a hopeless romantic, a bawdy best friend played by the inimitable Judy Greer) and genuine emotion. Read more...

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'Moist' make you cringe? One study has a theory for whyOpen in a New Window


If you loathe the word 'moist,' you're not alone. There are many other humans squealing in disgust.

It's no secret that many English speakers share an aversion to the word 'moist', for mysterious unexplained reasons. So a group of psychologists, lead by Professor  of Oberlin, decided to study what about the word offends so many people — and came up with some strange results.

Researchers conducted approximately five experiments over the course of four years to determine who, exactly, hated the word 'moist' and what made them hate it.  Read more...

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Cinderella's Castle at Disney World now available for fairytale weddingsOpen in a New Window


Couples looking for their fairytale ending can now get married in front of Cinderella's castle in Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida.

After undergoing renovation, a new plaza in front of the Fantasyland castle is available for weddings with up to 100 guests.

The East Plaza Garden on Main Street, U.S.A. has been restyled with flowers, topiaries and clear views of the castle.

Image: disney weddings

The wedding package, which includes a ride up to the ceremony in Cinderella's carriage, will set couples back at least $25,000Read more...

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Spanish construction crew unearths 1,300 pound hoard of Roman coinsOpen in a New Window


One Roman's loss is a modern historian's gain. 

A giant trove of Roman coins dating back to the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C.E. has been unearthed in Spain by a construction crew, CNN reported Friday

The collection of bronze coins — weighing a staggering 1,300 pounds — was buried in 19 amphoras, a type of Roman jug, in Tomares, Andalusia, near Seville. Ditch diggers who unearthed the lot were working to install a water line to a nearby park when they noticed "irregular terrain" inside a ditch, CNN reported.  

A video from The Washington Post shows researchers talking to reporters and examining the found hoard. Read more...

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Student gets kicked out of gym for 'inappropriate' tank topOpen in a New Window


Most exercise wear is, to be frank, kind of disgusting: a miserable mashup of high school t-shirts, shorts we found in the laundry room and sandy athletic socks.

So when Danielle, a student at Washington and Lee University, recently tried to go to her college gym, she threw on a trendy tank top. The student didn't think anything of it, until she was approached by a student employee and told her "shirt was too low in the back." Danielle was then asked to leave. 

Just how inappropriate was that tank top? Decide for yourself. Read more...

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Trump critics and supporters take to streets after presidential rally in CaliforniaOpen in a New Window


Hundreds of protesters swarmed the streets outside Donald Trump's rally in Southern California on Thursday night. Trump supporters and detractors faced off outside the sprawling Costa Mesa venue in Orange County. Authorities in riot gear and mounted police formed a barrier between them

Full story:

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Hooligans swing off the bottom of a bridge for high flying dunksOpen in a New Window


If your friends went and jumped off a bridge would you do it too? Probably if they were doing sweet dunks like these.

YouTubers Dunking Devils made a day out of swinging some high flying slam dunks on this bridge-suspended hoop. 

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Sneaky bird takes advantage of sleepy dog to create its nestOpen in a New Window


When you're trying to build a fortress, you should always take advantage of recycled and found materials.

Well, this crafty bird was in need of some comfy, warm fur to build its nest, but unfortunately there was a very limited supply in the area. 

There was, however, a sleepy dog with some extra fur. Surely it won't notice if the bird takes just a little bit. 

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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