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Setting Goals and Meaningful Metrics: What Have We Learned in 2015?

3/3/2016 » 3/4/2016
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Rescued baby squirrel becomes BFFs with Polish manOpen in a New Window


A resident of Szczecin, Poland, recalls how he came to befriend and keep a pet squirrel. Speaking to Poland's TVN, Tadeusz Lubiarz said that while walking his dogs one day he felt something fall. Fearing the tiny squirrel the size of a "shoelace" would not survive, Lubiarz nursed him back to health, feeding him goat milk through a pipette. [Additional reporting by The Associated Press] Read more...

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Minimally cute character designs infiltrate InstagramOpen in a New Window


Look at these cute lil' tiny guys.

This illustrated series, dubbed #AddYourCharacter, began May 1 last year, from the minds at Deep Blue Creative House in Hamburg, Germany. It takes a number of figures from pop culture or everyday life and presents them in a neat, minimalist fashion

It sprouted from a publicity project showcasing each letter of their namesake in fun, architectural GIF form, the purpose of which was to find new talent to join their team.

"We wanted to continue the project and keep in touch with all the people liking and sharing the gif-animations," Burkhard Mueller from DeepBlue told Mashable via email. "This lead to the idea to create the Instagram account @kreativeshaus and post a new illustration every day. With the hashtag #AddYourCharacter we posted illustrations showing our employees and their attitude, skills, hobbies, their own character." Read more...

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Adele is doing a one-night-only show in L.A. this FridayOpen in a New Window


Adele has announced a one-night-only show at Los Angeles' The Wiltern this Friday, three days before she takes the stage at the 58th Annual Grammys

Tickets are available to "area fans registered to"


You can expect tickets to go pretty quickly: The Wiltern hold a modest 1,850 people, and tickets for the star's massive worldwide tour sold out almost instantly. A couple weeks after her Grammys performance, Adele will kick that tour off in Belfast on Feb. 29, hitting up several cities throughout Europe before coming Stateside. The North America leg of Adele Live 2016 will begin July 5 in St. Paul, Minnesota, wrapping in Mexico City on Nov. 15. Read more...

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The Chinese's Theatre next big premiere: YouTuber Lilly Singh's docOpen in a New Window


Editors note: Part of a series featuring each new original show or movie debuting on YouTube Red. The subscription streaming service's first slate of originals launched Wednesday.

LOS ANGELES — The Chinese Theatre has long been the place to host the biggest Hollywood premieres, from from Cecil B. DeMille's The King of Kings in 1927 to George Lucas' first Star Wars in 1977 — and that Force Awakens premiere, "the biggest thing Hollywood has ever seen."

Now, in a sign of the entertainment industry's changing times, the storied Hollywood Blvd. venue is adding a different kind of movie: A YouTube Original Read more...

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Bernie Sanders raised $5.2 million since the polls closed in New HampshireOpen in a New Window


MANCHESTER, N.H. — Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign notched a big win in New Hampshire on Tuesday, and on Wednesday night it had a different kind of victory.

Between the time polls closed here in New Hampshire on Tuesday and mid-afternoon Wednesday, his campaign brought in $5.2 million.

The average donation was $34, according to campaign aides.

Sanders's haul was likely in part due to how he used his moment in the spotlight. When he claimed victory in New Hampshire, with the news networks all carrying his speech, he had a request of his supporters: Donate. Read more...

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Kanye West needs a snooze button for human contactOpen in a New Window


Kanye West, unfortunately, is not logging off after torpedoing his remaining public goodwill with a tweet defending Bill Cosby.

As Yeezy season three approaches, he's been tweeting up a storm. He has interspersed inflammatory tweets with studio shots from his apparently unfinished and untitled album, looks from his upcoming fashion show, performance art pieces and hype for his album premiere on Thursday.

So if you were going to text Kanye West before President's Day, don't. Not even with KIMOJI

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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'The Walking Dead': See the ultra-tense first four minutes of Sunday's midseason premiereOpen in a New Window


When last we saw Rick and company on AMC's The Walking Dead, their lives were pretty much in shambles. Onetime haven Alexandria had been overrun with the shuffling deceased; Deanna was facing certain death at the hands of a horde of walkers; the Wolf that Morgan had been protecting all season ended up escaping and kidnapping Denise to boot, proving Morgan's entire storyline to be a massive waste of time. (What, just us?)

And then there were Daryl, Abraham and Sasha, on their way back to Alexandria — until they were confronted by a gang of thugs who apparently work for some guy named Negan. Read more...

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Daniel Radcliffe to star in survival drama 'Jungle'Open in a New Window


Daniel Radcliffe is heading to the jungle, although it's not under entirely unfamiliar circumstances. According to Arclight Films, Yossi Ghinsberg was "a young adventurer...with two friends and a guide in what turned out to be a dangerous and deadly expedition." Sound familiar?

In Arclight's upcoming feature film Jungle, Radcliffe plays Ghinsberg, who spent three weeks lost in the Amazon rainforest in 1981. Ghinsberg has written several memoirs about his survival experience, and was the subject of Discovery Channel's 2005 docudrama I Shouldn't Be Alive. The film will be directed by Greg Mclean and written by Justin Monjo Read more...

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Artist created crazy, creepy images by drawing faces on the backs of her friendsOpen in a New Window


For one artist, eyes drawn on people's backs are the window to the soul.

Artist AnaHell created a project titled Secret Friends, which depicts strange characters in ordinary situations.

AnaHell has people bend over as she draws faces on their backs. She dresses their bodies to look like they're standing upright, thereby creating the creatures that she calls her 'Secret Friends'.


Image: AnaHell

"I'm a Spanish artist with a background in illustration and I'm fond of cartoons and passionate about absurdity and surrealism," AnaHell told Mashable in an email Read more...

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Jack Dorsey didn’t technically lie about Twitter’s timeline changeOpen in a New Window



That's what some Twitter users felt on Wednesday when the company rolled out its long-rumored timeline changes, just days after CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to calm user concerns

But as we noted on Saturday, Dorsey's public tweets, designed to calm user angst and tamp down the trending #RIPTwitter hashtag, were carefully worded in just such a way to allow for this change

You weren't duped. Well, not really

Strictly speaking, Dorsey did fudge the truth when he said, "We never planned to reorder timelines next week." Read more...

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We tried a drink that claims to prevent Asian alcohol rednessOpen in a New Window


Video: Kayvan Ghavin, Victoria Ho

SINGAPORE — Alcohol flush, sometimes referred to as "Asian glow," can be so embarrassing for sufferers. Just a couple of sips of alcohol and people take one look at your bright red face and start asking if you're okay, if you need to take a break, if you're already drunk.

Scientists say the condition is because of a gene present in an estimated 15% of the general population, and a massive 70% of East Asians. Initially thought to be a result of the inability to break down alcohol, we now understand that it's the contrary — that people with the gene metabolize alcohol way faster than others, causing a quicker build-up of toxins in the liver which causes the flushing, as well as heart palpitations and generally feeling warmer. Read more...

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Carly Fiorina ends 2016 presidential campaignOpen in a New Window


MANCHESTER, N.H. — Carly Fiorina is suspending her bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Fiorina's withdrawal from the 2016 presidential race comes after disappointing finishes in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

"I've said throughout this campaign that I will not sit down and be quiet. I'm not going to start now," Fiorina said in a statement. "While I suspend my candidacy today, I will continue to travel this country and fight for those Americans who refuse to settle for the way things are and a status quo that no longer works for them." Read more...

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New 'Broad City' trailer brings Abbi, Ilana and dog hoodies back into your lifeOpen in a New Window


Your TV BFFs are back

Abbi and Ilana are back to stir up mayhem in a brand new trailer for Broad City. The show's third season promises to truly be as outlandish as the first two, stacked with weird jokes and even weirder accessories (dog hoodies, anyone?)

Broad City returns on Feb. 17.

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Watch Snoop Dogg teach Burger King employees to make hot dogsOpen in a New Window


Burger King will soon be dropping hot dogs like they're hot, so naturally they consulted dog and heat expert, Snoop Dogg

The fine dining chain has brought on the rapper and marijuana mogul to star in training videos to help employees master the new menu, according to the Associated Press

The videos are internal company videos, so we'll have to let this short clip hold us over. Burger King may use them for marketing in the future, so the world can get cooking tips from Snoop

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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Campaign against Paris love locks will make a statement on Valentine's DayOpen in a New Window


The war over a symbol of love in Paris will be renewed this Valentine's Day.

On one side, couples in love with love are attaching padlocks to a bridge in Paris as a symbol of their devotion to each other. On the other, Parisians who say the locks threaten the beauty and safety of the city's bridges are working to end the practice.

Beginning Wednesday, No Love Locks, a group started to combat the locks, is staging a social media campaign encouraging supporters to post one message a day through Feb. 14 with the hashtag #NoLoveLocksDayRead more...

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Eagles members will pay tribute to Glenn Frey with Jackson Browne at the GrammysOpen in a New Window


Eagles members Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit will reunite with co-founder Bernie Leadon and singer-songwriter Jackson Browne for a Grammys tribute honoring Glenn Frey, who died on Jan. 18 at age 67. 

Frey, one of the founding members of the Eagles, won six Grammys over his decades-long career. In a statement on Wednesday, the Recording Academy announced that the group will perform a "classic hit" from the Eagles' repertoire, which we can guess is "Take It Easy," which Glenn and Browne co-wrote.

"Glenn Frey's untimely passing was a huge loss for the entire creative community," Recording Academy president Neil Portnow said in a statement. "For more than 45 years, the Eagles have played a significant role in shaping our musical landscape. We are honored to welcome the band, along with Jackson Browne, to the Grammy stage in tribute to Glenn's tremendous legacy." Read more...

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Asia McClain of 'Serial' reveals why she's choosing now to speak outOpen in a New Window


As fans of the podcast Serial know, one of the key pieces of testimony that could point to Adnan Syed's innocence in the 1999 murder of ex-girlfriend Hai Min Lee is that of Asia McClain, a former classmate who says she saw Syed in the library on the day Lee was strangled and left in a Baltimore park

Mclain, who now goes by her married name Chapman, never testified in court during the original trial, insisting that she was never approached by Syed's defense attorney

In 2010, when she was contacted by Adnan's new legal defense team, she declined to testify. Chapman is speaking out now, however, on behalf of Syed in his quest for a retrial. Chapman revealed her reasons for coming forward 17 years later in an interview withABC. Read more...

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Hank Green, a not-so-secret wizard, predicted eighth Harry Potter book — 8 years agoOpen in a New Window


Divination may have been Harry Potter's least favorite class, but it looks like at least one of his fans has the gift of the inner eye.

Potter fan and YouTube legend Hank Green rocketed to fame in 2007 with his pre-final book song "Accio Deathly Hallows." Though the video was released in the days leading up to Deathly Hallows' publication, it had some prescient lines:

In a throwaway lyric, Green even predicted one of the most heartbreaking deaths of the series: "What... if Voldemort killed Hedwig just for yuks?"

Green's psychic abilities have long been a topic of conversation in the Harry Potter world, as well as in the 'Nerdfighter' fan community that developed around Green and his brother John Green's YouTube channel Read more...

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Nearly 3,000 climate scientists condemn Australia's dramatic research cutsOpen in a New Window


The news that Australia’s federal science agency plans to cut as many as 350 climate science research jobs is being met with worldwide condemnation from the climate science community.

The cuts, which are planned for the country's Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), are based on the organization's new director's reasoning that climate change is proven and needs fewer research dollars and assets going forward.

The latest expression of alarm comes in the form of a letter to the Australian government and CSIRO governing board from at least 2,800 climate scientists from around the world, which is scheduled to be sent by Thursday morning. Read more...

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Twitter's new timeline: Waiting is the hardest partOpen in a New Window


There wasn't a big switch. Twitter's new timeline didn't just appear after it was announced on Wednesday the site would officially get a "Show Me Best Tweets First" design based on relevancy, rather than chronology

Worse yet, the news arrived without a single image showing how to turn on (or off) the feature in settings, or how the new Tweet order would look to users. This was odd.

In the brief blog post about one of Twitter's most significant service changes in years — a post that was, strangely, not written by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey — the company doesn't even properly describe its own settings Read more...

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'Zoolander 2': This movie is as out of touch as its charactersOpen in a New Window


Zoolander 2 is really, really ridiculously ... unnecessary

The sequel to the beloved 2001 film has its fair share of laugh out loud moments, but it's an overall bizarre experience that leans too hard on its core campiness. Why couldn't they just let original live on in anomalous cult stardom?

Though Ben Stiller (who also directed and co-wrote) and Owen Wilson slip back into their roles — like they never left, really — as Derek and Hansel, Zoolander 2 can't hold a candle to the perfect strangeness of the original. Long-gestating comedy sequels rarely can.

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This spinning taco is the perfect way to waste time todayOpen in a New Window


There is one place on the Internet for people who love tacos and wasting time. doesn't try to dazzle you with fancy names or lots of stuff to click through on its website. It gives you exactly what you ask for: a spinning taco. That's it.

However, it delivers a little something extra by setting the spinning taco to Cyndi Lauper's hit single "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun." Because we do. Guys too. And we also just wanna have tacos.

While the website may not seem like much, it does throw out some messages of encouragement. After 100 spins, for example, the website really solidifies your status as a taco lover. Read more...

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Female suicide bombers kill more than 60 in Nigerian refugee campOpen in a New Window


Health and rescue officials say two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in the middle of a northeast Nigerian refugee camp, killing at least 60 people.

They say a further 78 people are being treated for wounds in the twin explosions Tuesday morning in a camp of some 50,000 people driven from their homes by the Boko Haram Islamic uprising. Reports of the explosion were delayed until Wednesday due to a malfunctioning telephone system, Reuters reported

Boko Haram has not claimed responsibility for the attack, but officials blamed the extremist group—which has used women and even children to carry out suicide missions—for the bombings at Dikwa, 85 kilometers (55 miles) northeast of Maiduguri, the biggest city in the region and birthplace of Boko Haram. Read more...

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Justin Bieber covers GQ, avoids the word 'sorry'Open in a New Window


In his new cover story for GQ, Justin Bieber talks about all of the "dumb sh*t" he's done over the past few years. But there's one word he deliberately avoids: "sorry."

To be fair, he's already apologized several times — for the racist joke he made when he was 15, for that one time he took shots at Bill Clinton, for, well, all of it. But from excerpts of the cover story, which hits stands March 11, it seems he's dodging the word entirely — even clearing up what his Purpose hit "Sorry" really meant.

While many people thought the tropical house track was a mea culpa for his many transgressions, Bieber clarifies: "It really had nothing to do with that . . . It was about a girl." Read more...

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Orphaned baby kangaroo adorably jumps into a human-made pouchOpen in a New Window


Crystal the kangaroo was orphaned at a young age, leaving her without a mama's pouch to nuzzle in.

But the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia has a solution for the little joey. They have her jump into a makeshift pouch held by a human

The little lady seems just as snuggly cuddled up to a person as she would be if she were cuddled up to a mommy 'roo.

Now where can we apply to become a kanga cuddler?

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Fox mistakes bedsheets for snow and is understandably confusedOpen in a New Window


Juniper, a popular Instagram fox with more than 87,000 followers, can see something on the bed that we humans can't see. And since white bedsheets look suspiciously like snow, she's prepared to dive underneath to get to it.

Her ill-fated attempt at snow diving was posted by her owner with the apt hashtag, #LandDolphin:

Juniper comes from a long line of tame foxes and is too accustomed to humans to live in the wild, hence her leaping around on a bed made for people and not foxes.

As @juniperfoxx seems to explain, very often to prospective fox owners, foxes are otherwise wild animals and not well suited to being pets, nor are humans well suited to caring for them. But as an alternative, the Instagram is regularly updated with photos of Juniper doing stuff. Read more...

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Merlin's beard, there's a lot of new Harry Potter stuff out this yearOpen in a New Window


The year was 2011Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiered in theaters worldwide on July 15, and millions of Harry Potter fans wept into their popcorn as they bid adieu to the story that defined a generation. The credits rolled and we said goodbye. The end.


Image: Tumblr

Or so we thought.

Ever since that last film, the Harry Potter universe has been growing exponentially. Gone are the days of waiting three years for a single book: 2016 alone brings with it a two-part play, a theme park, the first film in a new trilogy — and, of course, the elusive book eight. That's a lot to keep straight — but we've got you covered. Read more...

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When Americans are murdered for being MuslimOpen in a New Window


Their daughters were murdered a year ago.
Now one Muslim family wants to know...

by Colin Daileda

RALEIGH, North Carolina — Yousef Abu-Salha was working out at a gym late one night in February last year when he got a text message from a friend about a shooting back home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Three people had been killed. Yousef called his younger sister, Yusor, and her husband, Deah Barakat, who was also his best friend. Neither of them answered. But it was only when his friend texted again to tell him the victims were dental school students that Yousef began to worry.  Read more...

As he left the gym, that worry had given way to panic.
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‘Dangerous logic’: The psychology behind bias and Islamophobia in AmericaOpen in a New Window


What is group polarization? How does it lead some Americans to become more extreme in their views? In our second episode of Muslim & American, Dr. Ali Mattu — psychologist and host of the YouTube series The Psyche Show — explains how the mind develops the kind of bias that leads to Islamophobia and the affect it has on our society.

Episode 1 - 'One woman's struggle to hide her faith exposes Islamophobia in America':

Episode 3 - Coming soon

See what's coming in the series preview:

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Larry David can't keep it together while rehearsing as douchey Kevin Roberts on 'SNL'Open in a New Window


Larry David might be the king of dry humor — but his composure apparently took a coffee break when it came time for him to rehearse as Kevin Roberts for one of Saturday's SNL sketches

In the sketch, David channels a douchey, orange-suit wearing man who's meant to trip up police trainees during their gun exam; it's unclear whether Kevin Roberts has bad intensions or is simply a man with a punchable face. Spoiler: The answer is the latter, though the trainees have trouble telling the difference

Playing Kevin Roberts, however, was not as easy as it looked — as evident by new outtakes from David's attempts to get into character. Read more...

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