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Photographer's Perfect 'Arrangements' Series Highlights Color and SimplicityOpen in a New Window


For photographer Emily Blincoe, there's beauty in precise organization.

Blincoe's love of simplicity is evident in her series "Arrangements," an ode to color, shape and impeccable prop styling. Blincoe has an eye for beautiful groupings, whether she's photographing a crate full of heirloom tomatoes or the cracked shells of farm-fresh eggs.

emily blincoe eggs

Over the course of her career, the young photographer has arranged candies, knickknacks, leaves, flowers and more. "[It's] fun to take an idea and see how many different ways I can re-work the same idea," she told Mashable. Read more...

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How to Be a Highly Competitive Mobile DeveloperOpen in a New Window


The demand for mobile software developers is red hot, and the demand for Android developers is even hotter

Since Americans are consumed by their smartphones alone for about an hour per day (a figure that doesn't even account for tablet/other electronic media usage), most companies need highly skilled mobile developers to adapt their website or service to mobile usage.

Generally, enterprises and startups alike are adapting their products or services to the two biggest names in mobile technology: iOS and Android. Read more...

Android is outpacing iOS in the job market by a landslide

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Rick Perry's Twitter Account Sends Out 'Unauthorized' MemeOpen in a New Window


Texas Governor Rick Perry's Twitter official account sent out a meme mocking the drunk-driving attorney who was behind his recent indictment.

Here's a screengrab of that "unauthorized" Rick Perry tweet:

— Matt Pearce (@mattdpearce) September 1, 2014

The tweet superimposed the head of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg on an ad for Dos Equis beer. Moments later, it was deleted and Perry wrote on the social media site that the post was "unauthorized."

A tweet just went out from my account that was unauthorized. I do not condone the tweet and I have taken it down.

— Rick Perry (@GovernorPerry) September 1, 2014

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Google Glass is Getting a Second Look from BusinessesOpen in a New Window


A few months after Google publicly teased its plans to develop Google Glass, Ian Shakil convinced some friends who worked at the company to let him try on an early prototype of the smart glasses. It proved to be an eye-opening experience.

"It was sort of a lightning strike eureka moment trying it on," Shakil told Mashable in a recent interview. "This was not vaporware. This was real."

At the time, during the summer of 2012, Shakil had just graduated from Stanford's business school and was working at MC10, a startup building stretchable electronics that could adapt to body movements and be used to track health information. After seeing Glass firsthand, he realized it could serve as a powerful tool to improve the medical industry. "I left my job and dropped everything to found the company," he says. Read more...

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Drone Reveals the First Stages of Apple's New Spaceship CampusOpen in a New Window


We may have to wait another week and a half to see what Apple has in store with the iPhone 6 and a possible iWatch, but one drone pilot managed to capture at least one Cupertino secret early: the new Apple spaceship campus

Looking like the unearthed remains of a grounded Death Star or the ancient ruins of an alien civilization, the early stages of Apple's new campus construction reveal that the ambitious architectural project is on track

The footage was shot by a YouTuber using a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition and a DJI Phantom 2 drone, which flew from the construction site's perimeter and then over the site itself to deliver the footage Read more...

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Social Media Goes Wild Over Massive Celebrity Nude Photo LeakOpen in a New Window


A massive leak of what appears to be celebrities in compromising positions has seen the Internet go into overdrive.

On Sunday evening, a hacker posted photographs to 4Chan purporting to show dozens of stars naked or partially exposed. The images spread quickly across Twitter and other social media platforms.

The 'master list' released by the hacker includes some of the biggest names in the world such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Bosworth, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and many more Read more...

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After Celebrity Photo Hack, How Safe Is the Cloud?Open in a New Window


A trove of celebrity nude images — purportedly of some major celebrities — spread across the web Sunday evening. Although the veracity of many of the images in question is unclear, a number of celebrities have confirmed that they are the victims of this violation of privacy.

Hacking into cell phones or online accounts to access nude or personal photographs from celebrities is hardly new (remember when Paris Hilton's SideKick was hacked?), but what makes this incident potentially more disturbing are the rumors that this cache of images is associated with a broader attack on iCloud and its Photo Stream feature. Read more...

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Tony Stewart Returns to Racing After Crash That Killed Fellow DriverOpen in a New Window


Three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart returned to racing on Sunday in Atlanta following a three-week absence after his car hit and killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. at a dirt race track in New York on Aug. 9

"I’ve taken the last couple weeks off out of respect for Kevin and his family, and also to cope with the accident in my own way," Stewart said in a statement. "It’s given me the time to think about life and how easy it is to take it for granted."

Stewart has missed or canceled races in New York, Indiana, Michigan and Tennessee since the incident, two of which were part of the Sprint Cup. Missing any regular season Sprint Cup race normally disqualifies a driver from competing in The Chase — NASCAR's version of the post-season — but NASCAR has granted Stewart an exemption Read more...

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How Big Data Could Help Prevent the Next FergusonOpen in a New Window


Watson is getting its data-analyzing hands into everything. From health care to food science, IBM's "cognitive supercomputer" — who won Jeopardy more than three years ago — is taking on the intellectual heavy lift of sifting through enormous amounts of data, so humans don't have to.

One area where it's just getting started is law enforcement, where Watson's data-processing abilities have enormous potential to speed up investigations, which generate thousands of pages of paperwork. The computer can process those documents in the time it took to read this sentence, potentially giving detectives the best actionable leads much faster than before. Read more...

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'Once Upon a Time' Teases an Icy Welcome for Elsa of 'Frozen'Open in a New Window


While Frozen mania has slowed in real life, it's just beginning for the town of Storybrooke.

The fictional fairy tale town in ABC's Once Upon a Time will play host to Frozen's Elsa, played by Fringe's Georgina Haig, in its upcoming season 4The Hollywood Reporter shares a first look at how the Queen of Arendelle's arrival will affect our favorite Storybrooke residents.

Once Upon a Time teased Elsa's arrival at the very end of its season 3 finale, which showed the queen emerging from a time portal.

The Queen isn't the only Frozen character who'll grace the town of Storybrooke: Scott Michael Foster and Elizabeth Lail will play Kristoff and Anna, respectively, while Tyler Jacob Moore will play Prince Hans and John Rhys-Davis will play the Troll King. Read more...

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American Kids Eat Vegemite, React With Absolute DisgustOpen in a New Window


SYDNEY — It is the most Australian thing you can eat, yet these American kids can't hide their disgust at trying Vegemite for the first time.

Vegemite is a black paste made from leftover brewers' yeast extract and has a salty and bitter taste that lingers in the mouth. Smear it on a piece of toast for breakfast or smudge it across a biscuit for a snack.

Down Under, if you don't eat it, you may as well pack your belongings and get on the next flight out.

As much as Aussie kids are bred on the iconic spread, Americans have never had a version to call their own. Read more...

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Jennifer Lawrence and Other Celebs Hacked as Nude Images Circulate on the WebOpen in a New Window


UPDATE: 9:20 p.m. ET: A number of Twitter accounts posting uncensored photos of Jennifer Lawrence pictured nude have been suspended. When contacted by Mashable, a Twitter spokesperson would not offer comment on the deletion of the accounts in relation to the stolen images, but did point us to the service's rules page.

Additionally, a spokesperson for Ariana Grande has reportedly denied the authenticity of the images, which purport to show the singer nude, included in the list of hacked celebrities being leaked online, calling the photos "completely fake," in an email to BuzzFeed.

A major trove of celebrity images, some including images alleged to be actress Jennifer Lawrence nude, began spreading all over the web and Twitter on Sunday evening Read more...

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Jay Z Threw $2 Bills at Made in America, But What Does It Mean?Open in a New Window


PHILADELPHIA — Jay Z watches as the stack of $2 bills he tossed into the air rains down on the rowdy crowd at the Steve Aoki show at Made in America

Too enraptured with Aoki throwing cakes and showering them with champagne, the festival-goers thought little of what the unexpected money signified on Saturday night. All they knew was that it's Jay Z's music festival, and he could do whatever he wanted to do.

But the $2 bills, in fact, have a mysterious history in the music industry. The sightings of the uncommon paper money can be attributed to one wealthy lawyer: Mr. Steven Reisman, a human $2 bill dispensary for the stars in the hip-hop and rap world Read more...

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Ukraine: Pro-Russian Rebels Fire on Border Guard VesselOpen in a New Window


KIEV, Ukraine — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday called on Ukraine to immediately start talks on a political solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Hours later, Ukraine said a border guard vessel operating in the Azov Sea was attacked by land-based forces. Pro-Russian rebels have recently opened a new offensive along the seacoast.

Putin's comment, made to national TV network Channel 1, said Ukraine should "hold substantive, meaningful talks, not about technical issues, but about the question of the political organization of society and statehood in southeast Ukraine, with the goal of safeguarding the legitimate interests of those people who live there." Read more...

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China Won't Allow Open Elections in Hong KongOpen in a New Window


China's central government declared on Sunday that all candidates for Hong Kong's chief executive position in the 2017 election must be approved by Beijing's 1,200-member nominating committee, quashing the notion of a fully democratic election.

The announcement set off a protest outside Hong Kong's government headquarters on Sunday, the latest in a series of demonstrations against what democracy activists say is Beijing's attempt to bring Hong Kong more firmly under the central government's control

When the United Kingdom transferred jurisdiction of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the island was promised significant autonomy and its first open election for the city's leader in 2017. A Beijing-controlled committee has chosen the the head of the city's government for the past 17 years, and the central government has said it will continue to oversee the electoral process, according to Time. Before Hong Kong became a part of China, it was ruled by a colonial government, although citizens did get to elect local officials after 1985. Those officials were part of "district councils" that governed portions of the city, and did not include Hong Kong's governor, a British official who served as head of the city's government (similar to the role that the chief executive assumes now) Read more...

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This Chihuahua Getting a Massage Is Having a Better Weekend Than YouOpen in a New Window


The long weekend is your chance to take a break, maybe play a bit of music and catch up on the week's news

Take a cue from Facebook user Jenna Park's chihuahua, who enjoys the finer things in life, like a nice neck massage and a bit of light reading

Excuse us, we'll be lounging like this dog for the rest of Labor Day weekend.

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'The Incredibles' if It Was Directed By Christopher NolanOpen in a New Window


Your favorite fun-loving superhero family just got a gritty reboot, in the style of Christopher Nolan.

In this mock trailer by YouTuber Bobby Burns, Pixar's signature kid-friendly style has disappeared, replaced instead with a dark, brooding and plot-packed approach for which Nolan is known.

Honestly, a Pixar-Nolan collaboration sounds like the best idea of all time.

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25 Dazzling Electric Zoo Festival Photos on InstagramOpen in a New Window


UPDATED: August 31, 2014, 5:40 p.m. ET: The remainder of Electric Zoo Festival has been cancelled due to inclement weather, organizers announced via Twitter. Randall's Island has been evacuated and re-entry to the park is not allowed for the rest of the day

An uptick in floral crowns and neon tutus on the streets of New York City can mean only one thing: The Electric Zoo Festival is in full, EDM-thumping swing

The three-day festival hit Randall's Island Park this weekend, taking place from Friday to Sunday. Electronic-dance music fans poured in from all over to see the likes of David Guetta, Armin van Buuren and Kaskade. This is the fifth year that the Electric Zoo Festival has graced the East River with its presence. Read more...

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10 Digital Job Openings at WebMD, the Onion, American Express and MoreOpen in a New Window


Are you beginning to feel complacent at your current job? The Mashable Job Board is the ideal place to search for your next big move. More than 3,000 employers in tech and digital have posted on our board, and they're looking to fill positions from Mashable's community.

Each week, we highlight 10 recently posted openings. Check out this week's newest listings, below, and be sure to read our Job Search Series for valuable career tips.

Position: VP of Accounts
Company: the Onion
Location: Chicago Illinois

Onion, Inc. is the parent company of some of the most respected and widely-read publications in digital media. Founded in 1988, the company established itself as a web pioneer in the mid-'90s when The Onion and its sister pop-culture publication, The A.V. Club, were some of the first well-known print products to start online incarnations. Today, Onion, Inc.'s websites reach more than 11 million unique visitors every month, an increase of almost 30 percent year-over-year. Read more...

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55 A+ Teacher Discounts for Your Hard WorkOpen in a New Window


If you're a teacher, you're about to feel a little more appreciated.

It seems like there are student discounts everywhere, but they aren't the only ones who need to stretch their dollars.

Many places that offer student discounts also offer the same discount to teachers. Many more places offer discounts exclusively to teachers. It doesn't always have to be for school -related stuff either. You can save on clothing, travel, and museums

Lots of companies acknowledge that teachers have the hardest job in the world and want to show a little appreciation. We've rounded up a ton of teacher discounts, but you should always remember ask about educational discounts when shopping. Keep your school ID close and get ready to start saving. Read more...

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Islamist Militia Group Says It Has 'Secured' a U.S. Embassy Compound in LibyaOpen in a New Window


UPDATED 4:35 p.m. ET: Fighters with an Islamist-allied militia group have captured an abandoned diplomatic housing sector of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. The main embassy complex, which employees evacuated this past July amid increasing violence in the country, is still secure, according to Reuters. It is unclear how long the militia has controlled the embassy annex.

TRIPOLI, Libya — An Islamist-allied militia group said it has "secured" a U.S. embassy compound in Libya's capital on Sunday, more than a month after American personnel evacuated from the country over ongoing fighting. Read more...

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18 Unromantic Proposals That Walk Down the Aisle of ShameOpen in a New Window


Some marriage proposals are a meticulously planned, romantic masterpiece. Others involve a ring made out of chicken.

Even if your proposal isn't everything you dreamed of, just remember: It's only the beginning of the journey. And if that's not reassuring, at least you didn't accidentally eat your engagement ring inside of a cupcake. (Unless you did, in which case we are so sorry.)

Secret-sharing app Whisper collected anecdotes of some of the saddest and funniest marriage proposals ever. Check them out, below:

He proposed to me last night  He was drunk and doesn't remember

My boyfriend asked me to marry him during sex today I said no

He proposed and I just found out it was a joke...

She ate the ring. 
It was in her birthday cake.

I was so shocked when my boyfriend proposed that I told him I hated him and just hugged him for 10 minutes.

I only said yes when he proposed so that I wouldn't embarrass him.. Now I don't have the courage to break up with him.

My boyfriend proposed to me with a chicken ring.  I said yes and then ate it(:

My boyfriend made it 'seem' like he was cheating so he could propose?  Well he got his ass kicked, worst proposal ever.

 After my boyfriend got his wisdom teeth out, he proposed. He was really drugged.

This is how my boyfriend proposed to me...

i proposed to my boyfriend with a human skull. he called the cops on me

I proposed to my boyfriend via Facebook chat on a whim... he doesn't know I was serious

My boyfriend proposed and I farted.

My boyfriend proposed to me in a drunk text last night... I'm just going to pretend I didn't see it.

The first thing I thought when my boyfriend proposed was that the diamond was too small. I regret that thought everyday

my boyfriend proposed last night.  I only said yes because I felt put on the spot in a crowded restaurant.  So I am going to tell him no today.

Once when i was about to break up with my bf, he proposed to me. #awkward

I proposed to my finance with a ring pop

For more first proposal confessions, check out Whisper.

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Romance and House Fires Heat Up 'Downton Abbey' Season 5 TrailerOpen in a New Window


After a series of highly mocked teaser photos and serious fan anticipation, the Season 5 trailer for Downton Abbey is finally out. From secret whisperings and brewing romance to a roaring fire that looks threatening enough to bring the house down, things are looking dramatic as ever for the Crawley family

Although the season will hit the UK on Sunday, Sept. 25, U.S. audiences will have to wait until its return to PBS on Jan. 4, 2015.

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Finally, a Video Game Made Just for PenguinsOpen in a New Window


For penguins born in captivity that haven't once waddled across an Arctic iceberg, there's finally a solution

In this comic from Safely Endangered, one lucky penguin test drives the world's first Arctic flight simulator (for animals, that is)


Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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On the Front: War Comes to Yet Another Town in UkraineOpen in a New Window


NOVOAZOVSK, Ukraine — Rebel soldiers, a tank and separatist flags are some of the first warnings that all is not calm along the quiet rural road leading up to this village in southeast Ukraine.

The entrance to the village is manned by a group of separatists. Next to them are army trucks with the flag of Novorossiya - or New Russia – the symbol of separatists’ aspirations to create an independent state from parts of east Ukraine.

This area along the northern coast of the Sea of Azov is the heart of the latest front in the months-long struggle over the fate of eastern Ukraine

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12 Boozy Baked Goods to Spike Your BunsOpen in a New Window


Alcohol and baked goods: two great things that taste even better together.

If you need a bit of kick in your cake, try these booze-filled sweets. Ranging from sweet and alcoholic cherry tartlets to the dark decadence of a irish cream brownie, these baked goods recipes are a true two-for-one.

Be careful not to over indulge on them, you may find yourself with a bit of a sugar-crash buzz. Read more...

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5 Kanye West Quotes From Made in America About Love, Hate and KimyeOpen in a New Window


PHILADELPHIA — Forty-five minutes before Kanye West opened his Made In America headlining set with "Black Skinhead," electro house musician Steve Aoki amped up festival-goers with a fitting remix of The Chainsmokers' "Kanye" song, which features the lyric, "I want to be like Kanye, I'll be the king of me always."

But to be like Kanye, one would need to always be ready to deliver a thought-provoking monologue at any given moment, just like the 37-year-old rapper did Saturday night.

Midway through "Runaway," an autotuned Kanye gave a rousing 5-minute speech that touched many subjects: what he perceived as hateful criticism from media, the vision he has of everyone loving each other, as well as his public relationship with wife Kim Kardashian Read more...

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Iceland Raises Aviation Alert to Red Again After Small Lava Eruption Near Bardarbunga VolcanoOpen in a New Window


REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Iceland's authorities on Sunday raised the aviation warning code to red for a region close to the subglacial Bardarbunga volcano after a small fissure eruption in the area.

The country's meteorological agency described the eruption in the Holuhraun lava field, about 5 kilometers (3 miles) north of the Dyngjujoekull glacier, as a "very calm lava eruption and can hardly be seen on seismometers."

"Visual observation confirms it is calm, but continuous," the weather agency said on its website.

Sunday morning's eruption, which took place at around 1 a.m. ET, followed a smaller one in the same site on Friday that also prompted authorities to briefly raise the aviation warning code to restrict flights in the area. Read more...

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Who Is Your Fantasy Football MVP?Open in a New Window


For National Football League fans, the wait is almost over. After months of off-season news, the NFL Draft and preseason games, the real thing is just around the corner.

And with it comes the start of another rapidly growing tradition in the United states: fantasy football. As we draft our fantasy football teams, we're placing our bets on a few elite players who will hopefully carry us to the top of our leagues.

Many of those MVPs come off the fantasy draft board early, and while not every single one pays off in the way we'd hoped, others play beyond our wildest expectations. Who do you think will be the top fantasy football players by position this year? Read more...

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Taylor Swift to Join 'The Voice'Open in a New Window


After debuting her new single "Shake it Off" at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, Taylor Swift is now reportedly set to join "The Voice," a singing competition show on NBC.

According to US Weekly, the 24-year-old singer plans to appear on the show's seventh season as an adviser that may encourage contestants across several teams

Swift is no stranger to the TV show. She performed on "The Voice" during the fourth season

The show's coaches this season are: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. Other advisers include Stevie Wonder, Gavin Rossdale, Little Big Town and Alicia Keys, according to US Weekly. Read more...

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