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Watch a senator grill the U.S. attorney general nominee on undocumented immigrant rightsOpen in a New Window


United States attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch didn't face many tough questions during the early portion of her confirmation hearing on Wednesday, but that started to change when Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama got a turn at the microphone

Sessions wanted to know how Lynch viewed the rights of undocumented immigrants, and how they compared to the rights of U.S. citizens. "Do you believe that a person who enters the country unlawfully ... has a civil right to citizenship?" he asked

Sessions poses his question several times to get Lynch to answer directly. Watch how the exchange went down in the video, above Read more...

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Holder's haters: outgoing attorney general has had many detractorsOpen in a New Window


United States Attorney General Eric Holder will soon be on to his next job — presuming his potential replacement, Loretta Lynch, survives confirmation hearings before Congress this week

Those hearings are expected to force Lynch to differentiate herself from Holder, who has acquired plenty of detractors since he landed the nation's top law enforcement job nearly six years ago

Many of those detractors will have a say in how the Lynch hearings are carried out. We've listed some of the biggest Holder haters below: Read more...

Republican lawmakers

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X-ray reveals SpongeBob SquarePants living in child's throatOpen in a New Window


We all know SpongeBob Squarepants lives in a pineapple down under the sea, but he's also been spotted in a 16-month-old's throat?

Dr. Ghofran Ageely, a radiology resident at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, was shocked to find the cartoon character lodged in a young patient's chest. Looking at the X-ray, Ageely told Live Science that he "was amazed by the visible details. You can see his freckles, shoes and fingers."


Side view x-ray of the child.

The small toy was safely removed from the child's oesophagus without any complications. Hopefully now the child has learned that SpongeBob is his friend, not food. Read more...

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Booking app HotelTonight adds geotargeted and super last-minute discountsOpen in a New Window


Last-minute hotel-booking app HotelTonight was an early leader in offering mobile-only deals on same-day reservations, but that space has recently gotten more crowded.

So this week, the app announced the addition of two new discount features: "Bonus Rate" and "Rate Drop."

Bonus Rate gives hotels the ability to target customers by geography, so that, for example, a hotel in Los Angeles looking to attract customers in San Francisco can offer them an additional discount for bookings over the next seven days. In the app, those hotels will only appear at the extra discounted rate to users who are currently in San Francisco. Read more...

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Weatherman keeps his cool as Arizona friesOpen in a New Window


Usually when temperatures reach upwards of 2,000 degrees, it's cause for panic. But Fox 10 Phoenix's weatherman Cory McCloskey kept his composure while half of the Phoenix area burst into flames.

Pointing to Cape Creek, which had a temperature hot enough to melt steel, McCloskey simply remarked that it "doesn't look good," and advised viewers to evacuate the area.

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Terrorize your exes on Valentine's Day by adopting a cockroach in their nameOpen in a New Window


Love is patient, love is kind. And when love is jilted, it adopts cockroaches

The San Francisco Zoo is offering quite the steal for scorned Valentine's Day lovers. For a small price, anyone can adopt a hissing cockroach or scorpion in the name of a current or future ex. (This is a completely appropriate way to break up with someone.)

"Fallen prey to love's cruel sting? Consider adopting the giant hairy scorpion, the largest in North America, for an unsuspecting victim," the scorpion's adoption page states. "Much like your low-life ex, they are usually found in and around low-elevation valleys, where they dig elaborate burrows or 'caves.'" Read more...

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Ebola nurse on her experience with the virus: 'I almost went insane'Open in a New Window


More than 8,500 people have died since the Ebola outbreak began last year. While the pandemic has slowed, it has left lasting scars on many countries, especially in West Africa, and those affected by the disease

Rebecca Johnson worked as a nurse treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone before contracting the virus herself. She teamed up with the World Health Organization (WHO) to hold a Q&A session about her experience on Twitter.

Johnson went into heart-wrenching detail about the toll the disease took on her body and mind. She also offered insight into underreported aspects of Ebola, such as its effects on mental health, recounting how close friends and even some family members turned their backs on her after her diagnosis. Read more...

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The FAA really doesn't want you to use a drone at the Super BowlOpen in a New Window


The Federal Aviation Administration took the unusual step of releasing a PSA in video form on Wednesday — asking football fans not to bring a drone to the Super Bowl on Sunday.

"Going to the big game? Have fun, cheer on your team, and keep it a no drone zone, don't spoil the game," the video says. It ends on a tagline, "Leave Your Drone at Home," and a hashtag, #nodronezone.

The FAA has already updated its regulations for flying robots, prohibiting their use near any stadium. The penalty for ignoring this ban: an unspecified fine and imprisonment for up to a year Read more...

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Meet the largest plus-size model to score a major contractOpen in a New Window


Model Tess Holliday landed a major contract with MiLK Model Management in the UK on Thursday. The agreement makes Holliday (formerly known as Tess Munster) the first and largest plus-size model signed to a major modeling agency.

At 5'5" and a size 22, the 29-year-old Los Angeles resident is far from your too-typical towering, slender fashion or beauty model. But her looks, perspective and charisma make her nothing short of electric in the industry

MiLK discovered Holliday through Instagram, where she posted fashion shoots and body-positive messages, according to the Daily News. Thousands of people followed Holliday there; her account has more than 385,000 followers at the time of writing. Her Facebook page has 650,000 likes Read more...

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Original series 'SnapperHero' featuring YouTube stars is heading to SnapchatOpen in a New Window


Just one day after Snapchat launched Discover, the app has its first original series.

Discover already has 12 media partners that will be putting content into the app, but Snapchat can now boast video that is completely originalSnapperHero, a series from online video producers Astronauts Wanted and Fullscreen, and made in conjunction with AT&T, will be available on Snapchat early this year.

The series, which Bloomberg first reported, will feature YouTube and Vine personalities playing superheroes in short videos that last between 100 and 200 seconds. True to Snapchat, episodes will only be available for viewing for a set time period. There will be 12 episodes, with four released each week, starting in early 2015 Read more...

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Mobilizing tech for good: The 2015 Social Good Summit in New YorkOpen in a New Window


As technology continues to evolve, its ability to affect positive change has grown exponentially. From GIFs that promote safe vaccine transport to paper microscopes designed to detect disease, the world has given rise to a generation of innovators, activists and entrepreneurs dedicated to harnessing the power of tech for good.

Since 2010, Mashable has brought together world leaders, grassroots activists and global citizens to discuss digital solutions to the greatest challenges of our time. This year, we're proud to carry on that tradition at the sixth annual Social Good Summit, which will be taking place from Sept. 27 to 28 in New York City. Read more...

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Facebook and Sky News to host UK election Q&A, Cameron yet to RSVPOpen in a New Window


LONDON — Sky News is teaming up with Facebook for a day of live Q&As ahead of the UK general election in May.

The Stand Up Be Counted (SUBC) initiative is planned for Feb. 2, and will see the leaders of the Labour party, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens participate. There's no word yet from UK Prime Minister David Cameron of the Conservatives.

The initiative's aim is to offer an event "where young people can speak out, share ideas and be heard," organisers say.

The party leaders will face live questions from a studio audience of 60 young voters at Facebook's central London office. They'll also answer questions posed via the SUBC and Sky News Facebook pages. Sky News’ political editor, Faisal Islam, is overseeing events. Read more...

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Slack buys Screenhero to add screen sharing and voice chat featuresOpen in a New Window


Slack Technologies is putting some of its cash pile to work.

Slack, the workplace communication service, announced on Wednesday that it acquired Screenhero, a screen-sharing tool for teams, with plans to incorporate its features.

Screenhero, which was founded in 2013 and had raised $2.6 million in funding, worked to provide a range of collaboration tools, including voice chat, faster screen sharing between individuals and the option to have multiple mouse cursors interacting over various applications. The startup's six-person team will join Slack, and work to integrate and advance those features there. Read more...

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Who is the female bomber ISIS wants released from Jordan?Open in a New Window


Islamic State (ISIS) militants have demanded the release of a female failed suicide bomber, imprisoned in Jordan for almost a decade, in exchange for two hostages being held by the group.

On Wednesday, Jordan's government spokesperson, Mohammed al-Momani said, "Jordan is ready to release the Iraqi prisoner, Sajida al-Rishawi, if the Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, is released unharmed."

But who is she, and why does ISIS care?

Al-Rishawi, originally from Iraq, has been held in a Jordanian prison since 2005, and was sentenced to death for her involvement in a coordinated al-Qaeda attack on three on hotels in Amman that year, which killed 60 people and left 90 wounded Read more...

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New Hampshire town turns blizzard into a giant snowball fightOpen in a New Window


While many cities in the Northeast locked down its transport system and battened down the hatches during the blizzard of 2015, residents of Portsmouth, New Hampshire decided to put all that snow to good use for a 45-minute snowball fight.

Bravo, Portsmouth. A town-wide snowball fight is probably a better way to spend time with friends during a blizzard (unlike say, these hopeful Craigslisters looking for snowstorm cuddle buddies).

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Jury awards $5 million to funk legend Sly StoneOpen in a New Window


LOS ANGELES — Funk legend Sly Stone was awarded $5 million on Tuesday in a breach-of-contract suit that claimed his business partners and his own company cheated him out of royalties.

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury ruled for the 71-year-old performer in his action against his ex-manager Gerald Goldstein, attorney Glenn Stone and Even St. Productions Ltd.

"It's a good day for Sly, it's a good day for entertainers in general," said one of his attorneys, Nicholas Hornberger. "This was an important verdict for people that are artists, entertainers, music composers, etc." Read more...

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Glassdoor's list of 10 best jobs in U.S. shows health care and tech still ruleOpen in a New Window


Want to get in on a promising career? Think health care, tech and finance, according to a new survey from Glassdoor.

The job hunting and information site compiled its inaugural list of the top 25 jobs in the U.S. The rankings and Glassdoor's "Job Score" are based on three factors: earning potential, career opportunities and the number of job openings. Unsurprisingly, the list reveals that this is a wonderful time to be a medical professional or coder

Here's a list of Glassdoor's top 10 jobs, which are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. For the full list of 25, click, here.

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Rainn Wilson hates foodies, loves octopus pastramiOpen in a New Window


Rainn Wilson stopped by Conan last night to discuss his hatred for the urbanites who fetishize food. He later went on to boast about his birthday dinner that included the most exquisite octopus pastrami. Mmmm?

Wilson new show Backstrom airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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London department store testing out gender-neutral shoppingOpen in a New Window


LONDON — A major department store in London is preparing to experiment with the idea of gender, as part of an new eight-week-long pop-up shop across three floors.

Selfridges' Agender, which is launching in March, will take up the ground, first and second floors of the the retailer's flagship Oxford Street store, as well as parts of the Manchester and Birmingham stores, Women's Wear Daily reported.

As part of the project, Selfridges, a high-end department store that has a reputation for trying out new concepts, will do away with male and female mannequins in its windows Read more...

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Eddie Redmayne on his awkward Stephen Hawking encountersOpen in a New Window


Stephen Hawking is an undeniable genius, but Eddie Redmayne and Kevin Costner had to learn the scientist's other quirks the hard way.

Both actors stopped by Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed meeting Hawking. Redmayne, who plays the iconic physicist in the Oscar-nominated The Theory of Everything, said he was a rambling, sweaty mess when talking with Hawking — whom Redmayne calls a true "ladies' man."

Costner backed up Redmayne's theory, telling about a time when Hawking requested to come to Costner's home and immediately asked him about his 1992 The Bodyguard co-star Whitney Houston Read more...

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Farmer herds his happy cows into smiley-face formationOpen in a New Window


Farmer Derek Klingenberg loves to show off his herd of cows, whether he's serenading them with trombone or showering them with delicious popcorn afterwards.

This time, Klingenberg managed to gently herd his cows into a smiley face formation, and captured it on video via a drone flying overhead. Happy cows, indeed.

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How much food Americans gorge on Super Bowl SundayOpen in a New Window


On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will face off with their belt buckles

This year the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots (with a halftime show courtesy of Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz) strike up an even bigger appetite. According to the American Institute of Food Distribution, Super Bowl Sunday is the second highest event in America for most food consumption — following Thanksgiving

Across the country, people will consume more than one billion chicken wings, 120 million pounds of avocados and 2.5 million pounds of nuts. We broke down some of these insane statistics for perspective

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TV news anchor says heartbreaking goodbye after ALS diagnosisOpen in a New Window


After almost 40 years on the air, longtime news anchor Larry Stogner is stepping down from his post.

Stogner's heartbreaking message on ABC affiliate WTVD in Raleigh, North Carolina, comes after he was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. In the video, above, Stogner says, "There is no cure. My career in broadcast journalism is coming to an end."

Now that Stogner is retiring, he plans on taking a vacation with his wife. He also promised to return in two weeks for one last, "more personal," goodbye message.

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Apple added $50 billion to its market cap overnight after crushing earningsOpen in a New Window


Tim Cook must be smiling right now

Apple stock surged nearly 8% in early trading Wednesday to just under $118 a share, on a split-adjusted basis, after crushing analyst estimates across the board with its holiday quarter results. That gain effectively added about $50 billion to the company's market cap overnight, and pushed it closer to the $700 billion mark.

Just that increase in Apple's market cap is about twice the total market cap of Twitter and $5 billion to $10 billion more than the valuations of hot startups like Uber and Xiaomi Read more...

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A chupacabra in Japan? Johnny Depp says it came from his suitcaseOpen in a New Window


Johnny Depp has recovered from a cold. And a chupacabra attack.

The 51-year-old actor was all smiles while joking Wednesday with journalists in Tokyo about why he was a no-show at a news conference a day earlier. Depp explained he had been ill but said that wasn't the reason.

"I was attacked yesterday morning by a very rarely seen or experienced animal called 'chupacabra,'" Depp said"I fought with it for hours. They're very persistent, very mean. And I'm pretty sure it came into my suitcase. I threw him off the 23rd floor. So we'll never see him again. Thank you for understanding." Read more...

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Mystery shovelers clear snow from Boston Marathon finish line during blizzardOpen in a New Window


This story was updated at 2:30 p.m. EST.

As the blizzard of 2015 battered Boston on Tuesday, dumping an estimated two feet of snow on the city's streets, at least two people were seen shoveling snow off the Boston Marathon finish line in the freezing temperatures.

Philip Hillman, who took a widely shared photo from a window at the Charlesmark Hotel on Boylston Street, issued calls to identify the identities of the mystery shovelers. The Boston Police did, too. (Hopefully for good reasons!)

Help Boston solve a #BlizzardOf2015 mystery#WhoShoveledTheFinishLine? #BostonStrong

— Boston Police Dept. (@bostonpolice) January 28, 2015

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Drone maker will block flights in D.C. with software updateOpen in a New Window


The manufacturer of the drone that crashed into the White House lawn Monday night will prevent pilots from flying its devices throughout most of Washington D.C., the company announced on Wednesday.

DJI, the maker of what's perhaps the most popular consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) available, will push a "mandatory firmware update" to restrict flights in D.C., The Wall Street Journal reported.

The update will also prevent DJI's drones from crossing borders, according to a company statement, perhaps in response to another recent high-profile incident, in which a drone crashed while carrying packages of meth across the Mexico-U.S. border. Read more...

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Israeli military says 2 soldiers killed in Hezbollah attackOpen in a New Window


The Israeli military says two soldiers were killed in a Hezbollah strike on an army convoy near the Lebanese border.

The military says another seven soldiers were wounded in Wednesday's attack. Israel's military responded to the anti-tank missile strike on the convoy with aerial and ground attacks on Hezbollah positions in Lebanon.

A Spanish U.N. peacekeeper was also killed in the clash. Read more...

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Get out the tissues: It's time for Budweiser's puppy Super Bowl adOpen in a New Window


When it comes to Super Bowl successes, there are few surer bets than Budweiser's puppy ads.

This year's spot, "Lost Dog," is likely to make it to the top of USA Today's Ad Track rating of the top ads of the game — that is, unless viewers feel that the spot is too emotionally manipulative or PETA discerns some sort of canine-related controversy

A rancher type gets the cutest puppy in the world, but then the pup somehow escapes. Cue the strains of the Proclaimers' "500 Miles," a rousing tune that is rendered melancholy here in an acoustic rendition by Sleeping at Last. We follow the pup's pitiful adventures until he meets up with a wolf, and — well, watch for yourself. Read more...

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Exploding Kittens is the most backed Kickstarter project everOpen in a New Window


When Matthew Inman, best known as the creator of online comic The Oatmeal, launched a Kickstarter campaign for a card game called Exploding Kittens, he asked for a modest $10,000. The internet, however, would have none of that nonsense

The original goal soon turned out to be pocket change as the project reached its goal in mere minutes; within 24 hours, the funding had reached $1 million. On Tuesday, with 22 days to go and more than 107,000 backers pledging $4.2 million, it became the most-backed Kickstarter project of all time.

Other projects have raised more money, but Exploding Kittens has the most backers. Read more...

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