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How to Manage Products by Using 2016’s Digital Technology

Social Media: Mashable

People are imagining what Hipster Classified ads might look like and it's hilariousOpen in a New Window

LONDON — If a hipster were to post a classified ad online, what would it be for?

This is the crucial question posed by #HipsterClassifieds, the hashtag that began trending on Twitter Friday morning after it was kicked off by @BadRonen and @swissmistress.

With photos of penny farthings and dreams of non-alcoholic pop-up bars inside vegan food trucks, the hashtag has spread like wildfire... Read more...

Others decided they were already done with the hashtag.

Finally, though, someone posted what me be the greatest item of all time.

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Next year's iPhone won't have a home button, report saysOpen in a New Window

It's telling that, days before the expected launch of iPhone 7, we're seeing more rumors about the next year's iPhone. The consensus among the reporters and leakers who follow Apple is that the iPhone 7 will only bring minor upgrades compared to last year's model, while the iPhone that comes in 2017 will be a far more revolutionary upgrade. 

A new Bloomberg report reiterates this notion, saying it's likely that the 2017 iPhone will undergo a major redesign that shuns the home button and "focuses more heavily on the display."

We've seen the rumor about the home button being replaced by a touch-sensitive button in June, and Bloomberg itself corroborated that report in August. But that was for the iPhone 7; the new report claims the next year's iPhone won't have a home button at all.  Read more...

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Truecaller eyes global domination as it hits 500 million calls a monthOpen in a New Window

Though Google and Apple have introduced caller ID and spam protection features for their users in their upcoming OS updates, third-party app Truecaller offering similar service continues to gain popularity. And now the seven-year-old Sweden-based company is partnering with Huawei to expand its global presence. 

Truecaller says its service is now being used to make half-a-billion calls per month. The announcement comes four months after the company shut down its Truedialer app and added its features to the core Truecaller app.  Read more...

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Man proposes to girlfriend with Lego stop-motion film about their love storyOpen in a New Window

Asking someone to marry you can be a nerve-wracking — but wonderful — moment in a couple's relationship. Some opt for the grand romantic gestures when getting down on bended knee, and some favour the low-key, thoughtful proposals. 

Ben Anderson from Worcester, UK, decided to go for something very creative when popping the question to his girlfriend Kirsten Dally.

Anderson told his girlfriend they were going to the Electric Cinema in Birmingham. Little did she know, however, that her boyfriend had hired a stop-motion animator to create a short film that played during the trailers, which used Lego to tell the story of their relationship.

Here's to them building a life together!

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Why are so many Indians queuing up to get a SIM card?Open in a New Window

Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio has become the talk of the country even before its service becomes commercially available to users. 

People are lining up in queues outside Reliance Digital stores in shopping malls and other marketplaces across India to get a Jio SIM card. The carrier is testing its services before the commercial launch and is offering users three months of unlimited 4G LTE data, voice calls, text messages and a bunch of other value added services like live streaming of TV channels, movies on demand and music streaming. Read more...

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Apple is planning tap-to-pay for iPhones on trains in JapanOpen in a New Window

Apple's march to be the way people pay for everything continues, with rumoured plans to allow people in Japan to tap their iPhones on buses and trains there. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple intends to include Sony's Felica RFID contactless chip in a future version of the iPhone.

Japan's de facto mobile wallet, Osaifu-Keitai, is powered by Felica, and works across the country's public transportation modes, as well as in convenience stores and fast food outlets. 

Japan's system started 10 years before Apple Pay was announced in 2014, and is so well-established that when Apple Pay came on the scene, the response in Japan was meh. People there were more concerned that iPhones wouldn't work with the 1.9 million Osaifu-Keitai readers around the country. Read more...

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Britney Spears and James Corden slay Carpool Karaoke in matching schoolgirl outfitsOpen in a New Window

There are plenty of things that happen in the video above, but the image that will likely stay with you is that of James Corden and Britney Spears sitting side by side, wearing matching schoolgirl outfits as they belt out "Baby One More Time."

It's a strong finale to the latest episode of Carpool Karaoke, which sees Corden driving to work with the pop icon as they sing their way through all of her classics — from "Toxic" to "Oops!... I Did It Again."

Another interesting takeaway? Britney Spears has previously used the alias "Anita Dick" when checking in to a hotel. Read more...

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'One of the most sophisticated pieces of cyberespionage software' uncovered at Citizen LabOpen in a New Window

An extremely advanced hack exploiting three iOS vulnerabilities in iPhones was recently uncovered by researchers at digital rights watchdog group Citizen Lab and mobile security company Lookout.  Citizen Lab has informed Apple of the vulnerabilities, called zero-days, and a patch is available in the latest update, version 9.3.5.

Emirati human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor first discovered the hack on Aug. 10, when he received suspicious-looking text from an unknown number: “New secrets about torture of Emiratis in state prisons," it read.  Read more...

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11 dogs who are definitely better than humans because #NationalDogDayOpen in a New Window

Dog's are "man's best friend" for a reason. They're smart, unflinchingly loyal and have more personality in their paws than most reality TV stars will ever muster.

Aug. 26 is National Dog Day. In homage to the greatest animal to ever roam the earth and sleep at the end of our beds, here are 11 puppers who prove beyond reasonable doubt that dogs are better than humans. 

This eager pooch not only races to greet their kid friend when they returned from school, but carries their bag like the world's most courteous and hospitable pet-porter Read more...

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Dev Patel does a mean Australian accent in new trailer for 'Lion'Open in a New Window

The Australian accent is difficult to master, and attempts to handle it by international actors have been pretty ham-fisted. We mean famously ham-fisted.

So when British actor Dev Patel, from Slumdog Millionaire and TV series Skins, nails the Aussie accent with relative ease? That's something worth taking notice of. 

Patel plays Indian Australian businessman Saroo Brierley in an upcoming film called Lion, who travels back to Kolkata to track down his biological mother and brother after being separated for 25 years. 

Accents aside, this film also features Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara; and is set to be released in January 2017. Read more...

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#WearItPurple trends in support of LGBTQ young peopleOpen in a New Window

Many places around the world still have a long way to go when it comes to protecting the rights of sex, sexuality and gender-diverse young people, and Australia is no exception. That's why #WearItPurple was created and Wear It Purple Day was celebrated on Friday.

The Wear it Purple organisation behind the trending hashtag are a student run, not-for-profit organisation that exist to support young LGBTQ people with mentorship programs, community engagement, a youth action council and more. 

The Wear It Purple's core message is simple; rainbow children and teens have the right to be proud of who they are. Read more...

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Burkini creator criticises ban as 'unfair' to her diverse customersOpen in a New Window

The controversy over banning the burkini on certain French beaches is heated as ever, and its creator isn't happy about it.

Aheda Zanetti is the Australian creator of the burkini, designing them in her western Sydney studio and exporting them to the world. They've been a hit: 700,000 garments have been shipped to clients in the UK, U.S. and Canada alone.

Zanetti explained that originally, she didn't want to make the burkini a religious garment, but rather wanted it as an alternative to the ubiquitous bikini. Read more...

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The smell of burning is back in SingaporeOpen in a New Window

UPDATE: Aug. 26, 2016, 11:43 a.m. SGT Updated PSI reading

SINGAPORE — Many in Singapore woke up on Friday to a burning smell.

Social media posts started flooding in with people complaining about the smell and smoggy views over the typically clear city.

According to the National Environment Agency's PM2.5 readings, the air pollution levels started climbing quickly at around 9 a.m., reaching a high of 181 in the western part of the island by 11 a.m.

The NEA regards readings of between 51-100 as "moderate", while 101-200 crosses into the "unhealthy" range. Read more...

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The Bachelor tried to make chocolate baths sexy and it was disgustingOpen in a New Window

Australia's take on The Bachelor is in full swing, complete with the least hygienic shared bath experience in the history of both bathing and chocolate consumption.

Ne'er before has the ritual of a soak in the tub been paired with the deliciousness of melted chocolate. There's a reason for that. Turns out it looks suspiciously like the aftermath of a traumatic colonic, as Twitter users were quick to point out.

The Bachelor contestant Alex won the much-screamed-about prize of a single date with the Aussie Bachelor Richie Strahan aka the washboard with legs. Producers threw caution to the wind and decided the date should culminate in a dip in a tub filled with melted chocolate. And it forced Twitter into a chocolatey meltdown. Read more...

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Those creepy robot babies increase teen pregnancies, study saysOpen in a New Window

You know how the old saying goes; give a teen a creepy robot baby and she’ll be more likely to fall pregnant.  

While not a common phrase, it's the conclusion drawn by researchers in a study on "infant simulator programmes," released Thursday. 

A West Australian study of one teen pregnancy prevention program, published in The Lancet medical journal warns that giving crying, peeing virtual babies to young people could be an ineffective use of public funds.  

U.S. readers may be familiar with the Baby Think It Over program from RealityWorks. The Australian version is called the Virtual Infant Parenting (VIP) program and it's this that the study is based on.   Read more...

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Indigenous rapper expertly shuts down people defending blackfaceOpen in a New Window

It's simple: Blackface is very, very bad.

Yet it's (once again) become the source of outrage Thursday, following the case of an Australian mother dressing her kid up as a famous football player, complete with blackface makeup. Luckily, Yorta Yorta rapper/actor Adam Briggs has broken down just how invalid all defences of the practice are.

The child was dressed to look like Australian rules player Nic Naitanui, who is of Fijian descent, for a school event called Book Week. You're meant to dress as your favourite book character, but that's a different story.  Read more...

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Paul Rudd starred in a Super Nintendo ad in the early '90s and it's greatOpen in a New Window

An old commercial for Super Nintendo featuring the eternally young Paul Rudd recently resurfaced online.

The ad stars Rudd as a trenchcoat-wearing guy who likes to game in abandoned parking lots. It's a blast from the past for anyone who remembers how intense old school gaming commercials were.

We know we talk about it a lot, but congratulations again on not aging for 20 years, Paul.

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Disturbing new data shows fentanyl death toll has skyrocketedOpen in a New Window

Fentanyl seems to make headlines every day somewhere in the United States.

There was the "deadly crisis" in South Florida, the 23 killed in Buffalo from a lethal batch of fentanyl-laced heroine and then its connection to Prince's death.

And those are just a few. 

The latest stories are out of Ohio and Indiana, where authorities suspect fentanyl-laced heroin contributed to the overdose deaths of 75 people across those two states since Aug. 19. 

Fentanyl is a "synthetic opioid 50-100 times more potent than morphine," according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Heroin users, and those addicted to painkillers, often turn to fentanyl for a much more potent high. Read more...

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Taylor Swift will leave a blank space by skipping the 2016 MTV VMAsOpen in a New Window

Taylor Swift, the celebrity who annually has the most fun at the MTV Video Music Awards, will apparently not be attending this year's ceremony.

A source close to Swift told People that the musician "was never scheduled to attend the VMAs."

Swift, who was not nominated for any awards this year, has attended the VMAs every year since 2008. She was famously interrupted by Kanye West during the 2009 ceremony, igniting a feud that continues to divide this nation.

Many speculate that Swift's absence could also have something to do with West being given four minutes to do whatever he wants at the show. Read more...

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The alt-right has had its moment in the sun. Now what?Open in a New Window

Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016, will be remembered as the day the alt-right had its coming out party in the United States. 

Or it'll be something of an interesting footnote in what has been a monumentally insane presidential election. Really, it depends on what happens from here. 

Hillary Clinton introduced the country to the alt-right on Thursday in a speech delivered from Reno, Nevada, and designed to tie rival Donald Trump to racism forever and for always. 

Now that the alt-right is here, let's talk about it.  Read more...

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Dramatic photo captures nun texting friends after Italy earthquakeOpen in a New Window

The image of an injured, bloodied nun, calmly texting friends and family in the wake of the deadly earthquake in Italy, has captured the internet's attention.

The photograph of Albania native Marjana Lleshi was taken by photographer Massimo Percossi of the Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA, Italy's leading wire service) on Wednesday in Amatrice, Italy, a city that suffered widespread damage from the earthquake which has so far claimed at least 250 lives

Speaking to the Associated Press on Thursday, Lleshi, who was asleep in her room at the Don Minozzi convent next to the Church of the Most Holy Crucifix, detailed how she was trapped under a collapsed wall. Read more...

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Swimming with dolphins might be banned in HawaiiOpen in a New Window

The National Marine Fisheries Service is looking to regulate human interaction with nocturnal spinner dolphins due to growing concerns about their health. The new law could negatively impact Hawaii's tourism industry. Read more...

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63-year age gap doesn't stop Edna and Gemma from hanging outOpen in a New Window

Age is truly just a number.

Gemma Louise Donhou, 28, befriended Edna, 91, a widow, after meeting at a bus stop in England and hearing Edna's story.

Donhou shared the tale of how the unlikely friendship came to be on Facebook. 

"This is my new mate Edna 👩🏼👵🏻 I met her at the bus stop after work," Donhou wrote on Facebook. "We started talking and she told me how she was just going into town for something to do because she was lonely in the house by herself after her husband of 55 years had passed away."

Donhou felt for Edna, and since the two hit it off, Donhou asked Edna for her phone number. Read more...

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'Don't Breathe' might leave you gasping for moreOpen in a New Window

In the new movie Don't Breathe, director Fede Alvarez and producer Sam Raimi use old and new tricks for a new era in horror filmmaking. The story follows young thieves who break into a blind veteran's home and find themselves trapped in the dark — literally and figuratively.

Hold your breaths for this tense-suspense-thriller in theaters this weekend!

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Extremely forgiving cough drop company chooses Ryan LochteOpen in a New Window

Could this be the start of a Ryan Lochte comeback?

The Olympic swimmer's reputation took a serious hit after Brazilian authorities discovered that he kind of lied about being robbed at gunpoint during a night out with three of his teammates in Rio.

Following a lengthy investigation that proved the group had actually vandalized a gas station and been involved in an altercation with police at the scene, the athlete was dumped by four of his major sponsors: Speedo, Ralph Lauren, Gentle Hair Removal and Airweave.

On Thursday afternoon, Ryan Lochte announced he had signed a new endorsement deal with Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops — because who better to help soothe Lochte's damaged reputation than the manufacturers of some comforting throat drops? Read more...

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9 things about ‘Silence of the Lambs’ that will surprise youOpen in a New Window

Our CineFix series, Things You Didn't Know, looked into the Oscar-winning horror-thriller Silence of the Lambs, and found nine things you might not have known about the film. 

While they gave Academy Award-winning performances, did you know that Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins were not the director's first pick for the roles? Did you catch the other familiar faces who made cameos throughout the movie as well? 

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Beyoncé remembers Aaliyah in throwback Instagram postOpen in a New Window

Fifteen years ago Thursday, the world and the music industry was rocked by the sudden death of Aaliyah. The superstar singer was killed in a plane crash in 2001.

Many in the music industry revered the star, and Beyoncé was no exception. On the 15th anniversary of her death, Bey posted a video of the two chatting on a red carpet.

"What's up baby, it's so good to see you again," Aaliyah told Yoncé on the 2000 MTV Movie Red Carpet. The two fawn over singer-songwriter D'Angelo in the short clip. Check out the full interaction below:  Read more...

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How to keep Facebook from seeing your WhatsApp dataOpen in a New Window

Facebook just announced it is changing one very important part of WhatsApp.

The messaging app, which was acquired by Facebook in 2014, will soon begin to share its users' phone numbers and usage information with the social network as part of an effort to build out its own business communication platform. The change marks the first time WhatsApp is formally sharing user data with its parent company. It's also a move that some users have been dreading since Facebook's acquisition was first announced. 

Luckily, there is a way to opt out.

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Amazon wants to help you shop for a car, but not buy oneOpen in a New Window

Amazon still won't sell you a car, but it wants to help you comparison shop for one. 

The e-commerce giant this week launched Amazon Vehicles, a database to research cars by make, model, year, features and many more parameters. 

Amazon Vehicles' homepage.

Amazon Vehicles' homepage.

Image: screenshot/amazon

Users can leave reviews of cars and pretty much shop around like they would on any other section of Amazon's site. They just can't buy anything. 

Amazon already has Amazon Automotive for car parts and accessories, and Amazon Garage, where users can save their own cars to make finding parts easier. 

Amazon's comparison shopping for cars.

Amazon's comparison shopping for cars.

Image: screenshot/amazon

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One writer's Aly Raisman GIF saga illustrates Twitter's sports content conundrumOpen in a New Window

Well, this escalated — then de-escalated — quickly. But expand the lens and it's a story with no end in sight. 

First, Jim Weber posted a GIF of American gymnast Aly Raisman to Twitter, lauding her Olympics floor routine. Then he was suspended from the social network temporarily. Then he was banned forever. 

Then Weber wasn't suspended at all. 

Weber's hazy saga illustrates the murkiness Twitter still sometimes struggles to navigate around sports, which drive tremendous conversation and engagement on the site. Social media promotes sharing by nature, but some sports rights holders hawkishly look to protect their investments. When rules do and don't apply becomes unclear. Users get caught in the middle.  Read more...

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