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12/3/2015 » 12/4/2015
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Google shows you every U.S. flight on the day before ThanksgivingOpen in a New Window


If you tried to fly anywhere in the U.S. the day before Thanksgiving, it might have seemed like everyone in human existence was queued up ahead of you at the airport.

Roughly 3.6 million people took to the air Wednesday, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday — traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year

To underscore just how crowded the skies are, Google's data editor Simon Rogers made a digital visualization of every flight that originated from American soil on November 25 2015. The flights are color coded by airline

This hypnotic illustration really puts into perspective just how many people resorted to air travel for the holiday weekend. Moreover, it's a timely reminder that you don't necessarily need to think domestically about your Thanksgiving travel plans next year. Read more...

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Here come the rose gold Android phonesOpen in a New Window


It was only a matter of time before the fad for rose gold cellphones spread from the Apple store to the Android marketplace

Chinese maker Oppo claims its R7S is the first rose gold Android on the market — although more will likely follow, given the media buzz that followed Apple debuting the color on its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models.

Samsung sort of beat everyone to the punch with its Galaxy Note 3 — but that only had the merest bronze-pink trim that Samsung called rose gold. For the most part, it was a black and white leather-encased phone that had a pink border Read more...

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Planned Parenthood calls Colorado shooting 'domestic terrorism'Open in a New Window


Updated 8:00 PM EST

Details are still sketchy on the mass shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado where five police officers and 11 civilians have been injured. The suspected shooter has now been arrested after a five-hour standoff

As the gunman remained at large in its building, before the full details of the tragic incident were known, Planned Parenthood labeled the attack an act of "domestic terrorism."

The local branch of the organization, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountain, said in a statement that "extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country." Read more...

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8 tasty food games for when you're over Thanksgiving leftoversOpen in a New Window


Break out the sweatpants, because the post-Thanksgiving food coma has set in.

In honor of this most delicious holiday, here are some great video games centered on food and eating that you can use to replace another leftover turkey sandwich Read more...

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A Boeing 757 landed on the blue-ice runway in Antarctica for the first timeOpen in a New Window


In this age of modern air travel, it is relatively easy for anyone with the means to book a flight to almost any corner of the Earth

Unless that corner is Antarctica, a place where you cannot simply pave a runway and start landing planes

In Antarctic locations such as Union Glacier, the runway is blue ice: dense, intensely blue glacier ice formed when snow falls onto glaciers, gets compacted and recrystallizes. This is generally a place for cargo and military jets, such as the Russian Ilyushin.

But commercial jets are making progress — and the Icelandic airline Loftleidir landed the first Boeing 757 on the blue ice runway at Union Glacier on Thursday. Read more...

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Pope Francis makes his first trip to Africa and everyone is excitedOpen in a New Window


Pope Francis's first ever trip to Africa began on Wednesday when his plane touched down in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. To highlight the need for access to "dignified living conditions" Francis visted the slum of Kangemi on Friday, one of 11 slums in Nairobi, where nearly 50,000 live without basic sanitation, the Associated Press reports.

In a speech at the United Nation's African headquarters, he highlighted how rapidly growing cities like Nairobi must factor in the needs and views of its most vulnerable and marginalized people. Read more...

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Aspiring journalist Rupert Murdoch leaks news that the Los Angeles Times could soon be soldOpen in a New Window


Rupert Murdoch is a multi-billionaire media mogul whose influence is known to swing elections. But it seems like what he really wants to be is a regular old media reporter.

Murdoch on Friday tweeted out, for unknown reasons, that he had heard the embattled Tribune Publishing Company could be bought by a "big Wall St firm" and that the Los Angeles Times, one of the numerous papers owned by Tribune, could be bought by a philanthropist.

Strong word Tribune newspaper group to be bought by big Wall St firm, LA Times to go to philanthropist Eli Broad and local group.

— Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch) November 27, 2015

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Amazon now offering unlimited cloud storage for $5 for one yearOpen in a New Window


Now may be a really good time to try out Amazon Cloud Drive.

The company is offering a promotion for Black Friday that will give you a year of unlimited cloud storage for $5

The plan allows users to upload an unlimited number of files to the service, including photos, which are stored at full resolution. While some services, like Google Photos, allow you to store photos for free, they do so at a slightly reduced resolution.

Amazon offers two mobile apps, Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Photos, which allow you to sync and manage files from your smartphone. Read more...

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Black Friday protests include #JusticeForLaquan and pleas for higher wagesOpen in a New Window


With plenty of Americans ready to flock to stores in search of Black Friday deals, protest groups prepared to meet them with messages about unfair wages and police brutality

Protesters in Chicago were preparing to ">demonstrate along the "Magnificent Mile," a popular stretch of shops that is a popular destination on Black Friday

Residents have been protesting the shooting of Laquan McDonald by a police officer. Just days ago, video from the dashboard camera of an officer at the scene showed McDonald being gunned down while walking away from officers

The protest began around 12 P.M. EST, with a sizable police presence also in the area, according to social media posts. Read more...

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Three dead after Colorado Planned Parenthood shootingOpen in a New Window


Updated 9:03 PM EST

Lieutenant Catherine Buckley of Colorado Springs Police Department has confirmed two civilians and one University of Colorado Colorado Springs security officer have died as a result of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic Friday afternoon.

Officers are currently clearing the building and working with law enforcement explosives teams to determine if the "items" the shooting suspect brought into the clinic with him pose any further risk.

According to Lt. Catherine Buckley, officers are also searching for any additional injured individuals who have not yet been transported to nearby hospitals. Read more...

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Instagram is testing support for multiple accounts on AndroidOpen in a New Window


Instagram may finally be adding support for multiple accounts.

The photo sharing app is testing support for multiple accounts for Android users. The feature appears to be limited to some Android users who are part of Instagram's beta testing program, at least for now.

First spotted by Twitter users @fro_rogue — who reports the test has been live for some time — the feature allows users to add multiple accounts from the app's main settings menu. Once added, you can browse and post from different feeds within the app Read more...

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Hear Sia's new song 'One Million Bullets,' a tribute to undying loveOpen in a New Window


Sia's newest song dropped early on YouTube, an unexpected treat for fans of the smoky-voiced platinum-blonde singer

The new song, titled "One Million Bullets," is part of a preview of her new album, This is Acting, and is the third track she's dropped recently. She also released "Alive" — "you took it all, but I'm still breathing," she croons — and "Bird Set Free,” both of which will be on the album expected January 29, 2016.

The words to the song are a tribute to undying love: "I pick the wrong kind, time after time I drank from the poisoned wine....I know that I'd take one million bullets babe, how many would you take?" They also recall the words, if not the theme, of Sia's singing on David Guetta's "Titanium," in which she sings, "you shoot me down, but all your bullets ricochet." Read more...

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6 technologies to make your travels easierOpen in a New Window


People love to travel, but it's not always the easiest thing to do. Luckily, there's a lot of technology — from cutting edge apps to old favourites (we love you GPS) – to make every phase of your trip better.

These are, in our opinion, the best technologies to ensure your holiday is a smooth-sailing, stress-free adventure.

Navigation apps

There's a remarkable number of navigation apps out there, and they are are truly the light of our traveling lives. How we ever managed to travel without them is anyone's guess. Apps such as CoPilot GPS and BackCountry Navigator help you find the quickest route from A to B by using real-time social updates. All we had before handy map apps were obnoxious, unwieldy tourist maps. Not particularly practical. Read more...

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Disabled New York Times reporter calls out Donald Trump for mocking himOpen in a New Window


WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump said he couldn't have been making fun of a reporter's disability because he doesn't know the man

Not so, says the reporter.

Serge Kovaleski of The New York Times says he has met Trump repeatedly, interviewing him in his office and talking to him at news conferences, when he worked for the New York Daily News in the late 1980s

"Donald and I were on a first-name basis for years," he said in a Times story about the Republican presidential candidate's behavior at a rally in South Carolina last week.

I dispute Trump's claims in today's NYT.
Donald Trump Says His Mocking of New York Times Reporter Was Misread

— Serge Kovaleski (@sergenyt) November 27, 2015

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10 Adele songs to keep on repeat based on your relationship statusOpen in a New Window


No matter what, Adele is always there for you.

Relationships can be messy. Whether you're madly in love, just broken up or perhaps lying somewhere in the "No Man's Land" of romantic endeavors, there's an Adele song that you can keep on repeat that perfectly sums up how your heart is feeling.

Just remember there are plenty of fish in the sea, and Adele will always have a song to serenade you with. Read more...

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Belgium charges six suspects within two weeks after Paris terror attacksOpen in a New Window


Belgium has charged a man arrested in Brussels with "terrorist attacks," the most recent in a string of cases brought by the government against people that may have aided the Paris attackers or been plotting further terrorist operations.

The Associated Press reported the arrest, although no other details were immediately available

BREAKING: Belgian prosecutors office says man arrested in Brussels, charged with "terrorist attacks"

— The Associated Press (@AP) November 27, 2015

Belgium police arrested 16 people last week during a massive sweep across Brussels in search of accomplices of the terrorist attacks in Paris, one of whom has been charged with participating in a terrorist group or an attack. The country's prime minister had warned that another attack could be "imminent." Read more...

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This is what a jam session with One Direction looks likeOpen in a New Window


Long-time One Direction producer and songwriter Julian Bunetta has shared an inside video from the jam sessions for Made In The A.M. Titled 'The Lost Jams: Ep 1' (there's going to be more?), the video sees Liam Payne, Bunetta and their pal Jamie Scott pulling together a previously unheard track that sounds like it could be called "Hideaway."

From what we can tell, "Hideaway" (as it will now be known) goes like this: "Ooh, something in the way she walks, something in the way she talks, just another hideaway."

There's also a cheeky cameo from Louis Tomlinson towards the end, so what's not to love? Read more...

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Black Friday is making shoppers so, so happyOpen in a New Window


Black Friday is upon us.

More than a 100 million consumers are estimated to be out looking for deals on what is considered the largest shopping weekend of the year.

While many retailers wait until the early morning hours of the Friday after Thanksgiving to open their doors, many started welcoming bargain seekers early on Thanksgiving Day, while some, most notably outdoor recreation retailer REI, have decided to sit out Black Friday entirely, encouraging its workers and customers to enjoy the outdoors.

Check out the photos below to see those brave enough to face the crowds and early hours in search of a deal. Read more...

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The most terrifying runaway inflatable balloons of 2015Open in a New Window


Inflatable balloons may look sweet and innocent from the outside, but some have a sinister side.

2015 was the year that some inflatable balloons finally decided that they'd had enough and ran wild on city streets

While nearly all were caught or deflated, some remain missing. Is Mickey the Molar living under an assumed identity at some small town Bermuda triangle office? Nobody knows. But everyone should care.

See the terror for yourself

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...

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The Internet is obsessed with Adele's new bodyguardOpen in a New Window


LONDON — Forget 25, the Internet has a new obsession

Peter Van der Veen - a.k.a. former Mr. Europe, a.k.a former bodyguard to Lady Gaga, a.k.a. the Internet's next boo - has taken up the position of Adele's protector, a.k.a. bodyguard

Celebrity Sighting in New York City

This is Peter Van der Veen, Adele's new bodyguard.

Image: Splash News/Splash News/Corbis

Following her increased celebrity and public appearances that came with the release of 25 last week (Nov. 20), the people in charge have enlisted the help of Van der Veen to ensure any crazy superfans are kept at arm's length, and it's safe to say people are pretty pleased with this decision Read more...

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6 drawings that capture the feeling of Black Friday in New York CityOpen in a New Window


Black Friday is a day of determination and resolve. Shoppers march out into the cold morning to wait in long lines with hundreds of other bargain-hunters

This year I was given an unusual task — to go out and document this event. Not with a camera, but with a sketch pad and pencils, to try to convey the feelings of the day

As a Black Friday shopping virgin, the event wasn't what I expected

At the stores I visited in New York City Friday morning, there was no frantic rush, no stampede or shoving. Instead, people seemed calm, quiet and respectful as they went about their business Read more...

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Protesters flood Turkish streets after journalists arrested, editor objects that 'our democracy is regressing'Open in a New Window


Protests have broken out in Turkey following the arrest of two opposition journalists, the most recent part of a widespread media crackdown by the government of Prime Minister Recep Erdoğan.

Turks are not letting the media crackdown go unnoticed, with thousands of people flooding the streets of Istanbul and Ankara to keep alive a debate about democracy in the country

Protesters gathered in Istanbul and Ankara, with the latter encountering riot police that reportedly used tear gas to disperse the crowd. Reuters reported that the number of protesters was around 2,000, with some chanting "Murderer Erdogan." Read more...

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Grammy-winner AR Rahman pays a moving tribute to the victims of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacksOpen in a New Window


Award-winning Indian music composer AR Rahman has paid a moving tribute to the victims of the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008. The two-time Oscar and Grammy winner posted his rendition of the popular Hindi song "Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena" on his Facebook page yesterday, dedicating it to the "victims of hate"

The song was originally penned by film lyricist and poet Gulzar for the 1971 film Guddi, and set to music by Vasant Desai. A prayer asking for mental strength, it is still sung in schools across India Read more...

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M.I.A.'s music video for 'Borders' takes us on a journey with refugeesOpen in a New Window


M.I.A. has premiered her latest self-directed music video for the single "Borders" on Apple Music, and like most of the work by the British artist of Sri Lankan descent, it seeks to make a political statement.

Refugees run in lines, climb fences and ride on boats in the background as the she sings, "What’s up with that?" about politics, identities, police shots and privilege.

— M.I.A (@MIAuniverse) November 24, 2015

Filmed in Chennai, the video is the second part of her multipart series Matahdatah, which will eventually be a full-length album and film. "Both are part of a truly global and characteristically DIY M.I.A. project," her label said in a release. Read more...

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Bill Gates will launch a multibillion dollar clean energy fund in Paris, reports sayOpen in a New Window


In June 2015, Microsoft co-founder and philantrophist Bill Gates announced he would invest $1 billion in clean energy tech over the next five years

Now, according to a report by ClimateWire, Gates is making good on that promise by launching a multibillion dollar fund focused on clean energy research and development.

The fund, reportedly scheduled to be unveiled Monday in Paris, during the United Nations Climate Change Conference, will be funded by Gates and other billionaires to a multibillion tune, though exact figures are unknown at this point Read more...

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Monster brussels sprouts are every sprout hater's worst nightmareOpen in a New Window


LONDON — Love ‘em or hate ‘em, brussels sprouts are a firm fixture of British Christmas fare. This year, the highly controversial brassica has been super sized, and it’s all thanks to the mild weather we’ve been enjoying.

UK supermarket Morrisons says they'll be welcoming "monster" sprouts, which are larger than golf balls, this week.

The oversized sprouts measure approximately 40 mm wide and 45 mm long (1.6 inches and 1.8 inches) and weigh 35g each.

Fresh Whole Brussels Sprouts

Super-size me: the brussels sprout just got bigger

Image: Foodcollection/the food passionates/Corbis

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Irish guy achieves meme greatness simply by uploading new Facebook profile picOpen in a New Window


LONDON — In the days of Photoshop and social media, any man can find greatness by becoming a meme.

No one knows this better than Irishman Ivor Noyek. Last Sunday, Noyek changed his Facebook picture to a shot of himself strolling down the side of the wooded road in New York. In the picture he's rocking a beard, a pair of shades and a striped t-shirt. He's mid-stride. There's a bit of a hipster, indie-movie vibe to the whole thing.


This vibe didn't go unnoticed by his friends.

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How to shave off your beard in fun and creative stagesOpen in a New Window


Movember is coming to a close. Some men can't wait to grab a razor and give their chin a trim

If you're thinking about cleaning your beard up, why not do so in a fun and ridiculous manner?

Whether you've grown a full on beard or have a little rough scruff, we've listed the 10 zaniest ways to shear your whiskers. Just click on the infographic to see which level is for you, whether it's the Fu Manchu (level: Easy!), the Monkey Tail (medium difficulty), or for the most adventurous, the Seneca Crane

Wow your high school friends, disgust your in-laws, scare your nieces and nephews. It's the holidays, after all. Read more...

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French singers pay emotional tribute to Paris Attack victims 'when we have only love, to talk to guns'Open in a New Window


"When we have only love, to talk to guns, and just a song to convince a drum."

"So, having nothing, but the strength to love, we will have in our hands, my friend, the whole world."

Those are the words made famous by iconic French singer Jacques Brel in his song "Quand on n'a que l'amour," or "When we have only love," which was given a devastating new relevance at a memorial service for the victims of the Friday, November 13 terrorists attacks on Paris. The usually impassive face of President Francois Hollande, sitting on a single chair in the courtyard, reflected a struggle with emotions Read more...

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Despite rumors, Daniel Radcliffe did not masturbate on the 'Harry Potter' setOpen in a New Window


LONDON — Last month, Daniel Radcliffe told Playboy that he had a good grip on his wand from a "very early" age, which was severely misconstrued by many as "I masturbated on the Harry Potter set every single day."

He didn't, of course, and in an interview with NME, Radcliffe has dispelled any rumors that may suggest otherwise

“It’s frustrating when you tell a story and say, ‘Yes, I wanked a lot when I was a teenager,’ but clearly I didn’t mean on set. Can you make this clear for me: I was not wanking during the filming of Potter – I managed to restrain myself until I got home.” Read more...

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