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Twitter briefly changed how @ replies work and users went crazyOpen in a New Window

Twitter's iOS app experienced a subtle but important change Friday — the old style of replies, which required placing the "@" character in front of the username of the person you're replying to, was briefly gone, and replaced with the text "replying to" above the tweet. 

Twitter quickly reverted the change, explaining on its Support account that it was an "experiment" which "accidentally" went out to all iOS users. 

Today, an experiment around replies accidentally went out to everyone on iOS briefly. Upside, we got helpful feedback - we’re listening!

— Twitter Support (@Support) December 9, 2016

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India announces its largest solar rooftop tenderOpen in a New Window

In the next step toward cutting reliance on nonrenewable energy sources, the Indian government announced today its largest solar rooftop tender.

The state-owned Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) is seeking to develop 1000MW of grid-connected rooftop solar panels for government offices.

The tender is one of the largest globally.

The SECI added that the additional power generated from the solar panels will be fed to the state's power grid.

The government is also offering monetary subsidies to each ministry and department to reach power-saving targets, said the agency. Read more...

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In today's pop revenge, Taylor Swift and Zayn team up for '50 Shades Darker' soundtrackOpen in a New Window

There doesn't need to be a reason for two members of pop royalty to collaborate, but let's face it, there's always a reason. 

Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik and Harry Styles' ex girlfriend, Taylor Swift, have collaborated for the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack. 

It's called "I Don't Want to Live Forever" — an apt song title going into our uncertain future. 

#fiftyshadesdarker #idontwannaliveforever

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Swift is in her kingdom as a star-crossed lover: "What if I just dodged a bullet or lost the love of my life?" Read more...

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A giant Jeremy Clarkson head keeps popping up to promote 'The Grand Tour'Open in a New Window

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson certainly has a grandiose presence.

His signature charm is something Amazon's banking on with its very expensive new motoring show The Grand Tour starring Clarkson, as well as fellow Top Gear alumni James May and Richard Hammond.

Promotion-wise, the show has gone big. It may be already up to episode four in the U.S., UK, Germany, Austria and Japan; but is yet to launch in Australia or worldwide. 

To promote its official arrival Down Under soon (even though you can already watch it without a VPN), a truck has been driving around Sydney, with a terrifyingly giant head of Clarkson on the back.  Read more...

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BuzzFeed may have just run a pirated stream of 'Monty Python' on Facebook LiveOpen in a New Window

Piracy may have just gone mainstream.

BuzzFeed showed Monty Python and the Holy Grail on its Facebook page Thursday and it looked like it may have pulled a torrented stream from The Pirate Bay.

BuzzFeed announced its partnership with Seeso, a comedy-focused subscription service from NBCUniversal, to stream the film Thursday starting at 7 p.m. ET. The stream included live commentary from actors Eric Idle and John Cleese.

Everything went smoothly in the stream. But the last few seconds of the stream showed a link to, giving nod to the potential owner of what could be an illegal stream. Read more...

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Ikea trolls us all by naming products after Googled relationship questionsOpen in a New Window

The Swedish names of Ikea products can be tricky to pronounce, what with their umlauts and silent consonants.

Eradicating any linguistic confusion, the homewares giant's latest campaign see select products given English alternatives: Frequently Googled relationship problems, of course.

The searches were pulled from the most common Swedish searches and used in the "Retail Therapy" campaign.

And naturally, those secretly Googled questions are paired with an Ikea product that could "fix" the problem.

"How To Stay Married" all for the low low price of $39.99!

"How To Stay Married" all for the low low price of $39.99!

Image: ikea retail therapy screenshot

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This is getting ridiculous. Facebook just ripped off Snapchat's navigation.Open in a New Window

If you can't beat them, join them. 

That seems to be Facebook's approach to winning over the youth of the world, who just can't get enough of its fast-growing competitor, Snapchat. 

Facebook is currently testing a navigation bar that looks remarkably similar to Snapchat Discover's original navigation. It's at the top of another new feature: A feed of Facebook Live videos straight from publishers.

On Thursday, Mashable viewed the fresh feature. The brand spanking new Live feed was accessed by clicking a play button icon at the bottom of the app — just to the right of the news feed icon — to open up the new feed.  Read more...

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The Journy app promises to plan your dream trip for $15 a dayOpen in a New Window

You surprised your significant other with a weekend trip right after the holidays. 

Just the two of you in a beautiful boutique hotel, surrounded by glamorous shopping, a nearby ancient city filled with restaurants, and the sounds of a crackling fireplace to keep you warm. 

Except the hotel turns out to be riddled with termites and every restaurant you walk into is a tourist trap.

That all could have been avoided if you had access to an awesome travel concierge to tell you exactly what hotels, restaurants, activities and neighborhoods you should go to, and who would take care of all the bookings. You know, the type of concierge that caters to you if you have a luxury credit card or at least tons of time to talk on the phone to explain your preferences.  Read more...

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Dad completely falls apart after hugging a very soft alpacaOpen in a New Window

There is only one thing better than hugging a nice dad, and that is embracing a very fuzzy alpaca.

California resident Alexandria Neonakis' father, Dimitris, recently traveled to Peru. Along the way, he met some very friendly alpacas (relatives of the American llama) and nearly fell apart at the seams.

Neonakis shared a text message conversation with her father on Twitter that has since received over 124,000 likes. 

This dad, unfortunately, is not currently available for hire. Read more...

BONUS: This Polish Christmas ad has gone viral

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Social media users capture a hell of lightning storm over their cityOpen in a New Window

When an intense storm's forecast, most sensible people take shelter in their homes.

Thankfully for us, a handful of mad cap photographers and storm enthusiasts were on hand to capture striking images of a thunderstorm that lashed Sydney, Australia, on Thursday night.

For all of the storm's intensity it lasted little more than an hour before heading both north east, but not before some of the more electrifying moments were captured in freeze frame.

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A couple's ruthless tipping policy is pissing off the internetOpen in a New Window

One couple's bizarre tipping policy has enraged the internet. 

A screenshot of a Facebook post, tweeted by @pimpcey_, reveals a demeaning policy in which five $1 bills are placed on the table at the beginning of a meal and money is removed depending on the waitstaff's service.

The post — seemingly written by a Batman villain or that guy who hunts men in The Most Dangerous Game — describes leaving money in plain view of the waitstaff without explaining why it's on the table. If you don't get enough free bread, remove a dollar. Soon, the waiter/waitress will realize what's happening and provide better service. Read more...

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Secrets of Disney World performers revealed in longtime Goofy's AMAOpen in a New Window

If you've ever met a human who works as a Walt Disney World character performer, you probably know that their trade secrets are, well, pretty secret — they're not allowed to disclose their occupation while on park grounds, on social media or in a public forum.

Now, thanks to Ihaveanotheridentity's Reddit AMA, we have a pretty in-depth look into the world of being a performer at Disney World. 

The Redditor claims to have played Goofy (among other characters) at Walt Disney World for over 20 years – which he backed up with a ton of photos. He answered questions about his pay rate, how hot the costumes were, furries and more. Read more...

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Women are using this online map to report street harassment in their cityOpen in a New Window

For many women, catcalling and street harassment are an ugly part of daily life. 

Often these incidences also go unreported in Australia, leaving policy makers and the public in the dark about the pervasiveness of public harassment.

Free To Be is an online tool made to counter this. Created by children's charity Plan International and mapping company Crowdspot, it's designed for women to report where they have felt unsafe, as well as locations where they comfortable.

The development of the tool follows a survey by Plan International, polling women between the ages of 15 to 19, which saw a third of young women report they felt unsafe going out at night. Read more...

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Dinosaur tail found preserved in amber 'Jurassic Park'-styleOpen in a New Window

Don’t let anyone ever tell you Jurassic Park isn't real. 

An unlikely recent discovery has taken Richard Attenborough's feeble amber-encased mosquito and raised you a whole dinosaur tail, complete with soft tissue and feathers. 

The tiny tail of a 99 million-year-old dinosaur has been found preserved in an amber fossil, according to a Thursday report in the journal Current Biology. It's the first time researchers have been able to study dino feathers while they're still attached to a body. 

Next step? Use their DNA to open a prehistoric theme park featuring cloned dinosaurs, obviously. JK, please don’t.  Read more...

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Guy who spent $2 million after tech glitch says more money, more problemsOpen in a New Window

Think a cheeky $2 million would solve your problems? Wrong!

A technical glitch gave an Australian man a limitless overdraft on his bank account, allowing him to spend big, and often, but the rich life didn't make him happy.

The bank error allowed Goulburn man Luke Moore, then in his mid 20s, to continue to withdraw money from his bank account as an unlimited overdraft, reaching an excess of A$2.1 million. 

After making a handful of payments on his home loan, Moore gradually began spending like Richie Rich, buying Alfa Romeo and Maserati cars, a speed boat and a bunch of valuable pop culture paraphernalia. Read more...

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John Glenn and baseball legend Ted Williams were once teammates in the most unexpected placeOpen in a New Window

Perhaps lost in the outsized legacies of two American folk heroes is that their remarkable lives intersected in the most unexpected place — as United States fighter pilots during the Korean War. 

That's right, Ted Williams was once John Glenn's literal wingman. 

Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth and a former U.S. senator from Ohio, died Thursday at 95 years old. He became a household name — and a subject of Hollywood's 1983 classic The Right Stuff — as an astronaut. He famously orbited Earth three times during the Friendship 7 mission, which launched in 1962.  Read more...

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Justin Timberlake gives a surprise masterclass to school studentsOpen in a New Window

In late November, star of Trolls and double denim advocate, Justin Timberlake served up one heck of a surprise to a handful of Australian high school students.

Students of Newtown High School of Performing Arts gathered for a performance when the head music teacher told them a surprise guest was going to join them and give performance feedback.

The new four-minute video shows musical maestro Timberlake bopping his head and tapping his feet to the student's beat — though we don't get to see a great deal of feedback, beyond eyebrow raising and compliments.

Timberlake posted the footage to his Facebook page initially, with a shout out to those who performed for him saying "Y'all are crazy talented! Keep up the great work, and don't forget to stay curious." Inspirational.  Read more...

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Goodbye DOLLY: A eulogy to a dead teen magazineOpen in a New Window

Image: Dolly

A magazine of one’s own. That’s what DOLLY was to 12-year-old, lanky and friendless me, sitting in a bedroom in a modest house behind a swamp in regional Australia.

Its big sister tone, hyper-femme colour palette, pretty girls and rank perfume samples were the monthly private pleasure that let me escape my bedroom and enter girl land. That’s where I was valued. That’s where I could dream my way out. That’s where I could ask embarrassing questions about my vagina, or at least read other people’s.

DOLLY started in 1970, the same year The Female Eunuch, a bestselling feminist book, was released. Now DOLLY wasn’t a feminist manifesto. It was a much more subtle space for articulating and redefining pre-pubescent subjectivity. It had never been done before in Australia. Read more...

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Uber quietly replaced the old app icon that nobody likedOpen in a New Window

Because 2016 needed yet another change, Uber up and switched its app icon for the second time in 10 months. The rideshare giant first overhauled the design in February.

Back then, some mocked it. Others turned the story into a longform investigation of corporate branding and identity. 

Pacman eats an indigestible cube, discovers Tron, becomes Uber logo

— Xavier Voigt-Hill (@Xavdog) February 2, 2016

But mostly, people just kept pressing on it to hail cars when they needed a ride. 

The new icon strips away the color and guidelines that were introduced in February and leaves the barebones silver logo against a black backdrop.     Read more...

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Dogs dressed up for the holidays are obviously going to be quite adorableOpen in a New Window

If you're a fan of Christmasy outfits and dogs, boy, are you in for a treat?

Feast your eyes on these pooches dressed up in their holiday best, walking down the red carpet at the QV Outdoor Cinema in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday. 

While there were a handful of Insta-famous pups in attendance, there were also adoption dogs, ready for prospective owners to find their perfect match and give them a forever home.

The dress-up party is part of the cinema's Doggie + Deckchair launch, which is also helping to raise funds for the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Anyway, enough chatter. We know what you're here to see. Puppers! Read more...

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What in the hell will Zac Efron and The Rock's 'Baywatch' movie be?Open in a New Window

The trailer for Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Baywatch movie, due out next year, finally splashed into our lives, and it is unclear what the hell is going on. 

But it's definitely a sexy murder mystery comedy with lots of explosions that taps into the financial strains of civil service!

So for guidance, we turn to an old Instagram post from our rock, The Rock. 

“Our goal is to bring y’all a big, fun, raunchy Rated R action comedy," he promised months ago in simpler times. "But, we also go hard core with our action rescues.” 

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Donald Trump will still be involved with 'Celebrity Apprentice' after taking officeOpen in a New Window

Donald Trump will remain an executive producer on the new iteration of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, Mashable has confirmed — even after the president-elect takes office.

The show will premiere on Jan. 2 with Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing Trump as host. The new season will run for eight episodes. According to Variety, who first broke the news of Trump's continued involvement with the reality competition, Trump's name will appear in the show's credits after Apprentice creator Mark Burnett's, and before Schwarzenegger, who is also an executive producer on the new season. 

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‘DuckTales’ is diving back onto your TV in 2017Open in a New Window

Huey, Dewey, Louie and the gang are headed to back to television in the summer of 2017.

Cable channel Disney XD teased the anticipated TV revival of DuckTales earlier this week on the animated show's Facebook page.

Season one of the show, executive produced by Matt Youngberg, will be 21 half-hour episodes and two one-hour specials.

The original animated classic aired from 1987-1990 and tracked the adventures of the incredibly wealthy Scrooge McDuck and his copilot Launchpad McQuack (the star of Disney's Darkwing Duck). McDuck's great-nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, were left in his care by their uncle Donald and also figured heavily into the action.  Read more...

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Shigeru Miyamoto reveals why you can't play 'Super Mario Run' offlineOpen in a New Window

When you think about it, Super Mario Run is the perfect entry point for Nintendo's leap into mobile gaming.

Without the Mario games there would be no endless runners, the genre first popularized on Apple's earliest iPhonesRun spices things up with distinctly Mario flavors — collectible coins of various colors, mushrooms, Goombas, Koopa Troopers, boss battles — but embraces the one-handed play of a mobile game.

Series creator and Super Mario Run producer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down for a chat with Mashable ahead of the game's Dec. 15 release. The brief but informative chat covered a range of topics, including the game's always-online requirement, Nintendo's approach to formulating a mobile strategy, and Miyamoto's own ideas when it comes to designing for mobile. Read more...

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Delightful woman in her 60s has the best time on her first flightOpen in a New Window

Traveling on an airplane is always an extraordinary experience, but nothing beats the excitement and terror of flying for the first time.

Even if you were too young to remember your first plane trip, you've probably flown multiple times since, so you're at least familiar with the process, right? Well that was not the case for Sue, a woman in her 60s, who just had her first ever experience on an airplane on Monday.

Captivated by Sue's genuine excitement upon boarding the plane, her seatmate, Elaine Filadelfo, decided to live tweet the first time flying experience to keep others informed of her amazing reactions. Read more...

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You may soon be able to pick and choose the online ads you seeOpen in a New Window

If you're an average web user, chances are you've never heard of the ad exchange Rubicon Project — even though you likely interact with its services every day.

The company places automated ads across more than a million websites and 20,000 mobile apps, but until now, its business dealings have — like most platforms of its kind — mostly been relegated to back-end work with its advertiser clients.

But as the growing popularity of ad blockers signals that consumers are fed up with the status quo in online advertising, Rubicon is looking to come out the shadows. It now wants to reach out directly to the people viewing its ads in order to give them more control over what type of products and services they see and how they're tracked from site to site.  Read more...

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How you can help #Pizzagate victim Comet Ping PongOpen in a New Window

There is nothing fake about the outpouring of support for this Washington, D.C., pizza place.

The spread of fake news reached its peak last Sunday when a conspiracy theory led to a man shooting a rifle inside Comet Ping Pong, a pizza shop. The man, 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North Carolina, was "self-investigating" bizarre, false claims that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the restaurant. The made-up story, debunked back in November, had made it onto social media and quickly spread, eventually becoming known as #Pizzagate.

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This pro baseball player is willing to go anywhere — except OaklandOpen in a New Window

Outfielder Matt Holliday just signed a one-year, $13 million deal with the New York Yankees, which isn't all that unusual — until you look at the details.

As baseball contracts often do, Holliday's includes a no-trade clause, meaning the Yankees can't trade Holliday without his consent. But Holliday has a very, very, specific no-trade clause in his new deal. 

His request? Don't trade him to the Oakland A's.

That's right, of MLB's 30 teams, Holliday wants to steer clear of Oakland, where he served a short stint in 2009.  Read more...

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This tiny robot can jump better than youOpen in a New Window

Researchers have created a small jumping robot nicknamed "Salto" that's inspired by the bush baby’s jumping abilities. Read more...

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PewDiePie plans to delete his very, very popular YouTube channel FridayOpen in a New Window

Time to binge watch your favorite PewDiePie videos.

The Swedish gamer — who recently topped Forbes' highest paying YouTube star list — said he will delete his channel Friday after officially hitting 50 million subscribers.

Image: twitter/screenshot

The news comes less than one week after PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, joined a handful of creators in voicing his frustrations with YouTube over  video views declining and subscribers suddenly disappearing. 

The general theory is that YouTube has a new algorithm that has caused glitches. Although some in the internet community have come up with a conspiracy theory that YouTube boosts ads on the “trending” tab and videos with more likes and comments. Read more...

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